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    The amount of information she had on the Foefire was pathetically small, by her standards, so the Norn had quickly moved on to looking up the swords that had created it. It seemed that Anakita had the luck today, though. Nairn quickly moved to her side, taking the book in hand and turning it toward the light. Golden spectacles glinted in the lamplight as the eyes behind them flitted over the page. She didn’t peruse it for long, however – she had copied this page out herself and recalled most of the contents.

    Whirling away, she began pulling scrolls out of their holes. That name. Nairn knew that she had no collection on this particular shaman, but she had read his name before. A follower of Raven, if she wasn’t mistaken. Parchments re-rolled themselves in her right hand even as she pulled others open with her left. Finally, she found the one she sought. She nodded to herself, then turned to Anakita.

    hI have rrecords herre of his death, hand it appearss that he left his belongingss to thossse of his hOrder. We may find morrre habout the knife hand itss hhoperation in Hoelbrak – at Rraven’sss Hall.”
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    Anakita Snakecharm

    "That's a good idea," Anakita said. "Raven's Hall it is. That is... if you're willing to go along. I don't mean to presume, but..."

    She puffed a sigh of frustration, targeted not at Nairn but at her own inability to express herself, to relate. People had never been an easy thing for her to understand. The wild was her natural habitat, and only a handful of people actually got how her mind worked. In the time since she'd lost Stefan, though, Anakita had become even more reclusive. There'd been no reason to socialize, except to pursue ways of saving him. Stefan had been her beacon, her children had kept her sane, and there had been little time for anyone else.

    "He's been gone so long, Nairn," Anakita said, pressing her fingers to her temples. This level of candor was taxing. "I miss him so much. I need him back. I can't do it alone. Please... will you help me? I need him. I don't need much in this world. Stefan is one of the few things. It's not like what the records say about us. He was more than just... a convenience. He's my soul mate. We're only strong when we're together. Please, help me get him back."
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    The Norn merely stood, book in hand, completely befuddled. People rarely gave her personal information - and this had been delivered with such raw energy that Nairn nearly took a step away. Her eyes peered over her spectacles, watching Anakita with hawk-like precision. After she’d pressed the words to memory, she mentally looked them over – and decided that she should say something to assuage the Ranger’s concerns.

    hhYou did not prresssume.” She began, words slowly rolling off her tongue. Her right hand moved past Anakita to touch a pair of red-spined books; clearly handmade, they sported the word ‘Snakecharm’ in Norn script. “hhI rrecorrrd hisstorrry, not jussst talk. hI know he isss himporrtant to you.”

    She tipped the spines slightly, causing the books to jump forward and hang partway over the shelf. The next bit was difficult in coming. Truthfully, she was joining Anakita on this quest because Sonja told her that she should do so in order to answer her own questions. But could not motives change? Certainly they could. Nairn had to admit that if anyone deserved her aid, it would be the immortal Ranger who had not given up on her race – or her quest. Would it not be right to see a tale through to the end if she could?

    Slowly, carefully, Nairn nodded. This was a pact she was making here, not merely some stepping stone to another purpose, but a cause in and of itself. She was aware she was pledging her life to another’s path...something she had sworn she would never do.

    hhI will hhelp you get him back.”

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    Mara Dayne, Sonja Redflame & Saskia Redflame

    Saskia resisted the urge to growl beneath her breath. Life would never to seem to have the answers she needed. Just a simple answer to a question when it seemed she had no answers to anything anymore. Suddenly left alone with her two spectral guests, the moment could best be described as awkward. Oh she knew who they were, there were plenty of descriptions of her ancestor and namesake, as well as those within the guild Sonja Redflame had belonged too.

    The raised eyebrow and smirk on Sonja's face did not help the discomfort growing within the young Norn. What an embarrassment she must be. Taking pity on the poor young Norn, Mara was the first to speak, but not without poking Sonja in the ribs. The only response was a chuckle, but the smirk remained upon Sonja's face.

    "Hello, Saskia. I wish there had been better circumstances for this meeting." The monk trailed off.

    "I'm Mara..."

    "Dayne." Saskia finished, as her eyes alighted on the monk.

    "You are well known within my family."
    Saskia continued as her eyes drifted back to Sonja.

    "As all who were associated with my great..."

    "Don't you even utter that word Saskia Redflame." Sonja responded as Mara giggled beside her.

    Saskia seemed to shrink under her ancestor's gaze, although she stood a foot and half taller. So it was true, Sonja Redflame was an intimidating force even if she did not retain the full height of her Norn heritage. The human half of her did not diminish her in the least, although it could attribute to her strange sense of humor she supposed.

    Sonja moved to give a closer inspection of Saskia, smile growing once more into a smirk.

    "Don't be shy child, I don't bite...much." She added with a wink.

    Saskia's red face followed by her sudden bought of coughing seemed to amuse Sonja back into laughter, along with Mara.

    Cutting off Sonja, before she could speak, Saskia got right to the point. No need to delay what she was sure the two would be talking to her about.

    "I would be honored to have Anakita assist me, anyone that..." The rest of her words did not need any voice, they would know what she meant.

    "I will help them with whatever tasks they need accomplished."

    It wasn't like she had any reason to remain. Once she put Erik's husk to rest, then she could have some piece of mind. Saskia had been adrift for some time with no purpose, perhaps this would give her reason to keep fighting to find purpose in life once more.

    Sonja quirked an eyebrow, this was going to be a long journey for the three women, way too much stoicism in this group. Perhaps she should follow them just to keep the mood light, if for nothing else to at least make sure that there was some form of talking going on between the three. Mara caught the look in Sonja's eyes and elbowed her friend and guild mate in the side.

    "Tasks are always easier to complete with a helping hand Saskia. I'm sure that the aide you can provide each other will prove to be most beneficial."
    Mara replied.

    Sonja gave Mara a mischievous smile, before returning her focus back to her great grandchild. There was nothing she could say that would ease the pain of her mate's loss, but even in pain, Sonja had always looked forward and to the positive things in life. This era had become so much more dark and dismal than during their time.

    "Life never gives you what you want Saskia, you must take it, and you start by reclaiming your husband and our lands from these accursed dragons. Show them the wrath of a Redflame, let the name bring fear to your enemies."

    "And don't forget to have a lot of fun along the way."
    Sonja finished with a wink.

    It was hard for Saskia to decipher her ancestor, Sonja was definitely more than she had imagined. She was not all she had expected her to be, certainly not as...what was the proper word? Flirtatious? She would continue the small talk with these long dead legends until Anakita and Nairn returned, all the while trying to piece together the oddness that was her ancestor.
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    Anakita Snakecharm

    Anakita scrubbed at her eyes with her hands, unconvincingly acting like she was trying to eliminate a sudden itch rather than wiping away tears. When she spoke, her voice had a faint quiver in it.

    "Thank you," she said. "I... I don't know how to tell you how grateful I am. You've been so kind."

    For so long, no one had understood about Stefan but her and the kids. So many times, she'd been told to move on, to leave Stefan in the past and find someone else. Anakita knew the comments were well-intentioned, so she responded with silence instead of snapping... most of the time. It wasn't possible, though. She could no more find someone else to love than regrow a severed limb. Stefan was her soul mate, part of her. Nothing would ever change that.

    "We should get back to Saskia, and see if she's made a decision. Again, Nairn... thank you. I'm not good with words, but I mean that with all my heart."

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    Nairn Tuckamore

    The Norn simply nodded in response to the thanks. Truthfully, she was at a bit of a loss. No one had ever thanked her for anything as far as she could remember. Her reputation was so bad in some places that even merchants wouldn't thank her for her business. And here...all she did was say a few true words. At that moment, she felt so small, when one might have felt powerful for their words having great impact. Nairn realized that the world she was about to walk out into was going to look totally different because of the people who would be beside her. It was terrifying...and a little exciting.

    Leaving the lantern on, she exited her library, Ranger in tow. An extra scroll on the most past Raven shamen was tucked securely under her arm as some added insurance that they might find the right person to talk to about the fabled knife. Or the right grave to rob. Upon arriving back at the cave, she lingered outside, distinctly uncomfortable. Not only could she still hear Sasha, Sonja and Mara talking inside and she didn't wish to interrupt them - she also couldn't bear to be in that space with that many people. Letting out a short gust of air, Nairn decided to make good use of her time and began reading the scroll she'd brought along.

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