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    Official OOC for Arcanium

    Official OOC for Arcanium

    I'm looking to start a pbp game that has all the basics, you choose a race (ex: human, elf, shifter, etc...) and then play as that chacater. I don't want heavy rules, no dice involved. I just want everyone to be fair and create characters that are playable and fun. I think it would be great to get back into one of these games when it's almost entirely based off of player interactions and such... any ideas?? anyone interested??
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    I'd love to get involved in a freeform D&D 4.0 game, preferably taking place in Eberron. Tons of choices, lots of opportunity for intrigue. Dragonstar would be a spectacular setting, but I think I may be one of the only people familiar with it.
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    It sounds like a great plan. In play-to-post format we don't use dice, it's basically a novel with various writers playing together and one GM establishing the basics of the environment, but it is basically free, with everyone agreeing on where we're going and what we want to do.

    You can either create a whole new game or join an established setting. That's up to you and both are game

    If it's Dungeons and Drangons, let's wait for Lairston and Jas to have their say, I think there are other subforums where this may fit. And if not, we can start from scratch.

    It's a given that I'll join, guys, and welcome to the forum
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    I'm pretty much open to everything. I just want a fun game to play! I am sorta new to the pbp thing but so far it's been really fun! I wouldn't know exactly how to be a GM so someone else could do that... assuming they wanted... if not I could do my best! but I'm glad people are interested!!
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    While not specifically Dungeons and Dragons, we do have several Fantasy stories running currently that you can find out more about:

    Absalom: http://quarrelsandquills.com/forumdi...php/82-Absalom
    Dragon's Haven: http://quarrelsandquills.com/forumdi...-Dragons-Haven
    Guild Wars: http://quarrelsandquills.com/forumdi.../79-Guild-Wars

    You can post in the discussion/OOC threads to find out more about those specific games and how to get involved there. If you want specifically Dungeons and Dragons style, that could be done as well. Just need to see who might post interest here in the thread.
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    I will be more than happy to join Red, Q and... and... the name just escaped me. Anyways, I've seen some suggestions posted already and I did some myself. Whatever you like most, I'll be happy to join if you need one of the regular posters in.
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    ...and Brainiac! I remember now
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    ok, here's what I'm thinking, I have a whole world planned, because I'm a writer I think it would be cool to create my world from my book into a pbp game. I have all the details and specifics planned out already because I already have half the book written. I'm going to post it in here and see what people have to say and if they are interested!

    The country is Arcanium. It is primarily inhabited by humans and elves however there are other races such as demons, shifters, dragons, and then a race I invented called the Schlyvokk.
    Humans: Nearly all humans can't use magic. The ones that can however it shows up in the form of a Grace. Graces are incredibly rare and allow a human to be increbibly gifted in ONE specific catergory such as: baking, swimming, hunting, animal speech to one particular type, hand to hand combat, etc... Just because a human has a Grace does not mean that they are invincible in that area. Humans have cross bred with elves and sometimes on rare occasions humans will have an unsual eye color like an elf but these humans are generally not excepted very well.
    Elves: Elves wield elemental magic: Water, fire, earth, and air, they also wield shadow and light, light magic is healing magic and shadow is literally light manipulation. Elves specialize in one form of this magic. Elves can bond with dragons or other creatures and create a link called a Soulex, this literally bonds their souls and they share a mental connection and can share power. Elves can have eye color, including orange, violet, lavendar, light blue, dark green, pink, etc... Only not red. Also elves look human and can effectively blend in human society as long as their magic is not found out.
    Demons: Demons are creatures that can take the form of a human or elf. They are deciteful by nature and are almost always in a situation for personal gain. Demons must be affiliated with a certain negative attribute. Example: Demon of Lust, Pain, suffering, pride, ect... Demons have burgudy eyes and when there magic is animated the have red eyes. Demons have the ability to infect people with their negative attribute but only through contact and they cannot control a person, simply suade them.
    Shifters: Shifters are exactly that, Shifters, they can pick ONE animal form that they can change into at will. In this form though they are slightly larger than normal animals of that breed and they keep whatever eye color they have before they change. For example, a shifter with blue eyes changes into an owl, that owl will have blue eyes.
    Dragons: Dragons are intelligent and generally not blood thirsty. They can live in peace with the elves however sometimes they become feral or rouge and attempt to kill anything or anyone that crosses there path. They have an increbily strong life force and can use that to feed their riders magic but cannot wield it on there own. They are massive and are only one color.
    Schlyvokk: The Schlyvokk are vampire like creatures. They are intelligent but not civilized. The are blood thristy and extremely aggressive. They cannot live with others because they too competitive and will kill even there own kind. They are ridiculously fast and strong. They don't use weapons other than their own claws. Their biggest downfall is they are slow to learn. and sunlight slows them down. The Schlyvokk are venomous and can turn any other creature if the venom does not kill them. The must be infect by bite. The venom can be treated by elven light magic or by human medicines.

    Plot: The humans and the elves are at war with each other over magic (elves stole the humans ability to use magic centuries ago when they moved to Arcanium). The demons are fueling the fire with lies and the country is in choas and everyone is struggling. The land is torn. Most shifters are neutral in the war however some have taken sides. The tend to hide from humans because humans hate everything magic related. The Schlyvokk are growing in numbers and are a third force, they aren't looking for control, simply trying to feed their endless hunger. It's a game of survival in the country of Arcanium.

    Those are the basics, anyone interested??
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    Wow, Red, it looks like an incredible setting. If you like, we can ask Jason or Lairson to create a separate forum for Arcanium, or you could just add it to the growing CrossGen Reborn forum as an independent thread/planet.

    CrossGen's multi-genre's nature would allow such a world to exist within its universe, while keeping it separate from the other worlds. So far, each world stays on its own, characters don't jump from one story into the other, for example.

    Anyway, I like this setting already
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    I think because there is so much going on in Arcanium and there are so many possibilities with it I'm going to ask if I can make a seperate forum for it! I forgot a race though... there's also Vikings which are basically half giants.... non magical but increbily large and kinda burly, more on them later... there's so much I could add to the setting it's crazy!! But you are interested yes??
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