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Thread: Character Bios

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    Dagny Bloom

    Name: Dagny Bloom
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Hair: Long, red
    Eyes: Greyish Blue
    Build: 5’6, slender figure
    Occupation: College student/diner waitress
    Family: Dagny’s parents are Tomas and Sofie Bloom. She has a younger sister, Freya.
    Background: Dagny’s parents, Tomas and Sofie, immigrated to Ohio from Sweden so Tomas could attend an American medical school. As a surgeon, Tomas provided for his family and the Blooms lived a comfortable life in relative wealth. Dagny had begun college at the Ohio State University, intent on following in her father’s footsteps and eventually attending medical school. She had participated in advanced courses in high school and is very smart. She works at a diner to pay for her rent and other expenses, as her school is covered by scholarship. Dagny is very close with her family. She visits home often, and her sister, Freya, comes to visit her at school as well.
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    Freya Bloom

    Name: Freya Bloom
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Hair: Long, red
    Eyes: Greyish Blue
    Build: 5’0”, boyish figure
    Occupation: Student
    Family: Freya’s parents are Tomas and Sofie Bloom. She has an older sister, Dagny.
    Background: Freya’s parents immigrated to Ohio from Sweden so Tomas could attend an American medical school. As a surgeon, Tomas provided for his family and the Blooms lived a comfortable life in relative wealth. Freya is in the seventh grade, does very well in school, and has many friends. She is a relatively happy child, and dreams of becoming a veterinarian.
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    Azra Fox

    Name: Azra Fox
    Gender: Female
    Age: 31
    Hair: Medium, dark brown
    Eyes: Golden brown
    Build: 5’10”, muscular
    Occupation: College professor
    Family: None
    Background: Azra was born in New York City, the only child of Eli and Tina Fox, a playwright and stage actress. Her parents were killed in a car accident when she was eleven, forcing her to move in with her grandmother in Cincinnati. She received an excellent education. She went on to get her PhD in Psychology at the University of North Carolina, and then secured a position as a professor at Ohio State after she graduated. A year ago, Azra’s grandmother became ill. Azra brought her to Columbus to help care for her, but she died shortly thereafter. Azra still struggles with grief over her grandmother’s death, but she has found solace in her work.
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    Sam Brooks

    Name: Samuel "Sam" Brooks
    Gender: Male
    Age: 10
    Hair: Short blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Build: About 4'8", slim build
    Occupation: Student
    Family: Sam is the only son of Katie and Dylan Brooks. He is Mike's nephew.
    Background: Sam lived a happy life until the day of the outbreak. Like most kids his age, he liked sports and video games. He also likes to go fishing with his dad and uncle. He's close with his parents and adores his uncle very much and wants to grow up to be like him. He's still at the age where he enjoys to play but it is obvious he'll have to grow up fast in this new world.
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    Steve Doakes

    Name: Steven "Steve" Doakes
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Hair: Short dark brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Build: About 5'11", thin but muscular build
    Occupation: Soldier, rank of Private.
    Family: Steve's parents and younger sister live in Tennessee.
    Background: Steve enlisted in the US Army right out of high school. After a tour to the Middle East, he was assigned to the military base in Columbus. He loves being a soldier and his proud to serve his country. He also believed in respect for his commanding officers until it was clear that soon there wouldn't much of a government left with the dragger outbreak.

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    Zachary Zomp

    Zachary Zomp
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Hair: Thick red hair that has over grown it's intended cut. It has become long enough that most of it fits into a short pony-tail. Shaving hasn't been his top priority.
    Eyes: Blue
    Build: Wiry, 5'9''
    Occupation: Coachman in Omaha's old market and a taxi driver.
    Family: He has a son named Jay who is 13 years old. He is in the custody of his x-wife, Shelly, who divorced him when Jay was eight.
    Background: Zachary spent his childhood in Saint Louis City. Eventually his mom moved in with her parents in Omaha, Nebraska, taking him and his sister with her. Zachary graduated from Omaha Central High School. He was declined admittance to University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO). A friend of his mother got him a job as a coachman in the old market district of downtown Omaha. This is how Zachary met Shelly. When he was nineteen he got married to Shelly and they had Jay. Their marriage lasted eight years before Shelly asked for a divorce and moved to Ohio, taking Jay. In the five years since Zachary spent most of his time unsure about what to do with his life. He isn't very proud of how he dealt with this insecurity, but eventually life started to get better. He began taking classes at Metropolitan Community College (usually just called Metro) a year before the current game time. He submitted an application to UNO and was accepted. He would begin classes in the fall. When the outbreak hit Zachary was on his way to Ohio to visit Jay.
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    http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/20...77-d5l4c7f.jpg (Picture is too big)
    Name:William Shoemaker
    Gender: Male
    Hair:Millitary Cut Blonde
    Build:Athletic, but not very muscular
    Occupation: Computer Programmer
    Family: None after the initial demise of humanity
    Background: William was a prepper back when a nerdy computer programmer. He got ready from the get go, however it was all of naught. His home was taken over by the undead, they slaughter those he cared about and he was forced to run. All he was able to take was his apocolypse outfit - which he made to intimidate those who tried to take his supplies. Now he lived on the road looking for somebody who can complete his plan - a person who can train horses.
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