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    Mike Brooks

    When Mike arrived home at his boring little apartment, he wasn't sure what to do. It didn't seem appealing to go to bed alone. He thought about heading to a bar, find a woman who just wanted a good time and nothing else but then remembered he told Sam they would go fishing with Dylan. He wasn't going to disappoint his nephew by missing that. He was flipping through the television channels, trying to find something to watch when his private cell phone ring. He had two, one for work and one for friends and family. He frowned when he saw on the caller id it was his partner John. Damn it. He had told everyone in the station he would be out of town by 6 pm, except for John. He had messed up and told him they were fishing tomorrow.

    John I told you I'm not in town. I'm spending the weekend with my brother and his kid so don't bother me.

    Yeah well your weekend is over. The Chief said it's all hands on deck tonight because of the crazy shit happening at the NIOSH.

    Mike wasn't happy to hear that especially since John wasn't entirely sure why everyone was being called out to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. They thought maybe it was a terrorist attack but no one knew for sure. John told Mike that if it wasn't important he would never have bothered him and Mike knew that was true. John didn't live far from Mike and told him he'd pick him so they could head to the lab together. Mike was ready and waiting outside before John even had to get out of the car. They raced over to the lab to find out what the hell was going on.
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    Mason Lagister

    Mason was put in his cell, and they took off his ankle and wrist cuffs. He sat down on the bed in his cell and laid down. It was going to another long night before they were back in the court for the final day and his conviction. Nothing could save him from life in jail now.
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    Virgil, Nikki, and Kristina
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    Virgl and Nikki parked downtown and got out. Since it was late they didn't need to put any money in the meter. Virgil was sulking a bit, which Nikki ignored. Virgil really didn't want to be here, he'd rather be half naked in his apartment smoking a cigar and drinking beer until he passed out in his lawn chair. Nikki knew that was what he'd be doing, and didn't approve of his lifestyle. She still couldn't figure out why the government kept paying him. As far as she knew he was just a washed out marine soldier. She hated to think of him that way, but that's what he seemed to her.

    "Where are we going Nikki?" Virgil asked grumpily once they were almost to the Square.

    "There's a fairly new bar on Fountain Square, it sounds nice, and I want to check it out. I also don't want to go alone, which is why you're here," she replied easily.

    Virgil grew quiet after that. Several more minutes of walking brought them to the club. There were green lights all over the place. Nikki began to grow a little nervous. Kristina was already here according to her text message. Virgil and Kristina didn't like being around each other anymore, but Virgil was her brother, and Kristina had been her best friend for years. They were both going be unhappy once they saw each other. Which, she realized had just happened. She could sense Virgil tense next to her. Kristina had spotted them too, once they came in through the door. She could tell Virgil was about to stop so she skipped over to Kristina and gave her a big hug.

    "Hey, glad you made it," Nikki told her friend.

    "Why did you bring your brother here. You know what its like between us, you should know better," Kristina hissed at her. Virgil was sauntering over, but not close enough to hear.

    Nikki looked like she was about to speak when Virgil came up, "Nikki, this isn't funny. I'm about to call a cab," he told her in a low voice, which she knew was bad. She sighed, this wasn't going well already.

    "Look, just shut up both of you. Kristina, you're my best friend. I wanted to go out with you tonight. Virgil, honey, I love you, but I can't go out with just you, I'd bring a garden gnome and get more conversation out of it. But I don't like going out with you to keep an eye on me. You two need to get over it, Virgil you need to get out and socialize and instead of being a shut in. Kristina, lighten up, you two used to get along so well, just relax," Nikki told both of them in exasperation. She stopped when she ran out of breath. She looked at the two of them. Virgil seemed to soften up a bit, and Kristina just turned her head away a bit to show she'd calm down, but still wasn't happy. "I'm gonna go grab some drinks, wait here." She told them, she hoped they'd at least talk a little bit. She really hoped they'd get back together. It was probably to soon still, but they had to at least see each other again, or they'd just walk away from their relationship.

    "So how have you been?" Kristina asked coolly when Nikki walked away.

    "Fine, you?" Virgil replied tersely.

    "Fine," was the reply.

    After a few moments of awkward silence, Virgil felt his phone buzzing in his pocket, he pulled it down and looked who it was. He blinked once and frowned. It was the cell of his old CO from the marines. He hadn't spoken to him since he quit. He wondered what it could be. He hoped they weren't going to try and rope him back in. His CO should know better, and knew exactly where Virgil would tell him to shove it.

    "Your new girlfriend?" Kristina asked sarcastically. Virgil gave her a look that was somewhere in between milk-curdling, and like he had just eaten some. That gave Kristina a bit of pause, as he walked away to answer it.

    "Hello?" Virgil asked in a completely neutral tone.

    "Look, I'll make this quick, I shouldn't be calling, and I can't say much since you dropped the force. I'm giving you the heads up since I respect you and really do with the best for you. I know you aren't happy with me, and I hope this will help you see me in a little better light. But something major is happening, has to do with NIOSH. It's big. Be careful, that's all I can do for you..." the voice on the phone said before hanging up.

    Virgil stiffened when the call ended. This wasn't good. It had to be really bad for his CO to call him like that. And he was right, Virgil definitely shouldn't have been called. He needed to think, he walked back to the table and sat with Nikki and Kristina, deep in thought not looking at them at all.
    "I know I'm paranoid, but I still think they might be out to get me"

    Die Tonight, Live Forever!

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    Mike Brooks

    When Mike and John arrived at the NIOSH, it was a scene of chaos. Mike was used to seeing something like this back when he was in the Army not in Cincinnati. People were running and there was the sound of gunshots and yelling all around. Mike thought he even heard growling...

    Do you think it's a terrorist attack?

    I think they would have told us.

    They were law enforcement, surely cops would know of a terrorist attack even if the city didn't want the media and general population to know. This didn't look anything like a terrorist attack. It looked like something out of a horror movie. Mike saw there were a few cars in the employee parking lot even though it was late.

    We need to make sure those people got out.

    They had job to do and could figure what the cause of this was later. Right now there were people in that lab who could be trapped and dying. Mike and John had their guns in hand as they ran into the building. What they saw once they got inside made them wish it was a terrorist attack because the sight of blood, gore, and people eating people was far worse then anything they imagined. Both felt outnumbered as they shot the "people" coming at them as they tried to look for any survivors. Neither had any idea where their fellow officers were.
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    Miles Vito

    Miles sat at the desk in his worn down apartment. Not for the first time did he hope no one had seen the inside. The cops would probably be called thinking he was running a meth lab or something. He had several cages of mice that he bought at the pet store. He had quite a few empty cages from mice that hadn't survived the injections. Right now Miles was sitting at his desk pouring over his notes. He slumped and threaded his fingers into his hair. When he had been all his saved data had been confiscated. All he had managed to save was his notepad and a folder of hard documents. Right now that was all he had to work with, and the stolen virus samples. He kept those frozen in an industrial cooling unit he had assembled in pieces at his apartment. The virus was peculiar. Every time he injected the mice, they died. But he had seen humans infected with it, and they still functioned, after a fashion. But even human blood cells died when in contact with the virus. His notes said that the only cell it interacted differently with was human nerve cells. He had a thought, he needed to get a hospital or research lab.

    "Christ, I can't believe I'm gonna try this..." Miles muttered under his breath. He stood up and straightened his tie. He went to the door and grabbed his coat off the rack before leaving the door.
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    Abby Hall

    Abby wasn't sure how long she hid in the closet. It felt like hours but she knew that wasn't true. She also knew she couldn't stay in there forever. Through the door she could hear yelling, cursing, gunshots, growling...There seemed to be a lot of growling more then that one woman could be doing. And if she listened carefully she could tell the gunshots were getting fewer and growling was increasing. Not good....She was in a janitor's closet and couldn't really find anything useful as a weapon. Of course her mind mocked her and told her how quickly that woman had jumped Matthew. He had no time to react, how could she possibly fight her off? She was a research scientist not a soldier. She was probably going to die here tonight...She didn't want to die and she didn't want Matthew to die either. They might have broken up but it was on decent terms. They were cordial to each other at work. She waited until it sounded like the noises were away from her and slowly opened the door. She looked around and the hallway seemed quiet. She quickly rushed down the hall to Matthew's lab and covered her mouth in shock and had to fight back tears when she saw Matthew laying there in a pool of his own blood. His guts were out of his stomach and she felt like she was going to get sick to hers. She should have just left but she heard him grunt.


    She asked as she got down on her knees and was going to touch him.

    Are you-?!

    She screamed when Matthew opened his eyes and growled at her. She fell on her butt trying to get away from him. He was on his knees advancing on her as she scooted backwards trying to get away. The Matthew she had known wasn't there anymore...
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    Mike Brooks

    Mike felt like he was in a horror movie. He almost would have sworn he was dreaming except even his dreams were never as bad as this. The carnage was terrible and a sane person would have ran for their lives. But Mike couldn't just run away, not until he was sure the people who worked this lab had got out. He could never live with himself if he had left and someone died because he wasn't there to help them. He was running out of bullets though and these "things" just kept coming. He and John had gotten separated at some point and Mike quickly learned it was better to avoid the attackers then challenge them head on. The hallway he was in was quiet though and he was about to see if he could locate John when he heard a woman scream at the end of the hall. He ran her direction and saw Matthew advancing on Abby. He fired two shots off. One hit Matthew in the shoulder which stunned him a moment but after that moment passed the "man" just got angrier and turned his head towards Mike. He bared his teeth like a dog and the second shot Mike fired hit him in between his eyes, killing Matthew. He reached down and took Abby's hand to help her get to her feet.

    Come on, we need to get out of here before more come. They seem to like loud noises.

    Thank God he was always a quick learner because Mike had quickly learned that these "people" were attracted to loud noises. If he and Abby didn't get out of here then they would be surrounded and he was seriously low on ammo.
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    Abby Hall

    Abby was certain she was going to die and all she could thing of was that she wasted her life. Sure she was a scientist but she hadn't discovered a cure for cancer or AIDS. She hadn't made a difference in the world like she had so wanted to. She had no legacy. Sure her parents and her brother would miss her but...They would move on and after they were dead no one would remember her. She realized in this moment how much she had wanted children but always thought there would be more time. "Well the time's up Abby. Maybe you'll do better in the next life," her mind told her and then she heard the gun shots. Mike had killed Matthew and saved her. Her mind and body weren't functioning together and Mike would see she was going into shock. She didn't even realize she was on her feet. Although Mike's warning that they needed to leave because others would come started to bring her back to the present.

    "Others?" There's more then just the woman?

    Oh dear God what had Matthew done? she thought. Tom was right, the woman should have been killed.
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    Mike Brooks

    "Oh no..." Mike thought, he could tell Abby was going into shock. He had seen this from other people had he rescued in the past. He needed to keep her in the present and moving if they were both going to make it out of here alive. Sure he would carry her if he had to but it would be really difficult to protect them both from those things with her in his arms. Of course any other time he wouldn't mind a woman looking like her in his arms. "Come on Brooks, focus!" his mind yelled. They needed to get out of here before they were killed not have him thinking about how attractive this woman he just saved was. At her question, he nodded his head.

    A lot more and I don't know about you, but I don't want to end up like your friend.

    He could hear the sound of growling coming their way. The gunshots had attracted them. Crap, crap, crap. They needed to move now not talk about what was going on.

    We can talk more about it later. Okay?

    He told her and the second she said she was ready to move on, he was too. He wanted to live but he wasn't going to leave her behind either.
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    Abby Hall

    "There was a lot more?!" Abby thought. How was that possible? There had been just one woman but she had attacked Matthew and when Abby had come back for him, he was acting like her. Matthew had hit the security alarm, the guards...She must have attacked them, infecting them like she was. Abby could figure it out later because she knew Mike was right. They needed to leave or they would end up dead.


    She told him with a nod of her head. She didn't know Mike but he had saved her. She felt she could trust him with her life and to get them both out of here before they suffered the same fate as Matthew and many others who had entered the NIOSH tonight.
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