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    Katie Brooks

    What was going at the NIOSH couldn't be controlled anymore. The government tried to keep it under wraps but it wasn't long before the news media found out. Katie and Dylan were watching television when a breaking news story came on. A female news reporter was standing front of the lab but it looked like something out of a war movie behind her. She was yelling above the growling and gunshots.

    It is a scene of utter chaos! No one knows what truly has happened here at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health but-

    The last thing anyone saw before the tv went to snow was the woman screaming as she was attacked from behind and the camera falling to the ground as her cameraman yelled out. Katie covered her mouth in shock.

    Oh God...Do you think Mike's there?

    A silly question actually. Of course Mike was there. He was a cop and she could hear the sound of sirens passing by their house as she said it. She looked towards the staircase where upstairs Sam was sleeping.

    What should we do?
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    Dylan Brooks

    So much for a quiet evening Dylan thought as the breaking news story came on. He had never seen anything like that before and when Katie asked if he thought his brother was there, Dylan nodded his head.

    Oh yeah.

    He hoped his brother was still alive but from what they could see of the NIOSH before the television went out, it was bad. He walked over to the window and lifted the blinds. He could see police and emergency vehicles heading towards the lab and neighbors and cars heading the other direction. His eyes followed his wife's eyes upstairs where their son was sleeping. Sam was a heavy sleeper could sleep through a thunderstorm. He had no idea what was even going on.

    I'm not sure...

    Dylan honestly told Katie when she asked what they should do. He had no idea what would be the safest thing for them to do. It was going to be a madhouse in a short time trying to leave the city but whatever attacked the lab could come this way...

    We should pack some stuff and hopefully we'll hear from Mike.

    Dylan knew his brother and he knew if Mike could get word to them, he would. Still for Katie and Sam's safety he couldn't just wait around either.
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    Katie Brooks

    Katie nodded her head to her husband when he said they should pack. She had followed him to the window and saw the two directions the cars were going. Police and emergency vehicles heading towards the chaos and average citizens running away from it. It didn't make her feel safe.

    I think you're right. Let's just not wake up Sam until we have to.

    She didn't want to scare him right away. Let him peacefully sleep as long as he could. She hoped that Mike would be okay but if he was already at the lab...His odds probably weren't good.
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    Dylan Brooks

    I agree.

    Dylan told Katie when she said they shouldn't wake up Sam until they had too. Hopefully by then they would hear from Mike. Mike was stubborn and Dylan knew Mike would do whatever he had to do to survive. He and Katie quickly but quietly starting packing up essential things in their house. If the city was going to hell who knew when they would ever come back to it. They turned the radio on and the news reports that would come in time to time made them feel that getting ready to leave was a smart decision. The city wasn't winning against whatever they were fighting.
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    Mason Lagister

    Mason was laying awake on his bed passing the time, when a late night call came through to the precinct and a cop answered. He didn't think anything of it until all the lights came on in his holding cell with just a few of them, the other inmates began yelling and cursing like it would change something. He lifted his head seeing all the cops getting up and talking about an emergency situation. This got his attention and he sat up, sliding out from his bed he walked over to the bars to get a better view.

    Who is going to watch the inmates?

    Well it's not like they can get out anyway.

    So are they going to just sit here?

    Are you saying we should let them out?

    Well... no I didn't mean that.

    So come on already, we were dispatched a while ago. We will be back to check on them.

    Fine fine!

    As the cops ran out, Mason made eye contact with one of them, he could tell they were incredibly worried about what was going on, that something like this was never supposed to happen. The inmates were never supposed to be left alone. The cops left, and then a few minutes came back.

    We don't have to waste our time. But if you insist you take them with us then we need to lock them all back up, get the ankle and leg cuffs.

    We can't just leave them all here! We'll put them in the back of the van and leave them there, at least that way we can still keep an eye on them.

    Whatever, let's get this over with.

    It took a while before all the inmates were ready for transfer, they began to put them in the van and the locked the door, they were on the road in no time headed right for the lab with Mason in the back of the Van sitting quietly with four other very angry inmates.
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    Virgil, Nikki, and Kristina
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    For several minutes the three of them sat at the table. Virgil glared at the drink his sister had brought for him as though it were the drink's fault. Kristina was giving him odd looks, not her usual forced indifference, but something between worry and curiosity. Nikki just looked back and forth between them in confusion. There was a loud beep from the speakers as the TV channels all switched to an emergency broadcast. It said that there was a crisis going on at NIOSH, and that everyone should return to their homes, turn their tv's on and remain there until further notice.

    Virgil stood up, glaring now at the TV closest to them, thinking about what his CO had told him just a few minutes earlier, "Nikki, you should come over and stay at my place tonight, I have some sleeping bags," he glanced sideways at Kristina, "You should probably come too. It will be safer there."

    Nikki stood too, flustered, "Um, alright. Kristina, are you coming?"

    Kristina sat for another moment, looking at Virgil trying to figure out if he was trying to pull something over on her. But she had seen the emergency broadcast too. She got up, giving him a bit of a dirty look and said, "Yea, I'll meet you there. I'm going to get to my car."

    Virgil turned to her and told her, "Be careful, Kristina."

    With that being said he turned away before she could reply and began dragging Nikki through the throng of people trying to get out. Virgil sighed and began shoving his way through, not to aggressively, but with enough force that they were clear soon. Nikki quickly hugged Kristina, "We'll see you there. Come straight there."
    "I know I'm paranoid, but I still think they might be out to get me"

    Die Tonight, Live Forever!

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    Miles Vito

    The cab driver had told him to get out, seeing the mass confusion in the middle of the road. People were running out of a building that Miles realized after a moment was the NIOSH building.

    "Good luck buddy," the cab driver told him before backing up and turning around.

    "Huh, wait," Miles began, he hadn't even paid the driver. Suddenly Miles was pretty sure he had made a bad decision coming here tonight. He began jogging towards the chaos, trying to figure out what was going on. As he got closer he got a sinking feeling in his stomach.

    "Jesus, not this... god please not this," Miles said to himself, his voice rising. He saw people, covered in blood, eating from human corpses at the building's entrance. He had seen this before, when working for the government studying infected people before the containment squad did their job. Now though, he was in trouble. He didn't have a car, or a ride. Just his own two legs. No marine squad to protect him here. There were few cops, most of them running, some escorting what looked like employees, others just running. Miles just stood there dumbly, watching in horror.
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    One female police officer saw Miles just standing there. She grabbed his arm.

    Sir you need to leave, it's not safe.

    That went without saying. It wasn't safe and honestly she had no idea how they were going to control those "things". Still she felt the duty to protect innocent people, even if Miles standing there like an idiot watching it all.
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    Mike Brooks

    Mike was glad that he didn't have to fight Abby about leaving. He hadn't been kidding that the sounds of the gunshots would lure more those things towards them. He cursed when he saw the way they had come was blocked. He grabbed Abby's hand and turned a left to get away from Dr. Sampson's lab.

    You know this place better then me, what's the quickest way out of here?
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    Abby Hall

    They're blocking the best exit.

    Abby replied to Mike although she wasn't about to go back the way they came. He had been right, those "people" had been attracted by the gunshots. They couldn't just go back the way they came. She looked around to get an idea where she was and told him.

    Let's go this way. Eventually we should find a fire exit.

    She pointed to their left. If she remembered the fire drills correctly, they would eventually find a fire exit that would lead out into the parking lot.
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