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    Katie Brooks

    Katie and Abby were both surprised to see Mason in the station wagon, they knew Mike told him that he was still turning him over the authorities. It was proof to Katie that the shit that happened in Cincinnati was bad. Why else would the man have picked being with other people but going back to jail instead of being free and alone? Both women helped pack the vehicles so they could leave sooner. Sam comment about food came at a good time because Katie was going to suggest it. Even if they were basically on the run, they still needed to feed their bodies. Katie normally didn't like the idea of the family eating in the van but she didn't argue about it this time. It was a wise call on Mike's part. Both cars had the radios on to keep updated on the news. At first music was on but when they were about 20 minutes North of Dayton the news reports came in. Mike had been right, those "people" had made their way to Dayton. It was too long before the radio went to static and all the adults in the cars knew that what happened in Cincinnati wasn't going to be a one time thing. Dayton was falling the same way. Katie reached back to take her scared son's hand. She almost told him it would all be okay but knew that could be a lie. Life was never going to be the same for any of them again.
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