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    The Janitor looked around, quickly grabbing a cane with a question mark on it. He glanced at it, and then just hit a robot, knocking it off the walkway and onto the cave floor down below.

    I'm thinking that maybe we should depart from this advanced cave. These robots don't seem to enjoy us as good company.
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    In his panicked, mad dash over the primary platform of the batcave, Cloney manages to pick up a gun that sits on one of the workbenches. There are several crime-fighting gadgets laid out on this workbench, and in the clone's mind the gun looks like the most useful at this moment. This gun isn't a conventional looking fire-arm, it is in fact made to shoot a grappling hook and length of climbing cable, but Cloney sees it's a gun and happily assumes whatever it shoots will vanquish the scary robots. The gun-toting clone turns to sprint towards the robot standing in front of Gamma.

    The robot chasing the clone is shot in its head with a glob of binding goo by the robot that Ruri has taken control of. The goo hardens over the camera of the pursuing robot's head, blinding it and causing it to run off of the edge of the platform and tumble down into the darkened depths of the vast cavern.

    Cloney rushes up to the robot that stares at Gamma, the machine is puzzling over what the Dalek is and what its question means. Cloney takes advantage of the robot's confusion and attacks it. He aims his gun and with a rougue-ish smirk delivers his action hero quip,
    "Hey, cave-robot, I hope you didn't pay too much for your extended warrantee, because it's about to be voided. Cloney-style!" The clone pulls the trigger, launching a grappling hook into the side of the robot's head. The hook latches onto the robot, doing very minor damage to the machine. The gun immediately activates a mechanism that begins pulling on the cord that links the gun to the grappling hook, which is meant to pull a masked crime-fighter up the side of a building but in this situation pulls Cloney towards the robot's head. The robot, noticing a hook being shot into the side of its head, turns away from Gamma to look at the source of the attack. By this time Cloney is hanging off of the side of the large robot's head and screaming out as this is a frighteningly unexpected outcome for shooting a gun at a robot. The robot notices the screaming from the side of its head and again turns to look towards the source of this sound, but is unable to see the clone.

    And so the robot continues turning around and around, searching for the screaming, pantsless clone, who is being swung around and around as he hangs onto the gun attached to the machine's head. Cloney carries on screaming as he's twirled around, because he somehow believes this will either help his dizzying situation or attract the attention of someone that can help him before motion sickness can set in. The remaining robots, that haven't fallen under Ruri's control yet, stare at the twirling robot and the orange man attached to the side of its head. The poor machines haven't been programmed to deal with anything this ridiculous and so they simply watch and wait for something to happen that they can logically process.
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    Gamma watches the robot swing Mr. Clone around in circles and starts playing fairground merry-go-round music out of its speakers.
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    Ruri studies the situation for a few moments with her nigh unreadable expression. A moment later she directs her borrowed robots to begin firing on the other robots.

    I'm not sure we should stop this but you do owe me a power source. Gamma if you would be so kind as to zap that cable he's dangling from.
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    "Idiots, too many Idiots."

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    The Janitor now fond of his new found questionable cane turns to see the orange being spinning in large circles. The Janitor would help, but decides quickly that his abilities to clean would not come in handy here and instead hits one of the other robots off the platform just for good measure, he spits on the downed robot.
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    Gotham City, The Roof of the First National Bank of Gotham


    A light dusting of cold rain fills the night air as Batman stands in the shadow of a large hot air balloon that is parked on the roof of the bank the Joker had attempted to rob earlier in the evening. Batman gazes up at the balloon. The smiley-face stitched onto the side of the balloon grins out over the surrounding cityscape. The caped crusader glances away from the balloon and towards the hatchway and ladder that leads into the bank. He watches as police commissioner James Gordon ascends up the ladder and climbs onto the roof. Commissioner Gordon is a grey haired middle aged man wearing a trench coat over his dull colored suit. Gordon opens an umbrella, to shield himself from the drizzling of rain that threatens to turn into a full storm at any minute. Batman gazes over towards the passenger basket beneath the hot air balloon as Gordon approaches him.

    "Find anything?" Commissioner Gordon asks as he stands beside Batman and gazes at the balloon. Minutes ago, Gordon had left Batman all alone with the balloon in order to search for any traps or clues contained within it. And now he hopes the masked man can shed some light on their current mystery.

    "Nothing that makes any sense. The balloon seems to have been set up for the Joker's escape. All I found was the stolen money and spare weapons inside of it. The balloon is filled with air and would have been fully capable of taking the Joker off of the roof before I was able to finish off the last of his henchmen and follow him up to the roof." Batman replies, while drawing his ebony colored cape around himself.

    "So... The Joker and his goons break into the bank. You've been tracking him all day and get here minutes after he blew open the vault. While you're fighting the goons, the Joker runs up here, where he has a hot air balloon waiting to take him away from here. He puts the stolen money into the balloon's basket... and then he... vanishes?" Gordon hopes a walkthrough of tonight's events would reveal some hidden meaning to their mystery. "I don't get it. It's not like the Joker to pass up the chance to make a flashy escape in a smiling balloon, and slip away as quietly as possible. And if he's going to just leave the money here, why bother to steal it. It doesn't add up. Even for someone as crazy as the Joker." Gordon pulls a cigar from the inside pocket of his suit jacket. He gives the cigar a frustrated glare as he ponders how he'll write up this report.

    "It does..." Batman begins in a quite tone as he looks away from the balloon and out towards the city surrounding them. "It does add up for a kidnapping."

    "What? I don't- Wait. You're saying someone kidnapped the Joker?" Gordon exclaims as he once again pockets his cigar and steps closer to Batman.

    "It's the only explanation that makes any sense right now." Batman explains calmly while his mind runs through a list of enemies that the Joker might have that would also be capable of abducting him in this way.

    "Kidnapped? Sheesh. Who's going to pay that ransom?" Gordon replies with a small hint of a grin showing beneath his mustache.

    "Mn. I'll see what I can dig up. Call me if-" Batman begins laying out a plan of action, but all words come to a halt the moment the communicator hidden inside of his cowl activates. The caped crusader listens as Alfred, his loyal butler and closest friend, frantically begins speaking through the communicator. Alfred explains to the crime fighter that he's currently at Wayne Manor and watching on a surveillance monitor a group of intruders inside of the bat-cave. The intruders are currently doing battle with the first wave of security drones. Alfred is working on activating a second wave of attack machines. Batman quietly listens, his gloves hands balling up into enraged fists. Someone has broken into his home. With one simple action someone has made themselves potentially more dangerous than the Joker and whoever has abducted the clown prince of crime. With a growl Batman leaps off of the roof. He pulls a grappling hook gun from one of the pouches on his utility belt, fires a hook and a line to an adjacent roof, swings along the line and lands in an alley where the bat-mobile is parked.

    "Activate the second wave. Transfer the surveillance footage to the bat-mobile. I'm on my way to the cave now," Batman replies to Alfred as he hops inside of the bat-mobile. Soon the vehicle's engines roar to life and Batman is speeding back towards his home.
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    The Batcave...

    Eventually the centrifugal force of being spun around by a large, confused robot becomes too great for Cloney's grasp. The gun slips free from his grip and the orange, pants-less man is sent flying away from the spinning machine. He soars over the others and into the gulf between metal platforms. His flight comes to a painful end as he slams into the side of a vertically standing metal pole. A loud 'CLANG' sound echoes out from his impact. Cloney limply sticks to the side of the pole for a moment, as if gravity is unsure of what to do, before he then slides down the length of the pole and into the darkness below.

    Instants later, back on the main platform, an elevator several paces away from the group of intruders lets out a 'ding' sound and opens its doors. An obviously shocked and dazed Cloney stumbles out of the elevator. His clothes have been replaced by a blue and grey Batman costume, which anyone familiar with the 1960's Batman TV show would recognize as the one worn by Adam West. He wears his cool shades over his cowl and a befuddled, probably concussed, expression beneath it. The unsteady clone staggers his way towards Ruri.

    "I fell inna a machine that took my clothes and put this onna me," he slurs. "I feel violated." Cloney then falls forward and onto his cowled face. While laying face down on the metal floor he lifts and unsteady arm and points up in bold proclamation. "I owe Ruri a 'power sauce', let's go out and get her one of those. Roger! Carry me to the power sauce, Roger!" Cloney remains face down on the floor as he tries to process the trauma of being thrown into a metal pole and forcibly stripped and reclothed by machines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruri View Post
    Gamma if you would be so kind as to zap that cable he's dangling from.
    Oh, But It Looks Like Mr. Cloney Is Having So Much Fun.

    All Right. Here Goes Nothing.

    Gamma points its gun-stick at the cable, oscillating as it tries to predict the motion as it rotates with a robot at its anchor and Mr. Clone at its extremity.

    The Cable Is An Enemy Of The Dalek Empire!

    The Cable Must Be Exterminated!

    Ex-Ter-Mi-Nate! Ex-Ter-Mi-Nate! Ex-Ter-Mi-Nate!


    All Right, Am I Forgetting Something Here?

    Quote Originally Posted by Qwaring's clone#1 View Post
    Cloney remains face down on the floor as he tries to process the trauma of being thrown into a metal pole and forcibly stripped and reclothed by machines.
    It Seems That What You Are Wearing Would Be The Normal Style Of Clothing On This Planet. If We Are To Blend In, It Might Be An Idea For The Rest Of You To Follow Suit.

    I Suppose The Best I Can Do Is Call Myself An I-Pod And Hope That Nobody Notices.
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    Cloney is quick to recover. He springs back up onto his feet just in time to see a bat-mobile on the far end of the platform. The bat-mobile had just been raised up on a cargo elevator only moments earlier, and now has several lights directed onto it as if highlighting its presence to someone that has an obviously short attention span, such as Cloney. The orange clone rushes towards the sleek ebony colored vehicle.

    "C'mon, everyone. Let's take this car. I'll drive," Cloney calls out to the others. As Cloney approaches, the roof and windshield of the car reveals itself to be a large hatch by sliding open and allow access to the inside of the car. Another hatch in the rear of the bat-mobile also opens, revealing a space to store any large items a crime-fighter may need to store in a crime fighting car, items such as a Dalek. Between the seats inside of the bat-mobile, the opened storage space fit for a Dalek and an unusually quiet Meteorette bound to the side of the bat-mobile with several blobs of robot-fired binding-goo, there is enough room for this bat-mobile to take the entire group of intruders out of the bat-cave. In fact, a bridge directly in front of the bat-mobile lights up, as if announcing it is a path that should be driven down. This bridge will eventually lead into a cave that will take anyone driving through it several miles away from the luxurious mansion located above this cave.

    Cloney hops into the bat-mobile. He kneels on the drivers seat and bends down until the upper half of his bat-costumed body is underneath the steering wheel. His greedy gloved hands immediately go to work trying to hot-wire this bat-themed car. He is startled by the car suddenly starting its own engine, and slams his surprised head on the steering column. After some twisting and contorting the costumed Clone is able right himself and sit proudly in the drivers seat of this bat-mobile.

    "Man. I'm so good at hot-wiring junk that I didn't even have to touch stuff to start this thing up," Cloney brags to the others.
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    Gotham City: Wayne Towers

    Dave Thomas

    Dave sighed as he walked through the doors of Wayne Towers. He couldn't find a single person to come in to cover Kyle's shift. Not one person had answered the phone when he called. Either they were all out, or just avoiding his calls. They had to be out, though, because they know not to avoid calls from the supervisor. Bill, the young college student and security guard was seated behind a security desk, drinking a can of Mountain Dew.

    "Hey, Dave. Couldn't find anyone to fill in?" Bill asked, putting the can down and straightening his tie.

    "No, I couldn't, and what have I said about food and drink at the security desk," he picked up an empty M&M bag from the desk with two fingers.

    "Oh yeah, sorry, but I was getting tired, so I thought I could use the pep."

    Dave sighed again. Bill was a good kid, and had a good future, if he could just clean up after himself. "Get some paper towels and wipe off the desk. Then you can clock out and go home. I have it from here."

    Bill nodded and stood up. "Sure thing. Sorry 'bout this."

    As Bill went off to get the needed supplies to clean up, Dave reviewed the security logs for the evening. Seemed like it had been a quiet evening. He hoped the night would be just as quiet.
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