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    Cloney's Travel Log...

    Cloney's Travel Log...

    ((I'm going to use this thread to maintain updates on what's happening and where the RP is. Since we'll be moving through various subforums this thread should help others know where we're currently located. I'll include links for each new thread started for the RP. Mostly I'll post as Cloney, but I may include other characters as needed.))

    ((If anyone else wants to make a journal styled entry for your own characters, in order to add some insight or silliness, feel free to post it here.))

    Day 967...Oh boy. We lost another one on the fire planet today. The next time I run into a talking scarecrow I've got to remember to not take him to see the fire planet. Benjy's starting to stress out. I think he misses that scarecrow guy, and Nostradamus, and Genghis, and Oppenhuemer, and Sherlock, and Paul Newman reincarnated into a Sphinx, and pre-Zombie Colonel Sanders, and Shemp, and-
    Uh oh. Pen running out of ink. Need to resupply. Maybe I shou

    Day 970...
    Found all kinds of pens and junk in Mini-Juno's room on the Nadesico. I also found a little bottle of liquid that tasted prety good. Turns out it was mini-cologne. I feel dizzy.
    I parked the RV into the Nadesico's cargo place. Benjy is fixing the engine while I pick up vital supplies. I've got a taste for nachos. Searching for nachos.

    Left the Nadesico. Meteoro wanted to come with. He's babbling something about getting a ride home. I think he's drunk or something. He seems weird for some reason. Maybe somehow more feminine. Obviously married life has driven him insane. Must make anti-insanity plan soon.
    Oh, and Ruri, Gramma and Steve are tagging along. Ruri doesn't admit it, but she missed me. Make a note to give her a noogie, she likes that kind of thing.

    Day 970... Night-ish, I think...
    Parked the RV inside of a big cave. Then the RV blew up somehow. I blame Ruri. Can't write too much, being spun around by Gramma's cave-robot mother. More later.
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