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Thread: Starship Bios

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    Starship Bios

    Starship Bios

    This thread will be for the character's ships, or other notable ships. If you can upload a picture, go for it. If you don't have any or can't find one that fits the ship you want, just give a good description. When creating a ship try to include the following:

    Ship's Name
    Ship's Captain
    Armament (Weapons)
    Defensive capabilities
    Engine System (speed/ and type of system)
    ECM and ECCM
    Sensor types and strengths
    Special Auxillary Systems
    Required Crew
    How many passengers it can carry, or cargo space if it's a freighter
    General description

    If you can't think of anything for some of these, it's fine. The more you have the better.
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    The Kraken

    Captain - Captain Slee Reston

    Armaments - Two external capital missle racks, one internal capital missile bay. It has four standard missile racks. On it's under side it has a turrent mounted heavy graviton cannon. On top it has a trio of heavy ion cannons. Those are the ships heavy armaments, it also had quite a few smaller rail guns, and plasma cannons on its sides, these can be used for point defense, or if they're really close they can turn broadside and put out a fulisilade of fire. There are ten fighters on the ships, two of these are made specially for the androids.

    Defenses - The ship's armor is tough, 35 cm of Duranium alloy. Outside of that they have two layers of shields. The first of the layers is a Hauptman Scattering field, which is effective at diffusing the effectiveness of energy weapons. The other is a Konei-Okuma-Heldon field (KOH Shield). This stops physical attacks, though it's only good for a span of 5 seconds, then a cooldown of a minute before it's ready to be activated again. There are a number of splinterfire countermissiles on board that can be fit in the standard missile racks.

    Engine Systems - The ship is equipped with a HJ5-Hydrocoolant Microwarpdrive. This is used for fast manuvering, it is also equipped with Arcjet Neodine thrusters for cruising and minor adjustments. Microwarpdrives are too touchy for slight adjustments.

    ECM/ECCM - The Kraken has a White Noise projection field generator, this disrupts sensors and comm systems. It also carries a pair of Numlock breakers, which create delays in target acquisiton. This is effective against missiles and fighters. Most larger ships have room for better computers and data processing which negates this somewhat. Which is the only true ECCM that Kraken has. The computer is very strong however and can beat most other ships ECM one-on-one.

    Sensors - Kraken has several scan probes they deploy in combat, which work to increase signal strength and give better and more accurate readings. It's gravimetric sensors are extremely powerful for a war ship. Able to detect across the span of most solar systems. It's astrometric sensors aren't quite as powerful, though still very good for a ship in it's class.

    Special systems - There is a small cryo freezing center. It also has an advanced workshop. When they have the time and parts, and the sense, they can fix almost anything, and make quite a few things from scratch. There's a small research lab and library as well.

    Crew - With the Ultra's and their droids running the ship, they have a crew of 12, not counting the robots. Many of their robots handle the subsystems however, acting in the place of more crewmen. This is because they are Ultra's though. Captain Slee doesn't intregate with Kraken like most Ultra captains do. They're still Ultra's and can handle ships better than most.

    Extra Capacity - With the living spaces available, they Kraken could handle another twenty living beings on board. They could fit quite a few more robots if they wanted to. Their cargo capacity is a little higher than normal however.

    General Description - The hull length of Kraken is 1,076m. This is long for a heavy cruiser, though most of the ships mass is located close to the x-axis of the ship. For a heavy cruiser, it's equipped lightly on the heavy armaments, having more missile strength than direct fire strength. The ship makes up for it with its compliment of standard weapons, making it a deadly opponent in close range.
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    The Panther

    Type: Corvette Class

    Captain: Captain Tiergia

    The Panther is a small and fast ship. It is built for defense, speed, and maneuverability. It is not an offensive ship. It can handle smaller ships in battle, mostly seeking to disable them. Larger cruisers and the like are always avoided.

    Offense: A pair of laser cannons front and aft, controlled from two gunnery stations on the bridge. They aren't extremely powerful, but they are very precise. The targeting system in the gunnery station can pinpoint approaching missiles, debris, asteroids, and so on, with amazing accuracy. The lasers are quite effective against smaller, less armored ships, but the larger ones are almost unaffected by them. There are also two cutting lasers on the top of the ship, near the airlock. While not a weapon, per-se, it can be used to cut through extremely thick armor provided the ship is no more than 10 meters away. It is mainly used to cut holes in ships to be able to boarded.

    Defense: The ship's armor is incredibly tough and thick for such a small ship, and is designed to withstand powerful cannon blasts. Additional energy shields can be deployed in the case of more powerful missile bombardments. These give an additional 10 minutes of protection, but require 10 hours to recharge. In extreme situation, the protection can be increased to 30 minutes (or an addition 10 minutes when starting while hot), but will blow the circuits at the end, forcing the system to be completely replaced, from the shield emitters on the hull, to the power generators inside the ship.

    Additional Tech: Experimental cloaking technology. It doesn't make the ship invisible, but it does hide it from radar and other electronic detection instruments. It is only used in extreme situations, as it is an incredible drain on the ship's power supply, and draws power from the engines, slowing the ship and reducing its maneuverability. The maximum amount of time the technology can stay active is two hours. Any longer would shut down the ship completely.

    Engines: The engines are large and powerful for a ship of this size. They are designed for speed and maneuverability. There are four, horizontally placed, in the back. When all four are in operation, the ship can easily outrun any ship it encounters. One damaged will slow it down slightly, and reduce maneuverability. Two damaged will bring it to more normal speeds for a ship of this class. With only one remaining, the movement will be considerably slower.

    Power Core: The power core is with the engines, and powers the entire ship. The crystals that power the core have an average life expectancy of one month. The power core is divided into six parts, each housing 10 crystals. Under normal conditions, only two parts of the core are active. Each part stays active for 4 hours before cycling to another part of the core. While the part is active, and for an hour after, it cannot be accessed as the heat generated is too high. Changing of dead crystals are done when the part is off and cool. As long as five of the ten crystals in each part is active, the power core is running at full power. If the engines are running at full power, speed and maneuverability, four of the six parts become active, leaving only two spare. The output moves faster, as well, cycling every 2 hours instead of every four. This makes it harder to change dead crystals, and why a sustained full power is frowned upon. If the cloaking device is used, all six parts are running. After two hours, three of the six parts will shut down and go into cooling mode. If the cloaking device remains active during this time, the remaining parts will shut off, one every fifteen minutes. At three hours, when all parts shut off, the ship becomes dead until the cool down is complete (one hour after the last part shuts down). Once cool down is complete, dead crystals can be replaced and the core started again. Starting a cool core takes two hours, one hour for the first of the two part, another hour for the second part.

    Capacity: The back half of the ship is taken up by the power core and the engines. Supplies for repairing the ship, engines, and power core are contained in this back area as well. There are 12 rooms on the ship, 8 of which are used by the crew. The other four are used for passengers, or cargo if necessary. These are located in the front of the ship, near the bridge. The bridge is small, consisting of the captain's chair, the pilot's seat, a sensor station, and two gunnery stations, in tight conditions. The cargo area is beneath the rooms and the bridge, containing visible and hidden storage areas.

    Crew: Eight in total, including Captain Tiergia
    Tiergia, Human/Caprican, Female. Captain, Mercenary.
    Alex Redman, Human/Caprican, Male. First Officer, Pilot, Mercenary.
    Mikhail Rubekov (Mike), Human/Martian, Male. Computer Specialist, Hacker, Cracker.
    Trevor Swynn, Pig, Male. Mercenary, Cook.
    Rhys Dayne Orton, Human/Cyborg, Male. Mercenary, Demolitions Expert.
    Lissy Delta (Liz), Human/Martian, Female. Ship Medic, Public Relations.
    Kelly Tellan, Human, Female. Mercenary.
    Dave Faron, Human, Male. Engineer, Mechanical Genius.

    Note: While the entire crew is a mercenary crew, mercenary in this context means the crew members that are more combatant than others, like the computer specialist, engineer and medic.
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    Captain - Skade

    Armament - Starwolf has four sets of quad Plasma turrets as it's primary armament. It one internal and one external missile rack. The external is generally loaded with counter missiles since an external rack can be flushed. It has three sets of dual hetlasers for pointdefense.

    Defenses - It has 25cm of Traxium armor plating. Starwolf's shield systems are Oscillating Charge fields.

    Engine System - Starwolf is uses a Fasset drive system, which saves hull space for living quarters and cargo space. Fasset drive uses a controlled blackhole projected in front of the ship. The ship doesn't so much fly as it 'perpetually falls' into it's black hole. There are fail safes of course. As backup, Starwolf has a set of Lif Fueled booster rockets.

    ECm/ECCM - Starwolf has a light redirection system that it uses for cloaking. It also has an Inverted Radio Sweeper that handles Projected ECM.

    Sensors - The astrometric sensors are stronger than the gravimetric sensors on Starwolf. It has good EM detection systems as well.

    Auxillary Systems - There is a pair of tractor beams on the ship. It has strong telescopic camera system.

    Required crew - Starwolf only requires a crew of one.

    Extra Capacity - Starwolf can carry another three passengers on board.

    General Description - Starwolf is a smaller lancer class ship. It's modified to be piloted by one. The ships computer is actually an Alpha Protocol named 'Beast'. The ships also has an android guard for when Skade leaves the ship, coupled with an Alpha Protocol for a computer makes the ship virtually unstealable. In her cargohold, Skade also keeps a small mecha suit.
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    Ship's Name: Malicious Marauder

    Ship's Captain:
    Captain Chise

    Armament (Weapons):
    The cannon on front shoots swarm missiles all of which blow up not in explosives but in EMP blasts, and two portholes at the bottom which shoot standard EMP missles. There are also large racks underneath that hold about twenty EMP missles a piece for little reloading. The end of the spear at the front houses a powerful photon laser which Captain rarely uses.

    Defensive capabilities:
    The armor is very short, but Malicious Marauder has powerful shields which are usually off so the ship is open to surprise attacks - which never is a problem because its doing the surprise attacks most of the time. These shields deflect lasers for up to twenty minutes and a second shiled stops physical matter for twenty minutes. A battle lasting longer and the only other capiability of the ship is to flee

    Engine System:
    Four solar sails and two powerful photon engines which make the ship incredibly fast and can run on almost no energy if the need arises

    ECM and ECCM:
    Almost no capabilities of stealth, however the ship can run without power making most scanners ignore the ship

    Sensor types and strengths:
    Powerful general scanners which can scan nearly an entire solar system for any ships however no specific probes or scanners

    Special Auxillary Systems:
    Large towing capabilities in case victims chose to surrender their ship

    Required Crew:

    Cargo Space:
    Large amount of cargo space

    General description:
    Although designed to look like ancient sea bearing ship, it was personally designed by Captain Chise. It's meant to disable a ship rather than destroy it because the pirates would prefer to sell an intact ship. Also designed to run simply on only eight people because Chise always considers her crew members disposable so it has to be able to run with just a few members. If worst comes to worse the ship will ram the opponent and run away.
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    Cavalier Eternal

    No Captain

    Cavalier Eternal is packed with various weapon systems. Most of these are out dated now, though still functional. It's main weapon is an enormous cannon that runs down the center of the ship inside the center of the foresection. It was meant to be a heavy capital weapon on a dreadnought. It's so powerful the ships inertial stabilizers can't compensate for all the recoil. The rounds it fires are bigger than a person, though they're nigh unstoppable. It's packed with numerous smaller weapons however. All these weapons stay retracted underneath the ships armor until deployed. Except one dual light laser turret, and a counter missile battery both with 360 coverage. The ship is heavy on standard missiles, the lower wing like structures are essentially enormous missile batteries. They are a hybrid of external and internal racks, they can be flushed, though they're reloaded internally. There is one true internal rack that can fire sprintmode in the nose of the ship, under the cannon housing. Along the hull where the cannon is located, each side of the ship and deploy ten plasma turrets.

    When the hull is sealed and the turrets aren't deployed, the armor is extremely tough to crack. It also has an energy shield that can sustain quite a bit of fire before falling.

    The ship's engines are also prototypes, giving it a high top speed and good maneuverability for a ship of it's size. However the faster it travels, the less manuverability it has, unless the engines are put into overdrive, which has a good chance of failing.

    Cavalier Eternal has no ECM, though it's computer system is too good to be confused for long by most ECM.

    It's astrometric scanner is far better than it's gravimetric, making it good at picking up ships nearby. It has trouble with system scanning however.

    There is a prototype weapon/defensive system on the ship called the arc-generator. It was designed especially for use by V, one of the ships crew. V is an arc-caster, which means he can control lightning. The arc-generator amplifies and creates a lightning field around the ship. When V is in the arc-control center he can manipulate the field around the ship, using it to destroy missiles, redirect energy weapons, or he can press it into an almost beam like weapon to attack enemy ships in close range.

    Cavalier Eternal can be crewed by one person. There is room to house up to five though. The ship's computer is an AI, reducing the needs of crew.

    All of the actual living spaces are in the back of the ship, near the engines. The bridge sticks up in the back, looming over the ship. The long hull of the ship is service access ways for working on weapons, and towards the bottom are some cargo space, usually used to carry extra ammunitions. The ship is a relic from the AI war. The ship was one of five ever made, and each one was unique in it's special ability. The AI was created with an imprint of two different people. Essentially creating the subpersona for a blank AI. The ship itself is still formidable, though it sustained heavy damage in a battle in the system before making an emergency landing.
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