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    Legion of Super-Heroes: Name Pending

    Legion of Super-Heroes: Name Pending

    This is the thread that we will use to post our characters' biographies.

    In this first post, I will edit later and add the list of them all with links to each specific post for easier access. Feel free to post your stuff when you're ready.
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    karate kid
    karate kid after ending his detached duty to the 20th century and helping out during earthwar has come back from returning iris jacobs back to the 20th century after curing her and is now currently looking at the monitor board to see what is the state of the universe.
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    Timber Wolf, Brin Londo from the planet Zuun. Brin possesses Super Speed, Strength and Agility, as well as an enhanced sense of smell and great tracking abilities.

    His father, Dr. Mar Londo had used an experimental "Zuunium Ray" to give his son super powers...and his father died. For a time, Brin believed himself to be an android thanks to the traumatic effects of the ray, and the confusion caused by the real android, Karth Arn. Eventually with the help of Ayla Ranzz (Light Lass) and the Legion of Super-Heroes, he came to his senses. He didn't join the Legion, instead he went to live out in the wilderness of Zuun on his own, calling himself "Lone Wolf". Eventually however, he joined the Legion Academy and graduated with honors, helping to thwart the plans of the Legion of Super-Villains. Brin and Ayla became close and started dating, though he keeps to himself often, much to her frustration.


    It's been a long few weeks. His best friend, Val Amorr was on a quest in the 20th Century. Everyone thought Jo Nah was a murderer.. and fought pretty much everyone in the Earthwar. Val came back home, and there was peace in the universe for the first time. The Legion constitution was changed to let married couples back in, so Brin's girlfriend Ayla is celebrating with her brother and sister-in-law (Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl).

    But that's not for Brin.. he doesn't like to be around people.

    He prefers to alone.

    The Lone Wolf.

    So as everyone parties in the Rec room, he goes to the gym and tests the limits of the equipment that R.J. Brande generously provided them.
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