'The Watchers' this is the term used by Enoch and Noah in the Ancient book of Enoch. According to Enoch, there are Watchers of Light (Angels sent to observe mankind and intercede for them) and Fallen Watchers who abandoned their duty, became involved with mankind and lost their home in the Heavenly Realm not to mention nearly made man extinct.

Leaping to present day~
A clueless society that does not believe in demons or their source. They rely only upon their own intellect and ‘superior science’, using derogatory insults to demean anyone with alternate viewpoints. Unbeknownst to these intellectual people, they are being manipulated and controlled by the very things they deem ‘non-existent’. These people call themselves the Enlightened. They use money and power to manage nations, communications and peoples.

There are a few humans who are truly awake, who truly see and understand the ugly truth of what’s really happening. They are called the Seekers. They are the members of mankind that ARE both awake and aware of what is happening. The Seekers have an underground network, privately funded and run by the Overseers. The Overseers send Liaisons to keep each Seeker station running. Most of the Seekers work in teams because of the danger involved in what they do.
The Liaisons receive ‘task notices’ and give them out to the Seekers they deem best suited to the situation. Seeker teams can rest, recuperate if necessary and recharge at the stations as well as receive new tasks.