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Thread: NPC Bio's

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    NPC Bio's

    NPC Bio's

    The GM will be placing NPC's here. if you have an idea for an NPC please contact me, thanks!
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    Initial NPC's list:

    *Sister Lucia* Liaison- Sisters of Mercy Private Hospital
    Physical description: Tall, thin, sharp features, hair pulled back into a tight bun most of the time. Has reading glasses she keeps on a chain around her neck along with her rosary. Wears plain dark blue skirts, light blue shirts, dark blue tights and comfortable walking shoes, never alters her wardrobe. Tends to be very cryptic and cool but is very knowledgeable and organized.

    Mary Green- Petite, smiling, easy-going aide to Sister Lucia.

    eddie_jones_2.jpg*Brody Masterson*
    - Liaison- Chug-a-Jug Bar and Grill Heavy set, beady eyes. Has several rolls at the jowls, smiles a lot and is outgoing when tending bar. He is an excellent chef though and his busy bar proves it. He tends to be a good source of information and his bar is usually a hang out for Seekers.

    *Leona Bentley*- Liaison- Bentley Hotels
    Leona is not seen too often but if Seekers are in need of a haven, she can always arrange something. Elegant and well dressed, Leona moves in the upper societal circles.

    christopher gorham3.jpg*Ross Kiley*- Liaison- Computer specialist that lives in a mobile home he pulls with a big truck. He doesn't trust the government and tries to stay off the grid. Ross doesn't like strangers and will meet you for the first time with a shot gun. He is a very attractive young man in his thirties. Tall, muscular, dark hair and blue eyes. He tends to be slovenly and cluttered in his living space, being too involved in his computers and gadgets to worry with such trivial things. Genius IQ, Ross is a treasured Liaison.

    Mr. Prescott- Overseer
    Known only by his voice over the phone and generous provision for the Seeker teams.

    Sasha's team
    Colin (Seeker) 35, average height, dark hair, blue eyes, easy-going demeanor but military training and fast reflexes. Dedicated Seeker after his sister was found drained of all her blood on the college campus and the local authorities ignored it and called it a suicide.

    Rod (Seeker) 28 a bit on the short side but a charming guy with a sense of humor and always making wise cracks. Became a seeker more to impress the two women he had an eye on in Brody Masterson's bar than any true purpose. He and Becka had been dating for the last six months.

    Becka (Seeker) 26 Red hair, freckles and a beautiful young woman. Becka knew it and flaunted it often. She often mercilessly teased and mocked the older member of the team, Sasha for her faith and personal moral code. A wild young woman that liked to party when not on a job. She was merciless when it came to witches though having some personal history she would never talk about. To ask about it was to receive her wrath and acerbic tongue.

    Rodger (Seeker) 52 Slender, craggy and rugged. Usually dressed like a hunter, wearing a flannel, checked shirt and jeans. Seasoned Seeker, he knows his way around. He was once a mortician but after having to deal with a round of zombies, he became a Seeker and has never looked back. He likes his job most of the time, carries a wisdom about people and a dry sense of humor.
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