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    Allie shrugged slightly and said, "I've saved some of what I earned at the guild."


    Melia shook her head slightly and said, "They should know that it's wrong to gossip."

    She then chuckled softly and said, "Let's just say that there's someone close to the queen here currently. But you cannot tell anyone."


    "This young man here needs some additional training." the guard said, shaking his head.

    "With the king's permission, he was brought here."


    "Probably not." Astalanim said, shaking his head.


    Raiiel didn't bother answering as she continued crying and just curled up tightly, hugging her bear tightly.


    "Like what?" Kaira asked with a slight laugh as she stood up and followed Maldur.


    "What would he do then?" Tara asked, looking over at Nariel as she checked the stablemaster.


    "Actually, I'm not." Riley said, shaking his head.

    "I've been to the guild and it runs flawlessly."


    "It doesn't belong to you so get up and share with your brother." Alayna said with a frown.
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    Elendil nodded, "I guess you're right. You have earned money at the guild and if you want to give it away then its okay."

    Jasmine nodded, "Oh I see."

    "well I hope this person gets better soon." She turned to head back to her office.

    "If Nariel's special friend needs anything let me know." She told melia.

    Jackie nodded, "Okay. We'll see what we can teach him."

    She smiled. "Do you know what areas he needs help with?"

    Barnibus frowned and said, "Raiiel, you were addressed, Now you need to talk."

    Nariel laughed, "He'd probably leave the guild and go back to the stables and work too soon."

    "You know how stubborn some people can be."

    Nadia scowled, "Its run by a fool and only a fool would go there for help."

    "And that ought to be plain to anyone with a brain."

    Sammy scowled and got up and moved so Jamie could sit down. He wasn't happy and just glared at Jaime as he did so.

    He growled, "You don't need to sit here."
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    This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here
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