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    Good old reliable Turner.

    Glad you like the name. Deanna's just a bitch.
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    He's like a geyser. Old Faithful.

    The videos from the prison won't be much fun to watch. Turner will be able to find the incident report the guards filed, too.

    Deanna is indeed.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    I don't think Turner will ever be comfortable with those type of videos even though he lived with Nathan. He could also find out where Judith is.
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    Poor Turner. Ferenc feels bad that anyone has to see this.

    Everyone would appreciate if he could find that out. Especially Judith. It shouldn't be too hard since Deanna called her "Bogdana Anders" on the paperwork.
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    I'm sure everyone feels bad that he had to go through it.

    I'm sure Judith would appreciate that. Larissa will be there soon for her.

    I'd better get off to bed. Good night.
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    Judith will be very happy to meet Larissa.

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    Regina really doesn't like this baby.
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    I think Regina's met her match in little Drake.

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    Oh, poor dear Regina. I weep for her.
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    You should. Regina thinks Drake is the most horrible little person.

    Noah will come with Larissa and Orin to the hospital. He knows Regina is not motherly material and there would be no good reason why she has Drake with her.
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