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Thread: Hopes and Fears

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    Ariel Caspi

    Ariel knew Harold's mind at the moment wasn't at the task assigned to him but she didn't care. If he did what he was told eventually then he could rape Jacinta all night long if he wanted. Jacinta was grateful when he finally left her alone to go look for the orphanages the Vampire woman wanted. She wrapped the blanket around herself and tried not to look at him. Even when he wasn't looking at her, she was uncomfortable around him. Ariel was pleased with the list and smiled.

    Gaston said you're coming too, just in case we need your skills but I'll be more then happy to fill your "special order". What do you need?
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    "That sounds like a lot of fun," Vencel replied. This visit was cheering him up a great deal, taking his mind off the pain. "I'm sure you make very beautiful pictures. Maybe you could show me sometime."

    He had to admit he was a little envious of people who were lucky enough to be parents. Having a little one bring you home artwork had to make a mother or father feel incredibly proud. Maybe he could be Uncle Vencel to some of the children here, like the kids called the other adults in the community. He had to admit that he didn't exactly think of Dulcia like a sister... but maybe that would come in time, once he got accustomed to being around someone so pretty.

    "Are you looking forward to teaching again?" he asked Dulcia. "Once you've had time to settle in, of course."

    Vencel himself was still trying to figure out what he was going to do for a job, but it was strangely exhilarating to know he could choose his own future.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Greta Harper

    I hope she does too. And you're welcome. We'd never leave you behind.

    Greta replied to Iliana, although she was sure it would take time for Iliana to truly believe that Greta and Flynn wouldn't leave behind anymore then they would leave Fiona behind. But it was true, in the short amount of time they knew her, they cared about her.

    I like stories with happy endings too, even if I can't read that well because I'm dyslexic.

    Greta replied to Iliana. For a long time though Greta never thought she'd get a happy ending but Flynn proved that wrong to her. She had a life now that she thought only happened to people with her type of past in stories. When Iliana mentioned horses, Greta replied.

    Perhaps you can write more stories about horses. Have you ever rode one?
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    Deanna Anders

    "Sure," Deanna said amiably. "Sounds good to me. Let's do it."

    She had nothing in particular against the baby herself, but she was in a bad mood in general right now and didn't really care who she took it out on.

    "I need to think of something to do to that asshole Ferenc Lantos, too. I don't get it. He was supposed to rot in jail, but his life keeps getting better and better. I could kill him, but I'd rather have him suffer. Him and Gabe too. Let them wish they were dead."

    Deanna just wasn't quite sure how to accomplish that, but she had decided that Gabe Laval and Ferenc Lantos were the reasons she was unhappy with her life. Both men had thwarted her in different ways - Gabe by not wanting her anymore, and Ferenc by stubbornly proving himself innocent - and they would pay.
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    "I'm going?" Harold squeaked, his voice rising about an octave. "But it might be dangerous!"

    Abruptly, he remembered the girl was listening. He was going to make her pay for hearing that outburst.

    After a moment's thought, Harold realized there were advantages to this. None of the orphanages he'd selected were in particularly dangerous areas of their respective countries, and he could treat it like a shopping trip.

    "Oh, I guess I can pick something out for myself," he said. "But I like my girls a little... um... different. Younger. Less..."

    He made a motion toward his chest, indicating development there.

    "I'm sure I can find what I want."
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    Regina Walters

    Regina was glad her friend agreed. Regina was so fed up with Noah and his new family. Nothing she could do could make him miserable or make Janna leave him. First person to suffer though would be Drake, the little beast was worst in Regina's mind then his new parents. She nodded her head in agreement about Ferenc.

    Gabe's sister must be a lunatic because I don't see why any woman would sleep with that asshole. But yeah, make them all suffer. But the baby gets it. He doesn't deserve to live after what he did to me.

    The baby would die because he was too young to make miserable. All he was going to do was cry and want fed. No, he'd die for making her experience with him the worst night of her life. Although she and Deanna would definitely have to plot this out before anyone could be made to suffer.
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    Iliana shook her head. "I never got to ride one, but I got to see them sometimes. My foster sister took riding lessons. Sometimes they'd let me go along and watch if I was good. It was fun to be at the barn. I liked petting the horses."

    Of course, Iliana hadn't been offered lessons. She was just the foster kid, not like the daughter. Her foster parents kept telling her how lucky she was to have food to eat and a roof over her head. It would have been easier for Iliana to just watch her foster sister having fun if the other girl had seemed to appreciate it more. Sometimes it had stung that she took for granted everything Iliana wished for. Not just the riding lessons, but a family of her own.
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    Ariel Caspi

    Boss's orders. We might need you to get us back home.

    Ariel replied with a shrug of her shoulders but had a smirk on her face when Harold realized he was going. Jacinta was trying to not to cry now that Harold was busy with Ariel and tried her best to ignore them. Although she picked up on the conversation thanks to her new Lycan hearing and really wished she hadn't. She was sure he'd hurt her for it.

    To each their own. Look at this way, coming along means you can be like a kid in a candy store.

    Ariel replied, she didn't care if he liked younger girls. She didn't care what happened to any of the kids. It was all about survival and the kids were a means of surviving against the humans and New Haven. She told Harold when she and Brody had discussed leaving. First stop would be China. They would take one boy and one girl from each place, other then letting Harold pick what he wanted. Then no one would get suspicious that too many children with the adults. Ariel and Brody assured Harold all he had to do was make sure they had money to pay off the orphanages and he could wait in the car at each place if he wanted. Luckily for them, Klaus was a pretty rich man and had access to a private jet. They could use that to transport the kids and no one would ask questions about it. The pilot was turned into a Pack member, so he wouldn't object to it either.
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    Deanna Anders

    "She must be really desperate," Deanna mused. "I would never sleep with a loser like Lantos, and if I ever did in a fit of insanity, I'd die before I'd let anyone find out. She's got to be embarrassed. But you know, she's not Gabe's real sister, just some bitch he picked up along the way."

    She shrugged, trying to pretend it didn't bother her... but it did. Ferenc Lantos didn't deserve to be loved. He didn't deserve to be happy. Deanna would spoil it if she could.

    "It shouldn't be hard to kill a baby. They're squishy. We'll have to come up with some way to get him away from the doting idiots, though."
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    "Yeah, there are advantages," Harold agreed. "It's nice to be in a group that's so... open minded... about my tastes. Humans are such prudes."

    Enid and Clayton hadn't cared either. Enid had no empathy for other people, and Clayton assumed any girl who "let" Harold have his way with her was a whore anyway. Harold was enjoying this Lycan thing.

    "I'll get everything set up so we can go. Visas, money to spend, all that."

    He gave Jacinta a beating with no real explanation, then returned to his computer, pleased with himself that he'd proven his dominance. Before long, he had everything in order, and was ready to go. It made him almost giddy - a mission to accomplish, and a reward for himself in the process.
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