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Thread: Hopes and Fears

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    Aspen Yeats

    I already adore him too.

    Aspen replied to Zabel with a happy smile and returned the hug. It was easy for Aspen to think of Krikor as her baby brother. It felt good to be wanted and she was surprised that Zabel would thank her for letting her and Fritz be her parents when Aspen was the one who felt thankful. She had been rescued, given a home, and had the chance to have a family. It would take her time to heal from her past but the future was looking bright.

    I think so too, Mom.

    Aspen said with a smile. She gauged Zabel's reaction to make sure calling her "mom" was okay and was happy to see it was. She turned to Fritz and told him.

    Thank you for rescuing me, Dad.

    Fritz smiled being called Aspen's father and told her she was more then welcome and that he'd always protect her. Aspen believed him and she was starting to believe that she and her baby would always have a home and a family.
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    Amy Diamant

    Bracken was a good big brother and Amy knew he'd be a good brother to Holly as well. She nodded her head yes when Holly asked if the picture would include her. Even Holly never called her "mom", Amy would view her as one of her children and treat her as such. She was a part of their family and she was happy that Holly seemed open to the idea. She knew it would take her time to heal but the entire Diamant Family would help with that.
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    Ruthie Sinclair

    I get it. It took me time to trust him too. He'll understand though.

    Ruthie told Suzume with a smile. Pete had been the only man who had abused her but Ruthie understood it was hard to trust. She was sure that eventually Bruno could earn Suzume's trust. The Sinclair Family told Suzume good night and that they would see her tomorrow. Jasmine and Bruno knew it would take time for Suzume to heal but they were more then willing to help her just like they had helped their other children heal from the things that had happened to them as well.
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