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    No worries at all on my part, I can definitely wait for everyone!

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    I think it's pretty safe to say that Monday-Thursday, it's going to be difficult for us to reply to IC posts. We work and once Teddy gets home from school he has only a short amount of time before practice. Then we get home, eat supper, and try to spend family time together before bed time. I'm sorry for delays but that'll be our lives during the week until Halloween.

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    That's okay. We all understand being busy!
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    I am (maybe, hopefully) going to the beach this weekend, so posts may be delayed.

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    Hope you have fun this weekend if you go. There is festival this weekend and we're also going to Cedar Point. So, it's going to be busy for us. Sorry for all the delays. On a positive note, Teddy and his team won their first game.

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    Have fun at the beach if you go, MK. This weekend will definitely be a busy one for us.

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    I'm at the beach! Congrats to Teddy and have fun at Cedar Point!

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    Thanks, you have fun too.

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    Thanks! We're having a great time.

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    So others are having a busy weekend, too. I really can't say what's kept me distracted in recent weeks, but I can say this week it's relatives visiting. We got to entertain two aunts and an aunt's friend on Wednesday with the help of a living room ceiling light that won't work, and a thunderstorm. The friend had never heard lightning hit a nearby tin roof before. She was really impressed with how much louder it makes it.

    Then tomorrow, we meet with the aunt who didn't bring her friend, and that aunt's daughter, my cousin, and the cousin's husband. Each of these have had my parents peppering me for information from people who don't want to plan every minute of their vacations.

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