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    Just popping in to say you all crossed my mind recently and I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I have been working at a gas station for the last few years so I too am essential retail. I'm doing fine and hours are not getting hit yet. I'm seeing all sides on this of those being stupidly paranoid (designer cloth masks don't work. You need specialized ones) to the stupidly uncaring. I'm doing what I can and remaining mostly zen all things considered. May your binge libraries be large, may your games be fun, and my your sanity remain in tact.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.

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    Mattson it is good to see you.

    I hope everyone is remaining healthy and safe. Got some crazy people who are bored and need "essential" things, like mulch at work. Some days are better then others and at work we try to joke about things. Makes it easier then been scared or angry. Do love the people who wear a mask but then move it down to talk. Don't work like that.

    Like you Shades, Ohio is under Stay at Home orders until April 30th. It seems we're flattening the curve, so yay! Maybe some things can reopen again soon. Despite it all, Teddy did say he had a good birthday last Saturday, which we're glad. We couldn't eat out in a restaurant, but we got take out and watched some movies. Plus, Walmart is still open and he found some things to spend his birthday money on. Ohio isn't doing what some states are, they still let you buy "non-essential" stuff at stores. Even if you're only supposed to be out to get essential things or exercise.
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    We're on pretty tight lockdown as well. Still haven't left the house in over a month other than a walk around the apartment complex for exercise. We (parents and I) are planning on taking a drive somewhere without leaving our car, but we haven't made any plans yet. We're ordering our groceries and our last outside meal was take out as well. I think it's all a matter of patience for everyone. The sooner we all do what we must, the sooner our lives will go back to normal.

    Happy belated birthday to Teddy!

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