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    Janna couldn't wait to get married. Their wedding would be simple, just a quiet celebration for their family and friends - just the way Janna wanted it. She'd never been one for the pageantry of fancy weddings.

    She and Noah weren't the only ones getting married; once again, a string of couples would be taking the plunge within the next few days. It would be their last celebration in Budapest - after the weddings were over, they would be moving to their new home in remote Northern Russia.

    Their goodbyes to what had been a happy home would be bittersweet, but the weddings themselves would be joyful. Janna couldn't wait to be Noah's wife, and she told him so before she went to change into her dress.

    On her way to her room, Gabe kissed her cheek and congratulated her, and Janna beamed. The life she always wanted was the life she had now, and she was glad her children shared her happiness.
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    Noah Vogl

    Today was his wedding day and Noah was thrilled. The wedding he and Janna had planned was nothing like the great waste of money Regina had wanted. A simple wedding with their family and friends was what he and Janna both wanted. His parents were well enough to move into the community. They felt a little out of place at first, but they were embraced quickly and they were becoming good friends with Mr. Rosenberg. Noah had told Janna he couldn't wait to be her husband before they parted ways to change their clothes. His mother told him and Isaac both looked handsome before they took seats. Isaac was being the best man again but this time he was happy. He knew his brother was going to marry a good woman and he was happy for him. Taras had volunteered to walk Janna down the aisle and when Noah watched Janna come down the aisle, she took his breath away.

    You're so beautiful.

    He quietly told her as he took her hand and exchanged vows with her. When Father Marek pronounced they were husband and wife, Noah grinned and happily kissed his new wife.
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    Dulcia Mester

    Charma clapped eagerly when Janna and Noah got married. She had never been to a wedding but the whole thing fascinated her. She was especially excited when Mommy told her that when she and Daddy got married, that Mila and Charma would have a part in the ceremony like how Janna and Noah's kids did. After congratulating the newlyweds, Charma was excited for the reception. That seemed even more fun and she was thrilled she was allowed to go play with Astrid as long as she stayed where her parents could see her. Dulcia smiled seeing Noah and Isaac's parents interact with the kids and it made think of her own parents. After the way her mother had acted, she definitely did not want her in their lives but Oliver...He had many mistakes but he had also stood up for them. Mila was with her friends and Dulcia said to Vencel.

    I was thinking about my dad and...Maybe we should go to dinner with him and give him a chance. We'll be moving soon and...He made a lot mistakes but life's too short to hold grudges. What do you think?

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    Vencel replied, "I think that if you have any inclination toward giving him a chance, you should do it. He might let you down again... but at least then you'll know. At least when you think about him in the future, you'd be able to say with a clear conscience that so far as it depended on you, you tried your best to make the relationship work. Personally, if I have to have regrets, I'd rather have them about trying and failing, than about wishing I'd tried in the first place. At least you wouldn't be left wondering what would have happened if you had."

    He hugged her, and said, "Whatever you decide to do, I'll support you in it, and I'll be there with you if you want me to."

    She would probably need some time to talk to her father one-on-one, too, Vencel thought - but there might be less pressure at the initial dinner meeting if he was there as a buffer.
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    Dulcia Mester

    Dulcia nodded her head in agreement at what Vencel said. It was better to try and fail then to never try at all. At least if she gave Oliver a chance and he disappointed them, then she knew she wouldn't have to try anymore. She returned Vencel's hug and said.

    I know you will. I want you with me though. What he decides effects both of us and our daughters and I'd feel better having you come with me. Although the girls should probably stay with someone else when we go. Until I'm sure where he stands, I don't want them getting attached and having him disappear.

    Charma and Mila both needed people they could depend on and honestly Dulcia wasn't sure if Oliver could be there for them. Until she knew for sure, she'd rather limit the amount of time he was around them. Then Charma wouldn't get upset if Grandpa disappeared and Mila wouldn't think he disappeared from their lives because of her.
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    "I'll be there," Vencel promised. "And you're right, it's best for the girls to stay at home until we establish some ground rules. It would be good for them to know their grandfather, but..."

    But bad for them to face an abandonment, particularly for Mila. Mila had already been abandoned by a first mother who wasn't strong enough to say no to Elek, and a father who betrayed her in ways that should have been unimaginable.

    He squeezed her hand, and said, "We'll get through this. One way or another, we'll be a family no matter what. I just hope Oliver has the good sense to stay in the picture. I think he'd really enjoy being a grandfather."
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    Dulcia Mester

    I know you will be.

    Dulcia replied to Vencel with a smile. She could always count on him being there for her. In an ideal world she'd love for her father to have a relationship with them. For Mila and Charma to have a grandfather. But the world wasn't perfect and she and Vencel also had to protect them. Especially Mila, because of the things her birth mother and Elek had done to her. If Oliver couldn't understand that, then it would be better part ways and let the girls find surrogate grandparents in community members instead. She squeezed Vencel's hand back and told him.

    We can get through anything together. We survived all the crap Gaston threw at us, so dealing my father will be easy.

    At least she hoped it would. He seemed open to the idea of considering both Mila and Charma as his granddaughters, which was a good sign.
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    Paloma Sandoval

    Paloma liked living in the community, even if being a Lycan was a big adjustment for her and her sister. Jacinta was adjusting well from everything. She was making friends and was happy. Paloma was thrilled. The sisters had changed their last names to put their past behind them. It made Paloma happy to see her sister happy. Paloma was making friends too. She was working again for Lina in her accounting business. It felt good to be working and getting her life back on track. After congratulating the newlyweds, Jacinta went off to spend time with her friends. Paloma smiled seeing how happy and accepted Jacinta was. Although she felt slightly jealous seeing all the happy couples. She knew deep down that Klaus had never loved her like that and she couldn't help but feel a little envious that other people had something she never had or possibly never would. She told herself it was okay though. She had her sister, a good home, a good job, and good friends. That was enough and more then what some people had in the world. She wasn't sure if she totally convinced herself, though, as she went to get something to eat.
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    Dipak didn't know the bride and groom very well, although he was friends with Orin so he knew that extended family to some extent. Since the whole community had been invited, though, he'd decided it would be polite to show up, and as it turned out he'd had fun. It was sweet to see Taras walk Janna down the aisle, and how happy the couple was as they said their vows. Dipak had worried that the reception would be awkward for him since he was so new to the community, but everyone was welcoming, and he had plenty of people to talk to.

    He was in a good mood, then, as a woman he didn't know - an attractive one, at that - approached the food table as he was cutting a large pastry into pieces small enough to serve.

    "Torte?" he asked, offering her a slice. "I'm Dipak, by the way. I don't think we've met."
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    Paloma Sandoval

    Yes, thank you.

    Paloma replied to Dipak with a smile and took the piece of torte he offered. It tasted really good and given that she often had a sweet tooth, she realized she'd have to be careful to save some of it for the other guests.

    I don't think so either, I'm Paloma. My sister and I haven't lived here long.

    Paloma was pretty sure she hadn't met Dipak before because he was very good looking and she'd have remembered meeting him.
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