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Thread: Transitions

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    Toby Sinclair

    I know you do but you don't have too. Life's too short to worry about things that can't be changed.

    Toby told Egor with a smile when Egor admitted he'd always regret what he did to him. Toby talked to Egor and Erin a little longer before heading back to Eden and his parents. Erin was surprised how nice Toby had been and thought the boy was growing up to a fine young man. Jasmine and Bruno were shocked as well to see that Toby had held a pleasant conversation with Egor.


    I never thought I'd see the day when you weren't giving him a death glare.

    Bruno told his son and Toby's cheeks turned a little red. He shrugged and said.

    Life's too short to hold grudges. Gabe helped me understand that Egor really couldn't control what was going and there's no point of being angry with him.

    We're very proud of you.

    Bruno told him Toby with a smile. Toby smiled back happy that his parents were proud of him for showing some maturity. Plus he felt better, holding onto the grudge wasn't worth it.

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    Larissa Perov

    Larissa was thrilled for Janna and Noah. She wanted everyone in her family to be happy and she wasn't joking that much when she told Vera and Egor that Uncle Taras needed to join the wedding trend that was sweeping the community. She knew he loved Jagoda and her children, so why not make it official? Ferenc probably realized quickly that her family hadn't been kidding when they told him that she liked to play matchmaker. She had spent a lot of the last round of weddings setting people up and this time she wanted to make sure those couples took the next step. Which meant that Nikita and Brock and Melinda and Isaac would also get helpful "suggestions" from Larissa in the next few days to get married as well. She and Ferenc were going to get married very soon, neither of them saw the point of waiting when they both wanted the same thing. So why should the other couples wait? She found her Uncle Taras and told him.

    You and Jagoda should get married.

    He was taking a drink of punch and almost choked on it. Whatever he expected his niece to say, it wasn't that.

    Where is that coming from?

    You love her and her children, right?

    Yes, of course.

    There was no question in Taras' mind and nor did he need to think of his response. He loved her and her children very much. He enjoyed spending time with them and he wanted them to come live with the whole family when they moved.

    Then why wait? I mean you don't want her or her kids to think you think they aren't good enough to be a permanent part of our family, do you?

    No, of course not.

    He never wanted Jagoda or children to think that.

    But I'm not even sure if she wants to be get married or-

    Just ask her. The worst thing she can tell you is no. And you know you'd tell any of us the same thing.

    Larissa said and Taras smiled because he knew she was right. He would give the same advice to any one in his family. He shook his head and chuckled.

    I would have thought you'd be too busy with your own wedding, my dear, to worry about the rest of us.

    No, that just makes me want to make sure the rest of you are happy. Now go ask her.

    Larissa replied and pushed her uncle towards Jagoda. Jagoda would be able to tell that Taras had an interesting conversation with his niece. He never kept things from her and told her.

    Jagoda, would you like to get married?

    He asked it in a way to make sure she didn't think he was only asking because Larissa had pushed him into it.
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    "It's nice to meet you, Paloma," Dipak said with a smile. "I haven't lived here long either. I..."

    For some reason, Dipak found it hard to tell her he was fresh out of prison, even though pretty much everyone knew anyway. He'd been convicted of "vandalizing" a factory and destroying hundreds of thousands of euros' worth of property. Of course, that factory had been dumping toxic chemicals into the river, and the authorities hadn't listened to the people in the neighbourhood who said they were getting sick. The only way Dipak could see to stop it was to shut the place down for good. And he had. He'd been sentenced to fifteen years for it.

    "I was one of the guys who was rescued from Nagy," he said, figuring he might as well take the plunge and tell the truth. "I heard your sister was rescued from Gaston's Pack, right? That man was a monster. I'm glad she's safe."
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    "I'll be there," Vencel promised. "And you're right, it's best for the girls to stay at home until we establish some ground rules. It would be good for them to know their grandfather, but..."

    But bad for them to face an abandonment, particularly for Mila. Mila had already been abandoned by a first mother who wasn't strong enough to say no to Elek, and a father who betrayed her in ways that should have been unimaginable.

    He squeezed her hand, and said, "We'll get through this. One way or another, we'll be a family no matter what. I just hope Oliver has the good sense to stay in the picture. I think he'd really enjoy being a grandfather."
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    Jagoda couldn't help being rather startled by the question. She didn't think Larissa had pushed him into it, he seemed sincere... but even so, Jagoda couldn't be sure where Taras was going with the question. Their relationship seemed to her to be going well. They enjoyed each other's company, were attracted to each other, and at their age it didn't make sense to put off commitment. Still, she didn't want to embarrass herself by assuming he meant things he didn't intend.

    "Do you just mean in general?" she asked. "Because the answer to that is that I never seriously considered it until quite recently, but now I think I would like to."

    She smiled at him, and added, "Or is this a proposal? If it is, I would say yes. I would hate to presume, though."
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    Paloma Sandoval

    It's nice to meet you too.

    Paloma replied with a smile. She nodded her head when he said he was one of the men from Nagy. She had heard from her new friends that there were a few men here who been incarcerated so she didn't get shocked if anyone said he had been in Nagy. Although she had also been reassured that the men weren't going to hurt her or her sister. Which she believed, she had seen first hand what the community was willing to do to protect innocent people. Chester had killed her father and saved her life. Total strangers, who were now friends, had helped her search for Jacinta. People like that wouldn't let abusers into their community. So whatever reason Dipak got sent to jail for, it wasn't because he was dangerous. He wasn't like Gaston, or Klaus, or her father. She nodded her head when Dipak asked if Jacinta had been rescued from Gaston's Pack.

    She was and he was. I'm glad he and his people are gone and that's she safe.

    It scared her to think what could have happened to Jacinta if Chloe hadn't been brave enough to call Ali. Paloma felt awful for what Klaus had done to Chloe and had apologized to her. The teenage Lycan told her she didn't have to. Klaus wasn't the only one who hurt her but even if he had been, it wasn't Paloma's fault. Some people only let you see what they wanted you to see. Klaus hid a big part of himself from, so much she wondered if any of it had been real. It didn't matter now though, he was dead. Dmitri and Egor had seen him die with their own eyes.

    She likes it here and I do too.
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    Taras Perov

    Taras' face turned a little red when he realized he had worded his question wrong. It didn't make sense if he was asking how Jagoda felt about marriage in general or if she wanted to marry him. He smiled at her as he got down on knee and took a hold of her hand.

    Let me try again. Will you marry me, Jagoda? Because I love you very much. When I think into the future, a perfect future would be you as my wife. I also love Iwan and Zuzanna very much and I would love to be their father. That is if you think I'm good enough to have that role in your lives.

    Taras was still new to the whole father thing. His first child was Grushenka but he would like for Iwan and Zuzanna to be his children. He already loved them the same as he loved Grushenka and the rest of his family.
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    Dulcia Mester

    I know you will be.

    Dulcia replied to Vencel with a smile. She could always count on him being there for her. In an ideal world she'd love for her father to have a relationship with them. For Mila and Charma to have a grandfather. But the world wasn't perfect and she and Vencel also had to protect them. Especially Mila, because of the things her birth mother and Elek had done to her. If Oliver couldn't understand that, then it would be better part ways and let the girls find surrogate grandparents in community members instead. She squeezed Vencel's hand back and told him.

    We can get through anything together. We survived all the crap Gaston threw at us, so dealing my father will be easy.

    At least she hoped it would. He seemed open to the idea of considering both Mila and Charma as his granddaughters, which was a good sign.
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    "That's good," Dipak said with a smile. "I like it here, too. It's a good place for a fresh start. I don't know about you and your sister, but I certainly needed one."

    Part of him wanted to spill out his whole story, lest she think he was a rapist or a murderer or some other sort of violent criminal, since she knew he'd been in prison. That seemed excessive, though, like protesting too much.

    He wasn't inclined to stop talking to her either, though, so he asked, "What do you do? In terms of career, I mean."
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    Jagoda beamed, and squeezed Taras' hand.

    "Yes," she said. "Yes, I would love to be your wife, and to have you be the father to my children. I would love to be a mother to Grushenka also, if she's willing. You're more than good enough, Taras. You're the sort of man I would never have dreamed I could have in my life... and you're exactly the one I want sharing my home and my children. I will gladly marry you."

    Iwan and Zuzanna were out of earshot, but they suspected what was happening when Taras got down on one knee, and they were both grinning about it.
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