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Thread: Family Trees

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    Family Trees

    Family Trees

    Although I don't see this Crossgen forum having a giant "Family Bush" like the original one, I thought it might be good to have a thread to keep track of the different families in the different stories. Only thing I'd suggest to do would be to indicate what world (or home world) the families are from.
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    Angel and Milson's Family

    World: Nero

    Angel (the Goddess of Nurture) is married to Milson (a human knight from Pagos). They have no biological children together but have adopted several former orphans that have came through Angel's orphanage.

    Children (listed oldest to youngest):

    Zander, Mara, Doriana, Ananda, Jabin, Esaias, Corla, Arik, Hadrian, Ellie


    Tia (infant daughter of Mara)

    Other relatives:

    Marta (biological aunt of Esaias who now works at the orphanage. She's considered an aunt to all the children)

    Gordon (who is dating Marta but they are taking it slow)
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    The Royal Family of Planet Nero

    World: Nero

    Selene (Goddess of Ice, Queen of Pagos) and Barrett (God of Fire, King of Fotia) are married and expecting their first child. They have two adopted sisters, Gwynn (Goddess of Storms, Royal Ambassador) and Garnet (The Pretender Goddess, Assistant Royal Ambassador.)

    Gwynn is in a relationship with Geoffers (a human, former High Councilor to the Queen of Pagos, and accused traitor,) and she is followed almost everywhere by Lizard Dog (former stray mutt, now palace dog.)

    The Royal Family lives primarily in the villa in Eirini, but sometimes stays at the palaces in Pagos and Fotia, and they employ a full household staff at each location. Luca (a human, the Handmaiden to Queen Selene) and Jared (a human, the Royal Advisor to King Barrett) are important employees as well as friends of the family. In addition, the Royal Family is protected by both the usual compliment of human guards and an army of clay soldiers they rescued and provided for.
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