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    She didn't do anything wrong, and Ferenc will understand. It's just hard to think through things like a bluff when you're bleeding from multiple chest wounds.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Very true. Well, she took a bullet in the arm for him. So I would think that would make him think that perhaps she was bluffing.

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    Yeah, he won't have any problem believing her. He was just having a bad moment. He appreciates what she did.

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    Diego's not going to like Maureen.

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    Why not? She's so sweeeeeeet.

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    Right....Although if you're into being tasered and being beaten up, she'd be a perfect girlfriend.

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    They'll have lots of "fun" together.

    We're off to bed. So I'll post Maureen torturing Diego tomorrow.

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    True, I suppose.

    Although the person would need to know what they were getting into. Expecting a playful spanking and getting Maureen would be... problematic.

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    Sleep well!

    I'm off to bed too, and will respond to assorted posts tomorrow.

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    When the community tracks down Dali, they'll find that he did replace Mila with a girl about 3 years younger then her. She'll need a home since her mother sold her off to pay off debts she owed.

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