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    I think that's a good stopping point for our reunion conversations, Jenny, unless you had more to add. Any thoughts on where you'd like to see things go next?
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    I agree it is. If I remember right the plan was for the shopping trip where Eden and Toby run into each other.

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    That's right. I had forgotten. That seems like a good next step.

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    It does. Asif could come too. Get things for him, Lina, and the girls. Jasmine is going to tag along. With the new arrivals they need more supplies. Looking back, I also remember that Ming's birthday is soon.

    Other people can join Paloma, AJ, and Ivy, I just started with them. Corey said he's trying to decide on what character he wants to bring back to interact with them.

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    If I remember correctly the plan was for Bruno to go with Toby, Karina, and Oksana. Asif is welcome to come. Chase and Rachel are more then capable of protecting the cabin.

    I decided to bring back Fritz. I think he got separated from Zabel and Krikor, though. He did escape with Aspen and her baby.

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    Cool. He and Zabel could reunite further down the road.

    I locked the "Hiding Out" thread since I think we all agree that's a good stopping point. MK, feel free to start the next thread or Jen and I can do it.

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    I went ahead and got it started.

    I assumed for the sake of the post that 1.) Chase would be willing to examine Lina to make sure the pregnancy was progressing okay, and 2.) they probably don't have an ultrasound machine because that's such a specialized and expensive piece of medical equipment. If for some reason I'm wrong about either of those things, let me know and I'll edit.

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    Those are good assumptions. Jasmine can't conceive a child and Rachel and Chase agreed to not have a baby right now, so they would have no need for an ultrasound machine.

    Piao and Rafe are going to be curious about it and ask Lina some questions.

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    Your assumptions are fine with me, MK.

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