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    It was pretty obvious to Seth that Afon hated Gwynn a lot and wanted to make her suffer. Before he had been exiled to Taurus, Seth would have objected to killing Angel, her powers were extremely useful. However, she had drained him, which had prevented him from defending himself against Robin. He wanted her dead, along with her own family, and the Royal Family too.

    "I could attack the orphanage. She'd drain herself really fast trying to save the lives of all those little brats of hers. She wouldn't be hard to kill once she's drained."

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    "Perfect!" Afon replied, his eyes glinting. "They deserve it. All of them. That'll show Gwynn what she gets for picking a human over a god."

    It wasn't that Afon minded Gwynn taking Geoffers to bed. She could do as she liked in her own bedroom, as he'd always done too. No, what mattered was that she actually seemed to prefer Geoffers - and that wounded Afon's pride.

    "Attacking the orphanage would make a good diversion, too. Mortals are so sensitive about little brats, especially ones they can feel sorry for. It's pathetic. But it'll work to our advantage."

    Angel's powers would have been useful to them... but Afon knew there was no chance she'd help them in the first place. Better to get rid of her before she had a chance to take the other side.

    "Let's go see Camillus," Afon said. "The sooner we know one way or the other whether he'll work with us, the better we can plan around him."
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    Seth smirked when Afon liked the ideas he and Dayana had came up with. Seth was pretty eager to cause a great deal of chaos on Nero and get back at those blasted Firsts that had drained him. He could also tell that it angered Afon that Gwynn preferred her human boyfriend to him.

    "Barrett and Selene would probably try to help the brats. Once Gwynn's disposed of, it'll be easier to gang up on them."

    Gwynn would probably be too heartbroken that her boyfriend was dead to put up much of fight against Dayana and Afon. Seth figured he could get rid of Angel and the three of them could take out the king and queen. Of course, a lot of this plan depended if Camillus was willing to help or not. Seth agreed they should find him.
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    Dayana had the feeling that Afon would most look forward to killing Geoffers and hurting Gwynn in the process. That was fine with Dayana, she hated Gwynn but probably not as much as Afon did. Dayana agreed that the king and queen would try to help Angel protect her brats. Although if things worked out the way they were planning, then by the time Selene and Barrett tried to help, Gwynn and Angel would be dead and it would three against two. Seeing as Selene was pregnant, Barrett would probably try to protect her as much as possible and the three of them should be able to kill them both.

    "Camillus' home world is called Naga. It's not far from here. He's a shapeshifter."

    Which if he was willing to help, he could assume any form he wanted and make their plan much smoother.
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    Afon nodded, trying to contain his growing excitement. This was actually going to work, he thought. His carefully planned scheme had gone awry before, as had his attempt to convince the other Firsts of the obvious utility of killing the Hunter... but surely those setbacks were just flukes. This time, it was going to work. He couldn't wait to see the expression on Gwynn's face when "Geoffers" told her she wasn't good enough for him after all. That would teach her a fine lesson about putting a mortal before the god she could have had.

    "I'll meet you on Naga," he said. Then, reluctantly - since he wasn't used to giving away control - he added, "I think I'd better let you do the talking at first, since you actually know him and I'm a stranger."

    He teleported to the coordinates they gave him for Naga, and instantly began to feel a vague sense of the presence of the person he sought.
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    Dayana was sure that control was something that Afon didn't like to give up and nodded her head that she'd do the talking on Naga. She teleported herself and Seth there. Naga wasn't far from Llyr but it's climate was different. A majority of Naga was made of rain forests. Camillus often didn't appear in a human form. When they arrived in the jungle and began the search, a black jaguar watched the trio of Firsts from his resting spot on a branch. Dayana looked up and told the feline.

    "I know it's you, Camillus."

    The black jaguar jumped and landed effortlessly on his paws in front of them.

    "How is that, my dear?"

    "Because your eyes always give you away."

    She replied, the jaguar seemed to smile. He didn't feel like changing his appearance and asked.

    "What are you doing with him? I thought you want to kill him."

    Camillus asked, nodded his head to Seth.

    "I do but I'm patient. There are other gods I hate more in the universe more then him right now."

    Dayana replied with a smile and Camillus accepted her response.

    "Actually that's why I'm here."

    "Oh? I thought you just wanted to stroke my fur."

    Camillus teased and Dayana rolled her eyes. She told him about the gods on Nero and the revenge she, Seth, and Afon wanted to get on them. Camillus didn't seem too impressed.

    "They haven't done anything to me."

    He didn't see the point of getting in involved in anything and making enemies.

    "Perhaps not but Maverik will eventually come after you. He wants all the First dead."

    Dayana replied and Camillus looked like he was thinking about it and asked.

    "What's in it for me?"

    "You'd be making sure that the Hunter doesn't kill you."

    "You know I need more than that, Dayana."
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    Seth could tell that Afon was trying to control his excitement at their revenge plans. Seth was getting a little excited about it himself. He couldn't wait to make those gods on Nero pay for what they had done to him and to get rid of the Hunter. Then he could focus on his own goals. Domination of the universe and murdering Dayana. Soon he wouldn't need the witch to teleport him anywhere. When Camillus approached them as a black jaguar, Seth let Dayana do the talking. He didn't truly blame the shape shifting god for not saying yes right away. There wasn't much in it for him but they would need his help.

    "What can we offer to persuade you into helping?"

    Seth asked when knowing Maverik was dead wasn't enough to have the god say yes.
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    Camillus started to lick one of his paws.

    "I suppose you'd better think of something. Because..."

    He suddenly morphed into a very colorful parrot and said in a perfect mimic of Seth's voice.

    "...I don't work for free."

    Dayana thought a moment and told him.

    "You know there is lots of treasure on Nero. The Royal Family calls palaces homes and they are full of treasures."

    Camillus suddenly morphed into a bright red dragon and said in his own voice.

    "Well...I do like treasure."

    Although he wasn't hundred percent on board with the idea yet. So far he had been off the Hunter's radar and wanted to keep it that way. He turned to Afon and asked him.

    "How do you plan to kill the Hunter?"
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    "It won't be easy," Afon admitted.

    His original plan had just been to get together a group of Firsts and overwhelm the Hunter with sheer numbers. It probably would have worked, he thought... except that Nero's Firsts knew too much and had probably already warned Maverik of his intentions. His scheme had relied on Maverik not seeing the attack coming, so it would need to be modified.

    "The Hunter is strong, but he's no god," Afon said. "He has one weakness I can see that we might be able to put to good use. Maverik has fast reflexes and can get himself to another location quickly, but neither ability is instantaneous. We'll need to lure him into an ambush, and then throw everything we have at him too quickly for him to have a chance to retaliate. If we take him by surprise, we can get the jump on him and get the upper hand."

    With a small smile, he added, "In fact, I think we can kill two birds with one stone on that, in connection with our other plan."

    Mass slaughter of humans would attract the Hunter's attention - and they had an attack on Nero on the agenda anyway. They just needed to make sure they were ready for Maverik at the same time.
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    Killing Maverik actually seemed like a harder task then killing Nero's Firsts. The man had few weaknesses. Camillus wasn't keen to the idea of trying and having it fail. If their plan didn't work then the Hunter would come after him and he enjoyed being alive.

    "So you plan to ambush him while you're taking out the other Firsts of Nero?"

    Camillus asked a little confused how that would all work. It seemed like a big risk, especially if they would be divided for a short amount of time.

    "What do you need me for exactly?"

    "We need you to mimic the Royal Family's voices."

    "To do that, I actually need to hear them speak before we do this."

    Camillus replied, speaking in Dayana's voice. His powers allowed him to mimic any type of voice he heard but he didn't remember the gods of Nero and he'd have to hear them speak before he could talk just like them.
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