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    Selene was sleeping and Barrett was very focused on Liam when Maverik showed up. Barrett was talking quietly to his son and smiled that Liam was holding one of Barrett's index fingers with his hand. Fatherhood was already a great thing. It was nerve wracking, it was a lot of responsibility since a little life depended on you, but he knew it would be rewarding as well. He couldn't wait until Liam got older and started to express his personality. There were plenty of people that would have helped out with Liam but Selene and Barrett had decided that they would be as hands on as they could. Liam was their child and it was their job to raise him. Sure, with ruling two kingdoms, it would be unavoidable at times to have a babysitter but Barrett planned to be there for his son as much as he could. He didn't want someone else raising him and he knew his wife felt the same. The smile on his face died a little when Maverik appeared. That was a concern of his and Selene's. The Hunter had made it clear he wanted Firsts dead and Liam was a son of two Firsts...He remained cordial to Maverik and replied.

    "Thank you."

    He was slightly confused at Maverik's next words.

    "Huh?....Oh, that..."

    Then it hit him who Maverik was talking about. Since a good majority of his day had been spent supporting Selene as she gave birth to their child, he had forgotten about his threats to Geoffers. Things he had said in anger but that he was calm again, he wouldn't have went through with them. Garnet was right that if something happened to Geoffers that Gwynn would have been devastated and he'd never hurt his sister.

    "I didn't hurt him. I yelled at him but we worked it out. He doesn't have any burns, nor does Cam."

    In case Maverik thought that Camillus had been on the receiving end of Barrett's anger for what happened. If Garnet was willing to forgive Cam, he'd try as well.

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    "I know," Maverik said flatly as he crossed his arms, "I have seen them both. But that is not my point.
    "I understand being emotional, even if I am not. I can forgive a man for losing his temper. The problem as I see it is: you are not a man. You are a first, capable of devastating destruction when you lose your temper. That responsibility is yours to bear, and just because you can make someone pay does not mean you have the right to do so. That is advice for being a king as well as a first.
    "I have met thousands of firsts like Afon, like Dayana, like Pestus, like Janus who did whatever they wanted simply because they could. They thought that ability gave them authority. It is not because you can that you do; it is because you can that you do not. And if you cannot learn that simple truth, then there is only one way I can help you."
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    Barrett didn't truly like getting lectured but he did understand Maverik's point. Just because he could make someone pay, doesn't mean he should. There was a problem with Barrett. His powers were connected to fire and it also made his personality fiery and thus harder to control his temper. Selene was the opposite. Since her powers were connected to ice, she could have a chilly personality when angry. It was just a part of them. A personality couldn't be changed anymore then how tall you were.

    "I get it, I do. It's just that Gwynn is my family and I'm protective of the ones I love. When I heard what happened, I lost my temper."

    He'd do anything for his family.

    "Also, as I'm sure you know..."

    Since the Hunter knew more about them then they knew themselves.

    "...I have a shorter fuse then my wife. I'll try my best to control it and I'd never let innocent people get hurt."
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    Maverik frowned. "I have heard the word 'innocent' used by too many firsts to be sure of its meaning. It is not good enough that innocent people do not get hurt; people must not get hurt. No codifiers. I do not mean you cannot pass sentence or judge criminals; indeed, your adherence to due process of law is commendable. But innocent is too subjective a term for the firsts I have met.
    "But, as I said, I can understand being emotional and losing your temper. But a hot head leaves painful burns, I have heard it said. Things done in the heat of a moment cannot always be reversed, especially when one has the power to destroy planets. And it is because you can that you must not. Those will be the inner demons you must conquer. Do you think yourself strong enough to do so?"
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    Barrett was quiet listening to Maverik. He never considered how much he did have, that he could go destroy a planet if he wanted to. He was getting stronger each day he had been awakened, someday that would be well within his reach if he wanted to. Although the idea of killing a bunch of people who had done nothing wrong, didn't appeal to him. He felt like he was given powers to help people, not hurt them. Liam gave out a little yawn and snuggled against Barrett's chest. Resting his head against Barrett's heart. Barrett looked down at Liam and then told Maverik.

    "I can be, for him."

    It was obvious to Barrett that if he failed at what Maverik asked, then Maverik would kill him. Barrett didn't want his wife to become a widow or for his son to grow up without a father. Speaking of Liam...

    "Is he on your 'list' now too? He has to be a First or pretty close to one considering what Selene and I are."
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    Maverik looked at the newborn. "No," he replied simply, "At least, I do not know. I very much doubt that he is a first. First are reincarnated; I doubt that the child of two firsts would be one of them, though it may be possible. But if he is not, neither do I know what he is. I have never met any firsts who had had children. I have... suspicions; but I will not harm a child on the basis of suspicion. Until I am certain of what he is, I will protect him."
    Maverik turned to leave, adding, "I hope that you can overcome your heritage. However, if I am not convinced, I will not spare you for his sake. Nothing has changed between us in those regards, but if this baby motivates you to try harder, then that is well."
    Maverik himself was worried, though he would not say it, and he was too mechanical to let his actions or voice betray him. A baby meant a lot of time and effort devoted to such a frail package. And "love" had been the motivation for some of the worst atrocities Maverik had ever seen. If someone should harm the child, who knows what they might decide to do? And what if war? Grim had mentioned some disruption when the king and queen got married. Now they had an heir. Of which kingdom? And if war came?
    There were so many possibilities. Barrett had wanted to fry an innocent person because he had emotionally hurt his "sister." But he was no longer innocent in Barrett's eyes. What if someone wronged his own flesh and blood? What if someone merely slighted the baby? What if it was an accident?

    What if... Maverik hesitated at the thought... What if the baby was what he feared it to be?
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    Barrett felt a little relieved that for Liam wasn't added to the list Maverik had of gods that needed eliminated. His response was something Barrett had suspected. Maverik wouldn't hurt a child. Barrett wondered what Liam would become but only time would tell and he planned to be there to find out. Even if that meant controlling his own temper much better.

    "I understand. For him, I will try. That's all I can promise you. Saying I will could turn out to be a lie and I wouldn't want to lie to you."

    He would try to be a better man, a better king, a better First for his son. He understood that Maverik in the end would do whatever he thought was best. All Barrett could do was try to control himself and not act solely based on his emotions. It would not be easy considering how important his family was to him. Of course, being with his family was more important then anything else.
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