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    Yeah, I like that you're thinking of including entoids into this . Not that they're mine, or anything, but I like the "humanization" of this version of ents, heehee! It is much appreciated
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    I might as well say this now, as I'm sure everyone has probably figured it out by now. I'm not the least bit predictable.

    Starron is the world that will later be named Sajara. I needed a way to get the world repopulated again, so having the different races already on the Rising Sun was the natural solution for that. It would also explain why Jas's body was entombed there, along with OP, Sojourn and Kiera living there. So, in theory, Kalor probably exists somewhere on Sajara as well, since he is immortal too. Something I'll think about, and may change as it gets closer to the end of the story.

    Speaking of the events leading up to the end, I just had another idea. We mentioned there would be troops aboard the Rising Sun, ready to go down and join in the battle. Thing is, Starron is a dead world, and as far as anyone on the Rising Sun is aware, it is only Saja and her nightmare steed (not related to the Realm of Nightmares) that is on Starron. So, I was thinking that, since Crystalline is here, and Saja is already planning on using her to access the Realm of Nightmares, why don't we use that to unleash some nightmare demons into the mix? It won't be a complete invasion, like the Nightmare Future, but some that Saja manages to release to help her. Thoughts?
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    This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here
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