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    Quid Pro Quo

    Quid Pro Quo

    Oskar Brandt and Laurel Cambridge

    "I still think you're crazy."

    Laurel told Oskar as they walked to down the shady back streets of Budapest. She was far too good to be in a place like this. Oskar rolled his eyes at her.

    "You can leave. No one's stopping you."

    Oskar didn't need a complaining Vampire with him, even if as a Lycan in a city that knew about and feared immortals, it was better to have someone on this side, then no one. He and Laurel were all that remained of Gaston and Breena's failed alliance attempt. They didn't think New Haven would welcome them with open arms but neither was going to lie down and die either. They would survive in this new world. Laurel shook her head, just like Oskar knew she would. Until Viktor's former Coven had fallen, she had been a courtesan and not used to actually have to perhaps fight to survive.

    "Thought so."

    Oskar smirked at her and she sighed heavily.

    "These criminals pay off the cops! How can you be so sure that they'll work for us? What's to stop them calling the HPL?"

    "How many people turn down the promise of eternal life?"

    "People who get a better deal from people who want us dead!"

    "Keep your voice down."

    Oskar growled at her. He had found the address of where Archibald Rooker, known as Rook on the streets, called his home. Laurel glared at Oskar. If humans had never found out about immortals, these two probably never would have been allied together. The world had changed and because of that, they needed each other.

    "You worry too much, Laurel. If we control the criminals of this city, we'll control the cops. Controlling the cops will keep us alive."

    "You're still assuming he and all his other criminal buddies will say yes."

    "They will, if they know what's good for them."

    Oskar replied with a smirk. Laurel was not nearly as confident as Oskar was as he knocked the door. A big guy answered the door and looked at them, unimpressed.

    "What you want?"

    "To talk to Rook."

    Oskar replied and the man laughed.

    "No one just gets to talk to him."

    "We do, now move or you'll regret it."

    "Make me move, little man."

    Oskar wasn't a small man, about 6 foot with a muscular built but compared to Rook's bodyguard he might as well had been 10 years old.

    "Fine, if you insist."

    Oskar replied and handed Laurel his coat. She grumbled it was a bad idea but Oskar didn't care what she had do say. He morphed into his Lycan form and scared the crap out of the guy. He screamed in terror and slammed his back against the wall.

    "You getting us Rook now?"

    Laurel asked, finding it a little amusing. The man nodded his head and ran to get Rook as Oskar morphed back into human form.

    "That was stupid. He might call the HPL instead, you know."

    Laurel grumbled to Oskar. It had been funny but she quickly realized the man could very well have the HPL on speed dial and that destroyed the mood for her. Oskar shrugged. He was very confident that the bodyguard would not. Both could hear that the last thing on the man's mind was calling the HPL anyway. Instead he was getting Rook for them.
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    Oskar Brandt and Rook

    Rook was angry that apparently two Lycans had burst into his home, the bodyguard didn't know Laurel was a Vampire.

    "You have a lot of balls bursting into my home."

    "Well, immortals are pretty fearless."

    Oskar told Rook with a great deal of arrogance in his voice.

    "I'm sure you wouldn't be that cocky if I make a call to-"

    Rook reached for his phone and Oskar shook his head.

    "I wouldn't do that."


    "They won't get here before Laurel and I kill you. Although we didn't come here to kill you."

    Rook could tell from the look on Oskar's face he meant it and he hesitated dialing his phone. He demanded to know.

    "Why did you come then?"

    "To make you a deal."

    "What kind of deal?"

    "We'll give you immortal life, in return you will work for us."

    "Why the hell would I do that?!"

    "Because if you don't, Archibald..."

    Oskar smirked seeing how angry Rook got being called by his given name.

    "...Laurel's going to call New Haven. I'm sure you know who they are. They are immortals with a much higher set of morals then us. They took out your past competitors, Nathan Betancourt and Elek Filipovic. That truly helped your own business, didn't it? Although you know what those people hate more then drug dealers? They hate people who pimp out underage girls. Oh, they'll love killing you."

    Oskar told Rook, whose eyes got wide. Oskar turned to Laurel.

    "You were right, this was a waste of time. Call them and let's go."

    "I told you it was."

    Laurel replied and got ready to press send on her phone. Rook wasn't sure if Oskar and Laurel were bluffing or not. In split second, he yelled.

    "Wait! I'm sure we could work something out."

    "I knew you'd see it my way."

    Oskar replied with a toothy grin.
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    Pablo and Cheyenne Montgomery

    "Did you see this?!"

    Pablo yelled at his sister.

    "See what?"

    Cheyenne replied in a bored tone. She was too busy trying to get a hold of Solomon. She would have expected him to come back groveling to her by now for a second chance. Instead she had heard nothing from him since the night he and his HPL buddies had failed to kill Márton. She didn't realize that he been killed by immortals. Pablo slapped a for sale ad in front of her.

    "What's that?"

    "Márton's trying to sell his paintball field."


    "So that means he is alive and that he and Paul are still together!"

    Pablo yelled and threw a nearby lamp against the wall.

    "Chill out, Pablo."

    "Don't tell me to chill out! Your boy toy should have taken care of him already! He's not allowed to be happy with out me!"

    "Pablo, we'll take care of it."


    Pablo replied, Cheyenne could tell he was angry. When her brother was angry, he could never think straight.

    "We'll arrange to a meeting to buy it and then-"

    "He's never agree to meet us."

    "I know that, stupid. That's what's great about Daddy's money. We'll pay someone else to arrange a meeting with him and then..."

    Cheyenne paused to encourage her brother to catch on to what she was saying. As his anger dissipated, he started to get where his sister was going with it.

    "Then we kill him!"


    Cheyenne told her brother with a grin.
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    Márton Szarvas

    Pablo and Cheyenne used their money to pay for a man to call Márton and say he wanted to buy his paintball field. The man was tempted by the amount of money but what really motivated him was the promise of lots of sex with Cheyenne for doing it. The man kept up the ruse and Pablo and Cheyenne made sure that everything looked legit. Márton was finally convinced after having Paloma and a lawyer look over things as well and meeting the man a few times. The brother and sister had spared no expense to get what they wanted. The man wanted to meet at the paintball field to seal the deal. A part of Márton was a little sad that today was going to be the day he'd sell his business. He'd miss it and it had consumed a lot of his last five years. But now he had better things to focus on, like his family. Paloma said she'd go with him, neither thought anything bad would happen since they had met the man before. Elzé was worried, though. Márton and Paul were her fathers, even if she called them by their names. She didn't want thing bad to happen to either of them.

    "Be careful."

    She told him, wrapping her arms around him. He hugged her back and told her.

    "I will. I'll be back soon. You and your brother be good for Paul."

    Elzé promised she would, as did Aras. He was worried that something might happen to. They didn't like going outside the community and being around humans. Márton hugged Aras and gave Paul a kiss.

    "If it all goes well, we'll have to big dinner to celebrate."

    He told his family bye and met up with Paloma. They headed to the paintball field and the man called them to say he was stuck in traffic and running late. They understood that and were talking when about 20 minutes later, they heard someone at the door. Márton said he'd get it and Paloma asked him to keep the man busy a few minutes since she needed to use the restroom.

    "Hey, we- You-"

    Any pleasantness in Márton's voice disappeared seeing his ex boyfriend and his sister holding guns at him, one was filled with silver bullets and the other with UV ones. They didn't know for sure which type of immortal Márton had been turned into, so they decided to bring both.

    "Pablo?! What the hell are you doing?"

    "Making sure you don't get to live happily ever after."

    Pablo replied and he and Cheyenne fired their guns at him. Luckily the UV bullet hit Márton in the arm and the silver one missed him. Not that being hit by a bullet didn't hurt but it wasn't as life threatening. Paloma heard the gun shots and ran out. She saw Márton on the floor and Pablo and Cheyenne running out the door. She dropped down on the floor next to him.

    "Márton?! Are you-"

    "I'll be okay...They hit me...with UV ones..."

    "Oh, good-"

    She said and was going to help him up when she had to duck her head because more bullets came through the door. Apparently Pablo and Cheyenne really wanted to make sure Márton was dead. She dragged her friend behind the counter for protection.

    "Paloma, you need to stop them...before they kill someone...walking by."

    It was early afternoon and lots of innocent people were walking around. Someone could get killed or hurt in the crossfire. Even if humans feared them, they couldn't just let someone get killed. Paloma agreed and helped Márton get out the back and put him in the car they had parked back there. Someone might call the police and she didn't want them to find a Lycan. He called Paul and told him what was going on. Paloma meanwhile grabbed a paintball gun. Not exactly deadly but it could still cause some damage up close and without protective gear. Pablo and Cheyenne's scents weren't hard to track down. They were both pleased that Márton was surely dead now and didn't realize that Paloma had tracked them down. She shot them both in the back with paintball bullets. It stopped them in their tracks and both yelled in pain. She was going to rip their heads off when she got tasered from behind. Pablo and Cheyenne had given the HPL a call and Maureen wanted to make sure someone who had escaped her was dead. She slammed Paloma's head against the pavement and told Pablo and Cheyenne.

    "Go make sure Márton's dead."

    Paloma was either an immortal or a human sympathizer. Either way, she was the enemy and Maureen was going to take her. Márton got worried when Paloma didn't come back right away and realized she must be in trouble. His arm hurt but he couldn't just leave his friend in danger. Not when Pablo and Cheyenne worked with the HPL. He ripped his shirt to wrap his arm and try to stop the bleeding. He got out of the car and was going to look for Paloma. He found Pablo and Cheyenne instead. They tried to fire at him with their guns but they didn't have many bullets left. Márton was able to dodge them but his car wasn't as lucky. He got two flat tires. He growled at them in anger and both threw their guns at him when they realized they were out of bullets. Márton chased after them and tackled Cheyenne, who had twisted her ankle running in heels.

    "Pablo! Help!"

    She yelled but Pablo shook his head.

    "You're on your own, Sis."

    He told her and ran out of the alley. No one was worth dying for, not even his sister. She was shocked and Márton tried to pin her down.

    "Where's Paloma?!"

    "Go to hell!"

    She yelled and found a broken bottle on the ground. She stabbed him in the injured arm and kicked at his gut when he growled in pain. Márton didn't let Cheyenne go, though, and they struggled on the ground. The fight ended when Cheyenne's head accidentally hit the edge of the dumpster and passed out. Márton was going to see if she was still alive when more bullets came. He leaped behind the dumpster as the semi automatic that Pablo was firing from Maureen's car went off. One of Márton's legs got grazed but if Pablo and Maureen had stuck around, they would have realized they have not gotten the result they wanted. Cheyenne was dead from the hail of bullets, not Márton. Although they did get a small victory. Maureen had abducted Paloma and had someone new to torture.
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    Dulcia Mester

    Dulcia was glad to have Vencel home. Bianca was still a little shy around him but she was starting to trust them more and more each day. Dulcia was going to take Bianca shopping for some of her own clothes and toys. Bianca was pretty excited about it, she had never been given new things before. Her aunt and uncle would find her used and discarded stuff. Mila was going to come with them, as was Amy and her daughters, Clover and Holly. Charma was going to stay home with Vencel. He was feeling better but not up to going on a shopping trip yet. Plus it would give him and Charma some little one on one time.

    "I take good care of Daddy, Mommy."

    "I know you will, Charma."

    Dulcia replied to her with a smile and gave her a hug and then she gave Vencel a kiss. She and the girls met up with Amy and her daughters. Bianca was surprised when Dulcia told her she could pick out whatever she wanted. She had never been allowed to do that before either. She was used to having things handed to her and being told to be grateful for them. No matter how old or ugly the stuff was.


    "Of course, it's your stuff. You should be the one to pick it out."

    Dulcia told Bianca with a smile. Bianca grabbed Mila's hand to have her help Bianca look and get her opinion on things. Amy smiled seeing the two new sisters together and was asked Dulcia how Bianca was adjusting. Dulcia replied that she seemed to be doing well, especially considering everything she had went through. The two mothers were keeping a close eye on their kids, not realizing that their shopping trip was going to get ruined by a newly turned Rook and his goons.
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    Paul and Dipak

    "I'm on my way," Paul told Márton when he phoned. He hastily called Gabe and asked if he could leave Aras and Elzé at their house for a little while, and Gabe said of course. Paul reassured the kids that Márton wasn't seriously hurt. Then he and Dipak got into the car and headed for the paintball field.

    When they got there, Paul knelt by Márton and helped him patch up his wounds, while Dipak looked around for Paloma, didn't see her, and asked with fear in his voice, "What happened?"
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    Holly was excited about the shopping trip. Amy had taken her shopping before, but Holly was still new enough to community life that it was a novelty. Jeannie was spending the day with Maria, and Bracken had also gone to the Yeats house to hang out with Reuben, but Clover and Holly were going along for the errand. She hoped it would be a good day.

    It was so nice to be a regular person instead of a whore, Holly thought. It felt good to be free. She hoped nothing ever changed.
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    Márton Szarvas

    Márton hoped that Aras and Elzé weren't too upset, they had already been worried before he and Paloma had left. Thankfully his injuries weren't serious and he'd heal quickly. He was far more worried about Paloma then himself anyway. When Dipak asked what happened, he replied.

    "It was all a trap. Pablo and Cheyenne showed up and started shooting at us. We were worried that some innocent people could caught in the crossfire and Paloma went to stop them...She didn't come back, though."

    He told Dipak and Paul that he went to look for her when Cheyenne and Pablo had started it again. He and Cheyenne fought and she had gotten killed by her brother who was firing a semi automatic.

    "...He wasn't driving the car."

    Márton had been too busy dodging bullets to see who the driver was but considering it was Pablo's fault Márton had gotten tortured by the HPL, Márton was sure the HPL was involved.

    "I'm sorry, I never should have had her come with me."
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    Amy Diamant

    Amy was happy that Holly was excited about the shopping trip, even though she was older then the other girls. Holly was a good big sister and it seemed the other girls were looking up to her. Amy was glad that Bianca was adjusting well, she and Dulcia both knew it took time for a child to recover from something like that. It was usually worse for the man of the house, though. After all it was usually men who abused the kids and the kids were naturally more nervous around men because of that.

    "...I'm sure that-"

    Amy was about to assure Dulcia that she was sure that Vencel would prove to Bianca she could trust him when she frowned. Four men seemed to be watching them and it made Amy uncomfortable.

    "Amy? What's wrong?"

    Dulcia asked, seeing the sudden change in her friend's behavior. Amy gave a subtle nod at the men's direction and Dulcia agreed it seemed creepy. They all were humans. They could be HPL members or just plain creeps who liked to watch girls with their mothers. Amy went to Holly and quietly told her.

    "Holly, please keep an eye on the girls while Aunt Dulcia and I see what those men want."
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    Dipak shook his head. "It's not your fault," he said. "It's no one's fault but those assholes who took her."

    Of course he was upset, but not at Márton, who cared about Paloma and hadn't wanted this to happen. It was a cruel world where you weren't even safe going to spend time with a friend. Dipak didn't blame anyone but the HPL, and he was desperate to get Paloma back in one piece.

    "Let's just focus on finding her, not on blame, okay? Turner may be able to track down the car. Do you remember the make and model, or some of the license plate?"
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