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    ::Angel and Milson decided to enjoy themselves and not worry about why Meyer seemed familiar to him. After all, sometimes not thinking about something helped more then worrying about it. They were dancing when Meyer bumped into Angel.::

    It's okay.

    ::Angel said, although Milson frowned slightly when he heard Angel's dress rip. Still both thought it was an accident and although Milson couldn't place Meyer, he wasn't going to accuse him of anything either.::
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    "You have nothing to worry about."

    Camillus told Garnet with a wink. He was almost tempted to kiss her but it was far too soon for that. He'd let her make the first move, he didn't want to seem like a creep who rushed things. If or when their relationship advanced, that would be up to Garnet, not him. He noticed that Meyer first bumped into Gwynn and then Angel.

    "That guy is a little weird."

    Cam commented quietly to Garnet. Cam found it weird that Meyer was only being clumsy next to a goddess.
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    "Oh okay. We can always fix that."

    Geoffers replied to Gwynn when she told him that Meyer had just ripped her dress a little. It wasn't a big deal since a dress could be fixed. If Geoffers wasn't so focused on Gwynn and so happy they were now officially married, he might have thought it was odd that Meyer bumped into Angel and ripped her dress a little too. However, today Geoffers' biggest concern was his new wife and they did have lots of guests. He couldn't really Angel and her husband from his spot on the dance floor.

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    Gwynn and Garnet

    Gwynn nodded. She wasn't upset about what had happened; she assumed it was an accident, and it was just a dress, no real harm done. The last thing she wanted to do was spend her day fretting about something so minor. There was no room in her heart for anything but happiness, while she celebrated her new marriage. Before long, the incident was completely put out of her mind.

    Garnet, however, was less easily distracted from the subject - partly because it wasn't her wedding, but also because unlike Gwynn and Geoffers, she too had seen Meyer bump "accidentally" into a second goddess.

    "We should keep an eye on him," Garnet replied quietly. And sure enough, a moment later Meyer seemed to be headed in the direction of Barrett and Selene, too.
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    "I agree."

    Camillus replied to Garnet. It wasn't his wedding and he wasn't distracted by a baby like Garnet's siblings were. Luca was taking care of Liam for a few minutes so Selene and Barrett could dance together. The couple hadn't realized what Meyer was doing. Between being happy for Gwynn and Geoffers and taking care of their son, they were pretty distracted. Cam wasn't and told Garnet.

    "We should make our way towards them."

    Of course, it would have to be natural. Perhaps Meyer was slightly clumsy. They couldn't go around accusing him of things.
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    Garnet nodded her agreement. She and Cam began dancing subtly in the direction of her brother and sister... only to see Meyer bump into Barrett and tear a small scrap of fabric from his sleeve with his ring.

    "I'm sorry!" Meyer said with chagrin. "My deepest apologies, your majesty."

    "I think he's doing it on purpose!" Garnet whispered to Cam, although she couldn't fathom why.
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    Barrett was having a good time at the wedding reception. He was thrilled for his little sister and hoped she and Geoffers would be as happy as he and Selene were. He was enjoying getting a chance to dance time to time with Selene while Liam was in Luca's care. He hadn't notice Meyer's earlier actions.

    "Oh, it's okay."

    Barrett replied with a shrug.
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    Camillus frowned when he saw that Meyer had bumped into Barrett and teared a little bit of his sleeve. Obviously Barrett replied the same way Gwynn and Angel had but the king had been too busy with his wife and son to see what Cam and Garnet had seen Meyer doing.

    "He is, but why?"

    Cam replied in a whisper to Garnet. What good was taking fabric?
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    "I have no idea," Garnet replied. Maybe he was a collector of royal memorabilia? Maybe it was some sort of fetish? Not exactly ideal behaviour in a wedding guest, but it wouldn't put anybody in danger, so it was irritating but harmless as long as...

    Then something clicked in her mind.

    "Pembrooke made an effigy of Gwynn once," Garnet said. "He used it to hurt her without even touching her. He found strands of her hair caught on her chair, and used them to make a magical connection with her. What if Meyer is doing the same thing? What if he needs something that belongs to them so he can do something to them with magic too?"

    Even as she spoke, Meyer apparently tripped over his partner's feet. He managed to avoid knocking into Selene directly as he fell forward, but his ring hand brushed against her and caught a couple of hairs on the jewel's prongs.

    "So sorry, your majesty, so sorry!" Meyer said with a deep bow, then made hastily for the exit.
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    Camillus found the whole deal with Meyer odd but seemly harmless. That was until Garnet brought up the effigy Pembrooke had used against Gwynn.

    "That makes more sense. We-"

    He forget what he was going to say when Meyer tripped and almost knocked into Selene. Selene didn't even realize he had taken some of her hair. She had gripped Barrett's arms to avoiding falling and looked very confused as Meyer ran off.

    "...That was odd."

    She said and Cam told Garnet.

    "We'd better tell them all your theory."

    Not the type of news you wanted to bring up at someone's wedding but considering he was the only First not "bumped" into by Meyer, Cam felt the others should know.
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