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    Caesar Flickerman: And now, ladies and gentleman, I’m pleased to announce the sweetheart of this year’s Hunger Games, Bianca Ashby!

    [Bianca walks out onto the stage, dressed in a flowing pinkc hiffon gown that sparkles as she movies. Her hair is curled in large ringlets . It is clear that her stylists were playing up what Caesar just announced, her image as the sweetheart of the Games.]

    CF: Good evening, Bianca. You look stunning tonight!

    Bianca Ashby: Thank you, Caesar. You’re very kind.

    CF: Not at all. It’s my pleasure. Now, you have been kind and generous to your fellow tributes in the training. Tell us, is this a strategy?

    BA: Yes, of course.

    [The audience stares in skeptical silence.]

    CF: Of course, we’reall eager to see you in the arena. Hopefully the trials of the Games won’t harden your heart. We would hate to see all your kindness go to waste, wouldn’t we?

    [Caesar looks to the audience, nodding emphatically. The audience cheers, but it’s half-hearted. They are clearly bored by now.]

    CF: You have become close with Mouse, isn’t that right?

    BA: Yes, she’s very sweet and quite talented.

    CF: That she is! You might almost say that you’ve become like a mother to her?

    BA: Something like that.

    CF: Well, let’s hope that you can protect her in the arena with whatever earned you your laudable ranking!

    BA: Yes, I lifted heavy weights. I’m quite strong.

    CF: What a surprise! No one would have expected that just by looking at you! How did you get so strong?

    BA: I worked onmy mother’s farm back home. I would carry buckets of milk back and forth from the barn every day.

    CF: A farm girl! How wonderfully quaint. You really are the picture of sweetness.

    [Bianca looks away demurely. A close inspection reveals that she is blushing]

    BA: Thank you.

    CF: Well, between your sweetness and your strength, you’re a regular momma bear! We’ll be watching you and Mouse in the arena very closely!

    [The audience cheered louder at this, seemingly appreciating the image that Caesar had presented them of a sweet but fierce mother bear. They will indeed be watching Bianca. She exits with a sweet smile and a curtsy.]
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    Caesar Flickerman: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the beautiful Yvonne Morrison from District Two!

    [Yvonne walks onto the stage with a big grin on her face and waving like she's in a star. It clear that she has become someone to watch from her videos and she gets a round of applause and she has some appreciative fans. She walks with a great deal of confidence. She is beautiful and Yvonne knows it. Her stylists play up her sexuality. Dressing her in a dangerously low cut gold dress with a high slit up her thigh. Her hair is done up show off her neck.]

    CF: Yvonne! You look absolutely stunning tonight.

    Yvonne Morrison: Oh, I know. But you can keep complimenting me. You know a girl loves that. Flattering will get you every where with me.

    [Yvonne replies with a wink to audience, which earns chuckling and whistling. They take seats.]

    CF: Oh, I could but we have to time for the rest of the Tributes tonight.

    [Yvonne agrees and the audience laughs.]

    CF: You and Lucky caused some controversy at the training, threatening-

    YM: Oh, that.

    [Yvonne waves her hand to cut Caesar off and says.]

    YM: That was blown out of portion. Lucky and I were just trying to intimidate the competition. The Peacekeepers just thought we went too far.

    [Yvonne said with a shrug, pretending like she hadn't went as far as telling Dorian she was going to slit his sister's throat.]

    CF: So, you're saying you didn't?

    YM: We were just playing minds games.

    [Caesar seems to pick up that Yvonne won't admit what she and Lucky did and decides to continue on.]

    CF: Ah, I see. Well, it does seem romance is in the air this year. There are rumors running around that you and Lucky are an item.

    [Yvonne smiles coyly.]

    YM: Well, we do have fun together. Although in the end, only one of us is going to win. And it's going to be me.

    CF: You seem pretty confident there.

    YM: Well, I have to be, Caesar. If I'm not, then I might as well have lost already.

    CF: That is very true. I having a feeling you'll be a force to reckoned with.

    YM: I plan to be.

    [Yvonne replies with a confident grin. There is no doubt to anyone in the audience that Yvonne is planning to win and she might very well do it. Yvonne takes a bow and exits the stage.]

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    Caesar Flickerman: And now last but certainly not least, please welcome Titus Adamson from District Twelve!

    [Being last had some benefits, Titus knew what worked and didn't work for people. He comes out wearing black pants and jacket that is left open to reveal a ruby red shirt. Adrian had coached him for the interview to be passionate about his family and the stylists decided to try to play up on that.]

    CF: Titus, I think everyone will agree we were all surprised when you volunteered this year. Obviously volunteers aren't rare but usually it is done for a family member. However, you're not related the boy who was reaped, correct?

    [It was is obvious that the audience is curious why Titus would volunteer to take the place of someone who was not his blood.]

    Titus Adamson: No, I'm not.

    [Titus can tell now he has the audience on the edge of their seats. Rumors had been flying for the different reasons he would volunteer to take Cain's place and they want to know. The longer he maked them wait, the more the reason would stick in their memory Adrian had told him.]

    CF: So, why did you take Cain Darrow's place?

    TA: For my family.

    CF: How does he effect you family?

    [Even Caesar seems curious now and Titus looks down as he continues.]

    TA: He doesn't directly but his father does. My father owed his father a lot of money before he died. A debt that we are trying to repay. I thought that by taking Cain's place perhaps his father would free us of it.

    [It is clear that the people in the audience are moved that a boy would volunteer for the games to free his family of their debt. Although none of them would know what it was like to suffer that way.]

    CF: I'm sorry for the loss of your father. It sounds like you've taken over being the man of the house.

    TA: Thank you and I have. That's why I have to win. Losing is not an option.

    [Titus replies with his chin up and confidence in his voice.]

    CF: No, it's not. Before, I let you go. I got to know, what's going on with you and Fayth?

    [It is obvious that Titus did not expect to get asked about Fayth. His cheeks turn slightly red.]

    TA: She's a great person.

    CF: It must be hard to know that to emerge as victor that she would have to...

    [Caesar trails off, it is obvious to the audience that they might get some star crossed lovers in this year's Games. The look on Titus' face implies that he does not like the idea of Fayth dying for him to win.]

    TA: We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

    [Titus did not even realize he said "we" and not "I". He looks for Adrian, who nods his head in approval. Yet another angle for him to possibly use. Caesar smiles.]

    CF: Yes, you will. I wish you the best of luck.

    TA: Thank you, Casear.

    [Titus replies and takes a bow before he exits.]
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    Caesar Flickerman: We've heard from the ladies of District One, now it's time to hear from the young man who comes from the same District. Please welcome Lucky Byrne.

    [Lucky is dressed in tight dark pants and a gold shirt. It is obvious he has some female fans in the audience who appreciate that Lucky's stylists have decided to show off his good looks.]

    CF: Lucky, I'm sure you've heard this many times but are you lucky?

    [It is bad joke but still earns a laugh from the audience and from Lucky himself.]

    Lucky Byrne: But, of course. Although I'm a triple threat.

    [Caesar raises an eyebrow.]

    CF: Oh? How is that?

    LB: Well, I'm skilled. I'm lucky, and...

    [Lucky pauses to draw some suspense. Caesar can't resist asking him what the third one is.]

    LB: I can dance.

    CF: Really? You must show us some moves.

    [Lucky obliges which earns some cheers. He's surprising good at it.]

    LB: Of course, I'm even better with a female dance partner.

    [Lucky says with a wink directed at audience. Caesar laughs as some girls seems willing to take Lucky up on the offer.]

    CF: I'm sure there are plenty of ladies here who would take up on that.

    [The women in the audience agree with Caesar.]

    CF: Speaking of the ladies, tell me...You and Yvonne...

    LB: Caesar, Caesar. I'm a gentleman. I don't kiss and tell.

    [Lucky replies with grin.]

    CF: But inquiring minds need to know.

    [Caesar and Lucky share a laugh but Lucky will not add more.]

    LB: All I'll tell you is that I'm glad I got people like Yvonne on my side.

    CF: I'm sure. There's lots of talks of alliances this year.

    LB: Yes, but there difference. With mine, we don't hold anyone's hands.

    CF: You feel Gossamer is doing that?

    LB: I feel she is doing what she thinks is best and I'm doing what I know is best.

    CF: Well, we'll see which ways works in the end. Won't we?

    LB: Yes, we will.

    [Lucky agrees, although he is confident his way will work. Lucky takes a bow and exits the stage.]
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    Caesar Flickerman: Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to introduce the lovely and intelligent Fayth Hansen from District Three!

    [Fayth is nervous. It is hard to go on after such confident Careers. She is dressed in a stunning red dress that hugs her body but does not try to make her appear like sex symbol. Her hair is wavy and falls against her back and shoulders as she walks over to Caesar.]

    CF: Fayth, you look stunning.

    [Fayth blushes at the compliment.]

    Fayth Hansen: Thank you, Caesar.

    CF: You should be very proud of yourself earning a six.

    FH: I am.

    [It is clear that Fayth is nervous and Caesar has to draw her out to get longer answers.]

    CF: So, how did you do it?

    FH: Well, I can't say what happened, since that's private, but I can tell you I made a big impression.

    CF: Mysterious, I like that. So, what's the relationship with you and your mentor? It's not a secret he wasn't happy with you joining an alliance.

    FH: That was misunderstanding. Blaine has been helpful and obviously he knows what he's talking about. Every year is different, though. What worked for him might not work for me.

    CF: Very true. I must admit, I found it very touching you reached out to Lucretia.

    FH: She's a good person.

    CF: Yes, she isn't the only person you seem to have gotten close in training. There was also Titus..

    [Mentioning Titus brings a deep blush to Fayth's cheeks.]

    FH: He's been very helpful.

    CF: It must be hard to know that he's not in your alliance.

    FH: That's the nature of the game. Everyone has to take the road they think will benefit them in the end.

    CF: Very true. So do you have any plans you'll share with us?

    [Fayth smiles.]

    FH: I plan to make a big impact.

    CF: I can't wait to see it. Best of luck, Fayth.

    FH: Thank you.

    [Fayth takes a bow and leaves the stage.]
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