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    Adrian Penner

    Adrian nodded his head in understanding about Edith's assessment about Gossamer.

    "Well, it'll be a long time before you call it a win. So, I wouldn't worry what to do with her right now."

    He grinned when she handed him the bottle. It wasn't the good stuff he was used to buying his victor money but beggars couldn't be choosers. He took a drink and thought that Nicolai could use it a lot more then him.

    "Thanks. Let's get some sleep. We got more people to rescue tomorrow."

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    Edith Garland

    "Very true," Edith said with a smile. "Sleep well, Adrian."

    That night they slept among the old rail cars. The floors were hard, and their blankets and sleeping bags weren't quite enough to stave off the nighttime chill, but at least they were free of the city. Before dawn - and before the Peacekeepers could catch up with them - they were on their way again.

    They would follow the train tracks to the tunnel system that would lead them into District Two. From there, they would have to rely on Gemma to help them reach their target.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Adrian Penner

    "You too, Edith."

    Adrian replied to Edith and drank enough of the cheap alcohol to pass out. Passing out from being drunk was the only way Adrian had been able to get a decent night's sleep since the day the Capitol had crowned him a victor. One plus side of being a victor was a comfortable bed and Adrian did miss that. The next morning, his neck hurt but he thought he might as well get used to being a rebel. He looked over at Gemma.

    "You sure you want to do this?"


    Gemma replied, there was no doubt in her mind she was going to use Dathan to gain access to where the Capitol was holding the tributes' families. Although she could pretend it was all for a greater purpose, Adrian and Blaine, who both knew her well, would know she was more concerned about murdering that asshole who had help make her life feel like hell since she was crowned a victor. Adrian nodded his head.
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    Blaine McIntire

    It was a cold night and made Blaine slightly miss the comfort of his home in the victor's village. Of course, he didn't complain. His house was probably gone now and something had to change. No more kids needed to go through what he and the other victors had went through. He could tell Gemma was going to kill Dathan and he didn't blame her at all. He wanted to kill that s.o.b for what he had done to her. Gemma had to go on her own but Blaine made sure they would have some eyes and ears in there. He put a rose pin on her top. It had a small camera and microphone hidden in the petals.

    "We'll be able to hear and see what you do. Once you have the code, then we can go in."

    And she could kill Dathan.
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    Gemma Reynder

    Gemma hadn't slept much better. There were a few perks to being a victor and comfortable places to sleep, when you could, was one of them. Although that didn't make what she had went through the last few years much easier. She nodded her head to Blaine as she put up her hair with two long pins.

    "Sounds good."

    She would make sure the rebels had what they needed before she killed that fat jerk once and for all.
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    Edith Garland

    Edith was none the worse for a night spent sleeping rough - but she was used to it. She'd been a Peacekeeper, and now as a rebel, she was a soldier. She was used to the privations of field combat.

    "We'll be here if you need us," she said. "We'll try to get you out if anything happens. If we can."

    The rebels would make a genuine effort to get Gemma out safely. There was only so much they could do, though, and Edith thought it was only fair to prepare her for that. No one was left behind if they could help it - but fighting against such dirty enemies, sometimes things spiraled out of control.

    "Good luck. See you on the other side."
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    Gemma Reynder

    Gemma was sure that Edith and the other rebels would try their best to help Gemma if she got in a jam but the victor knew deep down she'd be on her own. Well, that was okay. She had won her Games alone and she could certainly make the man who had been the years since her victory feel like she was a living a nightmare pay for what he had done to her and others like her.

    "Edith, I appreciate it but I can handle one overweight, over the hill asshole on my own."

    "Just make sure you get what we need before you slit his fat neck."

    Adrian told Gemma, who gave him a wink in return.

    "I will."

    She had always justified the killing she had done in the Games as survival. It was kill or be killed and she hadn't to die. That was how she'd comfort herself when guilt overtook her and her former competitors, many that she killed, haunted her dreams. Since the day she won, she hadn't killed anyone, though. Sure, she had sometimes imagined killing the President, who didn't? But she knew she could never act on it, not until she joined Adrian and Blaine with the rebels. Out everyone she had encountered since she had been crowned a victor, Dathan had been the worst. He was a horrible man and she was going to enjoy killing him. He had stolen something from her she could never get back. He would pay for what he had done to her and other female victors.

    "See you guys."

    She told the rebels and told herself to not get too excited that she was going to get to kill Dathan. She didn't think that perhaps that made her a terrible person wanting to murder someone. Not a man like him, no...Dathan was getting what he deserved. Karma was finally coming to collect on his sorry ass.
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    Edith Garland

    "Goodbye," Edith said. "And good luck."

    Her tone was completely businesslike, but she was neither indifferent nor unsympathetic. She'd lost too many comrades and come too far to fall to pieces over an ally being in danger. Even so, she hoped for the best for Gemma, both on a personal level and because they badly needed the information she was trying to obtain.
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    Gemma Reynder

    "Thanks but I make my own luck."

    Gemma replied with a small smile to Edith. She didn't believe in luck anymore. She had learned from her own Games what it took to survive. She didn't believe she was invincible but if she was going to die today, she'd take that bastard Dathan with her. He'd pay for what he had done to her and so many other young victors. As tempting as it was to slit his fat neck right away, Gemma resisted. She couldn't kill him until after she had to the code. He was happily surprised to see her and from the look on his face, Gemma once again had to fight the urge to murder him. She was rebel now, she didn't care what the President did to her for killing one of his friends.

    "Gemma, my love, I'm so happy that you called."

    He said and pulled her in for a kiss. Gemma kissed him back, although she had the taste of her own vomit in her mouth afterwards.

    "I was surprised to hear from you. I thought you were taking care of your mother since you weren't invited to be a mentor this year."

    "I was but...She took a turn for the worse."

    Gemma said, she wanted the Capitol to think her mother was dead. If they did, they couldn't use her against her. Dathan sighed.

    "Oh, I'm sorry. I'll help you forget her."

    He said nuzzling her neck. Gemma wanted to kill but she let him. One last time, get what was needed and then kill him. That's what she told herself when he started to grope her body.

    "...Not yet."

    "Why not?"

    Dathan demanded to know, getting angry that Gemma was denying him the thing he used her for. Gemma gave him a seductive grin.

    "I want to play a game."

    "Oh? And what is that?"

    "I want to play hide and seek."

    "Hide and seek? I don't play children's games."

    Dathan replied annoyed and Gemma thought, "no, you just like to rape children." Of course, she didn't say that, instead she told him.

    "My idea isn't a children's game..."

    She whispered a more adult version and of the game in his ear and pervert grinned.

    "Now that sounds fun. All right, go hide."

    "Not here. In the tunnels."

    Dathan was unsure.

    "No, if we get caught, the President will have my head."

    That was true but Gemma planned to take his head off before the President got to him.

    "Oh, come on. The danger of possibly being caught will make it more fun. You got to live a little, Dathan."

    "...I'm not sure..."

    He replied but Gemma started to kiss him, giving a preview of what could come if he agreed. Since Dathan was a man who thought with one brain more then the other, he agreed. Gemma watched him punch the code in, making sure the camera that Blaine put inside the rose pin picked it up, and told Dathan

    "Come find me."

    She said, although she really meant for Blaine, Adrian, Edith, and the other rebels to come find her. When Dathan found her, he'd be dead. As long as she killed him and made sure he never hurt anyone like had her, she'd die happy. The idiot counted to one hundred and headed into the tunnels to search for Gemma.
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    Blaine McIntire

    "Be careful."

    Blaine told Gemma. He knew deep down that she truly hated Dathan and that fat jerk wouldn't stand a chance against her. Still, it was dangerous and Blaine cared about her. She was his friend and maybe if life wasn't the way it was for victors, she might be more to him. He hated listening through the microphone to Dathan and watching it through the camera. He knew how that bastard treated her and it made him sick to his stomach that she had to pretend she liked it. Blaine would have gladly killed Dathan himself for Gemma.

    "I got the code."

    He told Adrian and Edith, writing down the code that Gemma recorded Dathan punching in for their "game". It was surely be a one time use code. Once word got back to the Capitol, it would be changed.

    "We need to go."

    And fast. If they wanted to help the victor's families and get Gemma, there was no time to waste.
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