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Thread: Safe Haven

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    Dagny Bloom

    "She'll like that. We all need friends, especially at times like this." Dagny smiled at Steve. She already felt more at ease having formed a tenuous bond with him and, by extension, with Morgan. She knew Freya would appreciate having peers as much as she did.

    She looked out the windshield, growing excited that they were nearing the base. She felt like she hadn't taken a breath since she had left campus almost a week ago, and was looking forward to the safety the base promise. Leaning her head back, she imagined what it would be like. She would be able to spend time with her father and Freya without worry about keeping herself and them safe. She would be able to get to know Steve better. She smiled. It was going to be great.
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    Abby Hall

    Abby could tell that Azra had loved her job, just like Abby had loved hers. Abby's profession was still needed and while there might not be a lot of universities left in this new world, Abby thought that people could still use a therapist. With everything going on, it didn't hurt to have someone to talk to.

    "At my lab we didn't have family or marriage counselors but there were behavioral scientists. They studied the transmission, treatment, and prevention of different diseases."
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    Steve Doakes

    "Yeah, we do."

    Steve replied in agreement with Dagny. Even Morgan nodded his head. Both men were sure that Dagny would have no problem getting into the base. All they had to say was that her father was the surgeon in the other car. One nice thing the base had done was try to keep families together, even if they weren't keen on lots of civilians coming inside.

    "Once you, your dad, and your sister are settled in, I'll give you a tour of the base."

    Steve offered. He didn't have to, plenty of people could do that but he wanted an excuse to spend more time with her.

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    Azra Fox

    Azra smiled. "I think we can make that work. I just hope they don't start asking too many questions about this particular disease." She sighed. "I wouldn't even know where to begin." She rested her head in her hand and stared out the window again.

    Out in the field, almost too far away to see, there was a dragger. It was alone, wandering back and forth aimlessly. Azra couldn't help the chuckle that escaped her lips watching it. It was almost like a bad dream, or a joke. It couldn't be real. But it was, and Azra hoped that the base would provide them enough safety to figure out what to do about it.
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    Dagny Bloom

    Dagny's was pleased to see Morgan nod. She had hoped that he would come around to her as well. She didn't want him to see her as a burden, but as a possible friend. Her smile widened to a grin when Steve mentioned giving her a tour. She wanted to spend more time with Steve as soon as they got settled in.

    "I'd like that very much," she said. "I'm sure there's a lot to see."
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    Abby Hall

    "I don't think they will. It was Matthew's...'special' project."

    Abby replied to Azra. She had no idea what Matthew had been working on and she doubted any of her co-workers had either. She frowned seeing the dragger in the field. She truly hoped the key to a cure was in Matthew's research. They needed to stop this...They pulled up to the checkpoint and Abby told the guard.

    "This is Dr. Tomas Bloom. He's a surgeon and would like to offer his services."

    "Can't have too many doctors around."

    The guard said with a nod of his head. He didn't think his superiors would object too much to surgeon being here. He asked if the girl was Tomas' daughter, which Abby and Mike confirmed and also told him that his older daughter was in the other car. The guard asked who Azra was and Abby replied.

    "She is Dr. Azra Fox. She worked as a behavioral scientist with me at my old lab. She'll be a big help to me going through the research."

    The guard nodded his head again and said.

    "Okay, I'll have to call the colonel since you brought new people."

    "Of course."

    Abby replied in understanding and the guard told them to wait by the barracks for the colonel to come and meet them.
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    Steve Doakes

    Steve smiled when Dagny accepted his offer for a tour later. He nodded his head to her.

    "It is a pretty big place, it's easy to get lost."

    When it was their turn for the checkpoint, the guard asked.

    "Where's everyone else?"

    "They're gone."

    Morgan replied and the guard seemed shocked. He asked if Dagny was Tomas' daughter, which both men confirmed. Morgan parked the car and was glad to not have to be driving for a while. The colonel did not make them wait very long. He was surprised to see only two of the soldiers he had sent with Mike and Abby had survived and instead they had brought a man, his two daughters, and a woman.

    "What happened?"

    "The draggers rule the city now."

    Mike replied and Morgan and Steve both confirmed that. At first they had thought that perhaps things weren't so awful, but after seeing and experiencing it...They realized that Mike and Abby hadn't been exaggerating about Cincinnati. Colonel Stossen was happy that at least they had recovered Matthew's research. Something as the soldiers, Mike, and Abby all pointed out wouldn't have been possible without their new friends. He turned his attention to Tomas and Azra.

    "Thank you for your assistance. I am Colonel Stossen and I understand that you both have skills that will be useful here."
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    Tomas Bloom & Azra Fox

    Tomas got out of the car, and Freya quickly followed. She clung to the loose fabric of his shirt, staying close behind him. He greeted the Colonel with a nod, knowing that as a civilian it would be out of place for him to salute. "Yes, we hope to be of use. I was a surgeon, so I can help tend to any wounded or ill here."

    Azra gave the Colonel an attempt at a smile. She felt uncomfortable here, but couldn't put her finger on why. She thought she would feel safe once they entered the base, but for some reason didn't. Maybe she would never feel safe again with the world as it was. She tried to shake the feeling as she addressed the Colonel. "Yes. Thank you for having us."

    Tomas cast a grateful look in Azra's direction. He hadn't thought to thank the Colonel, but it was a good idea. They were intruding on the base as civilians. Even give their skills, it was generous of the Colonel to let them in.
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    Dagny Bloom

    Dagny slid of out the Prius. Her legs were sore, even from the short drive. She was glad to be out of that car. She looked around her in wonder. The base was huge, and clearly well-equipped. She looked forward to the tour Steve would give her later.

    For the moment, she stuck close to Steve. Her father was meeting with the Colonel, and she had no interest in drawing attention to herself. They were talking about Cincinnati. She wanted to put every memory of that place out of her head as soon as possible. She knew that the image of her mother wouldn't soon be forgotten. A shiver ran down her spine and she forced herself to breath normally.
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    Mike Brooks

    The colonel agreed with Tomas that they could always use medical help. He was also happy that Abby seemed to have a partner with going through Matthew Sampson's research. He smiled at Azra.

    "You're welcome. I'm sure you all need some rest after what happened."

    "That would be nice."

    Mike replied with and the colonel gave him a look. He turned to Steve, who had been tempted to squeeze Dagny's hand but held back in front of his superior officer, and Morgan.

    "Doakes, Morgan, show our new friends to some rooms. After you get some rest, Doctors Hall and Fox, you can get started going through the research and Dr. Bloom, we'll have you met the rest of the medical staff."

    Steve and Morgan replied a "yes, sir" and saluted. They then told the new arrivals to follow them. Mike and Abby already had rooms on the base. Although Mike was tired, he headed to see his brother and his family. He told Abby she could come with him if she wanted.

    "Uncle Mike!"

    Sam yelled in, happy that his uncle had returned safely. Mike hugged his nephew and then Dylan and Katie.

    "Is it bad?"

    Dylan asked quietly and Mike nodded his head. Morgan showed Azra to a room, while Steve took Tomas and his daughters to a slightly larger accommodation that was for families. It wasn't the same as a home but it was bigger and had some more privacy then the soldiers' barracks did.
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