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Thread: Safe Haven

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    Abby Hall

    "You'll do fine."

    Abby quietly told Azra. The Colonel would expect Azra to work with Abby and know what Matthew's research meant. Abby would help her through it. Abby decided to go with Mike to see his family. She smiled seeing how happy they were to be reunited with him. She was also very surprised that once Sam had hugged Mike, he then gave her one.

    "I'm glad you're okay too, Abby."

    Sam told her with a smile which Abby returned.

    "Thank you, Sam."

    She replied and got a hug from his parents. She hadn't known these people long but she felt like a part of their family. Which felt good. Especially since the world was turning into something terrible and her own family was so far away.
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    The Bloom Family

    The Blooms followed Steve quietly. The rooms he showed them weren't home, but they were a nice substitute. Freya walked in and immediately claimed her bed, setting her stuffed fox on the pillow and laying down next to it. She yawned, stretched, and with a smile said, "This bed is awesome."

    Tomas smiled. It was clear that she would thrive with the stability the base offered them. He was glad. "Thank you, Steve." He turned back to the young soldier. "These rooms will be great accommodations for us. We appreciate it." He could see the way Dagny was glued to Steve's side. Even though they weren't touching, the energy between them was clear to Tomas. He smiled again. It would be good for her to have someone like Steve around. Tomas liked him.

    Dagny set her bag down on the other small bed beside the one Freya had chosen. She could breath here. That was a nice change. The base didn't feel like home, but it was a good start in their scary new world. And with her dad and Freya there, she knew she would settle in. She returned to the doorway, standing close to Steve without even realizing it. She was looking forward to the tour of the base, both so she could get to know her surroundings and spend more time with Steve.

    Freya got up off the bed. "Dad, can I come with you to meet the other doctors?"

    "Sure," Tomas said, glad to keep Freya by his side. "Will you two be alright?" he said, more to Steve than Dagny.

    Dagny nodded, but realized that her father was actually asking Steve to watch over her. She was annoyed by that, since she had protected herself and Freya for the first few days of this mess. But she was tired, and it was always good to have someone else to watch her back. She sighed and was thankful that at least her father had chosen someone she wanted to be around to protect her.
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    Azra Fox

    Abby's words of encouragement eased Azra's mind, for the moment. She was glad to have something to work on, even if it was a big project that was outside her area of expertise. She would do her best to help Abby, and she knew that Abby would help her too.

    As Morgan led her to her small room, Azra felt more and more comfortable by the moment. Soldiers occupied every corner of her vision. There were so many living, breathing people here. They couldn't possibly be more safe. And she would soon be starting work on the extremely important project with Abby. It could be a good life for her here. She just needed to stop worrying.

    "Thanks, Morgan," she said, once he had shown her to her room and she had set her few belongings on a table near the door. She didn't stay long, as there was little for her do in the room on her own. She wanted to join back up with her companions, and maybe explore the base in the mean time.
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    Steve Doakes

    Steve smiled when Freya declared her bed was awesome. It wasn't quite like home but at least the base tried to make the family quarters feel like home. Steve turned to Tomas and told him.

    "You're welcome, sir."

    He didn't mind that Dagny had returned to his side. He hadn't known her long but he liked having her around. At least the colonel had assigned him to making sure the Bloom family was settled in. He nodded his head to Tomas.

    "Yes, we will be."

    He turned to Dagny and asked her.

    "You ready for that tour?"

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    Mike Brooks

    Morgan told Azra she was welcome and told her where she could find Abby, Mike, and Mike's family if she wanted. Sam was eager to have his uncle and their family's new friend back. He was also curious about the new people Mike and Abby had found. As luck would have it, Abby and the Brooks family was heading to mess hall for found when they found Azra.

    "Azra, this is my brother Dylan, his wife Katie, and their son Sam."

    He told her and Sam replied.


    While Dylan added.

    "It's nice to meet you."
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    Katie Brooks

    Katie was glad that Mike and Abby had returned. They had told them about their new friends and Katie was sure that they would be good additions to the group. Katie and Dylan felt that they had made the right choice bringing them along, no one should be left behind in this crazy new world. Katie just hoped that something about a cure would be in Matthew's research so that someday the world would go back to normal. Suddenly worrying about paying the bills and trying to balance life as a working mother didn't seem so horrible. Katie smiled when Mike introduced her family to Azra.

    "Welcome to the base."
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    Azra Fox

    Azra nodded her thanks to Morgan again and set off. She moved slowly in the direction that he had pointed her. She still didn't feel completely at ease, but it certainly was better than being out on the streets by herself. As she walked, she noticed that her whole body was tired. Her muscles ached, even her bones seemed sore. Having been on edge for so long had taken a toll on her. She would need to rest soon.

    She approached the group, a smile on her face. She looked forward to meeting the family that was so important to Mike and had become important to Abby. With her family gone, the group of strangers from Cincinnati had become her new family. She was more than happy to have more people she could count on and help.

    "Thanks. It's nice to meet you all as well." She paused, letting out a small breath. "It really is great to be here."
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    Dagny Bloom

    Dagny nodded. "Yes, let's go." She smiled at her father, even though she still wasn't completely happy with him for implying that she wasn't capable. She knew he meant well.

    She smiled up at Steve, waiting for him to lead the way.
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    Katie Brooks

    "Yeah...The people have been really nice."

    Katie replied to Azra and Sam said a little sadly.

    "I still wish we could go home..."

    "I know, but you've made some new friends, right?"

    Katie said and Sam nodded his head. Katie wished they could go home too but after what Mike and Abby said...She knew they'd probably never go home again. Even if there was a cure, her home was problem long gone. It made her sad, she and Dylan had had so many dreams about that place...
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    Dylan Brooks

    Dylan missed their old home too. The people were nice here but it wasn't home. Although he and Katie had accepted their old home was gone. It was harder for their son, of course.

    "Hey, Sam, how about we help Azra learn her way around the base?"

    Sam nodded his head that it was a good idea.

    "Okay, Dad."

    He replied and then turned to Azra.

    "It's really big, it's easy to get lost."
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