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Thread: Safe Haven

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    Azra Fox

    Azra silently complied with Tomas's directive. She went to the passenger side of the Pilot and waited for Abby to unlock it. Instinctively, her hand went to her side, patting her gun gently just to check that it was still there.

    She glanced around, looking for draggers. Surprisingly, given the chaos of the base just a few hundred yards away, the draggers didn't seem to be making a break for the gates and the group of humans that were there, trying to escape. She was grateful for that. Between the injured and grieving members of their group, they needed a little breathing room.

    Azra's mind wandered for just a moment to thoughts of her grandmother. It was so lucky that she had died before all this happened. She didn't know what it was like for Abby to worry about her family in the South. She didn't know what it was like for Katie and Dylan, and the Bloom family, to lose someone in this mess.
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    Abby Hall

    "Sounds good."

    Abby replied to Tomas and took the keys. She could handle driving. Mike shouldn't be driving and Azra was a much better shot then her. She wondered if people, like Dr. Rios, had gotten away to safety. She hoped so but also knew that they couldn't stay around and look either. The draggers came in hordes...

    "What we will do tomorrow?"

    She asked Mike and Azra, not that she thought they'd have any more of an idea then she did. The base was supposed to be their safe haven and that was ruined. Now they were on the run again. Katie gave Dagny the directions to the rest area that and Dylan had often stopped at when they were on the road.
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    Mike Brooks

    Mike was grateful that Tomas was willing to step up and help him be a leader. Tonight, with his brother's death very fresh on his mind...Mike was not in the right mindset. He got into the back seat of the Pilot and replied to Abby.

    "Find the cure. We have to."

    His nephew lost his father, Dagny and Freya lost their mother, Katie and Tomas lost their spouses. People they thought they'd grow old with...What Matthew did...It had to be stopped. Mike wanted things to go back to the way they were, before the first outbreak. The past couldn't be changed but no more people had to die. They had to find a cure before this got so out hand that the human race was lost forever. Thinking about what happened to Dylan...He needed to tell the others and he would, after they made camp for the night.

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    Dagny and Freya Bloom

    Dagny turned the truck around slowly, making sure that the other two cars were ready to follow.

    The silence was deafening. She wished she could turn on the radio and listen to some music, but there would only be static. She had her iPod in the barracks, but that was all gone now. So much was gone now. It was hard to even think about all the things they'd lost. She wondered if there would ever be time to truly grieve for the loss of her mother, her friends at school, her home and her things.

    She took a deep breath and focused on the road out of the base. At least she had her father and Freya. And the family they had all gathered in their group. And Steve. She sincerely hoped they would find some quiet time together that night at the rest stop.


    Freya sighed and leaned her head back against the seat. She was really starting to get sick of running. Any comfort they found, they soon lost. What was the point of getting used to anything?

    She leaned forward again and looked at Sam. It was so sad to see him grieving for his father. She knew what that was like. She missed her mom more than anything. She inched her hand over on the seat so that her fingertips just brushed his. So he would know that she was there for him, if he wanted to hold her hand, or just to take comfort in the presence of a friend.

    She closed her eyes and hoped the ride would be short.
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    Tomas Bloom

    Tomas got into the Prius and started the ignition. Glancing over to make sure Steve was in the vehicle and secure, he turned the car around to follow Dagny.

    "I'm glad you made it out okay," he said quietly to Steve. He felt an affection for the young man, not only because his daughter clearly had feelings for him, but because he seemed like a good kid. He reminded Tomas a bit of himself when he was that age. Good-hearted and loyal. And Dagny reminded him so much of Sophie that sometimes it hurt him to look at her. He hoped, for their sake, that they could find a cure for this mess and get back to some kind of normal life.
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    Azra Fox

    Azra settled into her seat, still looking out the window. She was ready to defend the car if anything came at them. But she hoped it wouldn't.

    At Abby's question, she drew in a breath. Mike's answer was a good one, and he was right. They did need to find the cure. But it was a matter of finding a place to stay long enough that they could go through the research. And Abby and Tomas would need tools if they were going to make some kind of vaccine or drug. They certainly couldn't do that in a rest stop.

    "Definitely," she agreed with Mike. "But first we have to find a place to stay. Unless you want to work on the cure in a rest stop bathroom." The dark humor of her words hit her, and she let out one mirthless laugh.
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    Mike Brooks

    Mike chuckled at Azra's joke about the bathroom.

    "At least you'd have working water."

    He replied, it felt a little good to joke. Today had turned into a horrible day. Mike hoped that tomorrow would be the start of fixing this mess. He wondered where they would seriously would go next. They would need a safe place to stay for the kids and to work on the cure. Steve smiled at Tomas.

    "Thanks, I'm glad you did too."

    He replied. He liked Tomas, not just because he was Dagny's father either. He was a good man and reminded Steve of his own father.
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    Abby Hall

    Abby knew they needed to find a cure but Azra was right, a rest stop's bathroom wasn't going to be the best place.

    "We'll need more then just water."

    She told Mike with a smile. Actually they need more then just a normal home. Another lab...Ones in Ohio were surely gone and maybe the bordering states...She remembered that one of her friends from college worked in a research lab in Richmond, Virginia. Maybe the draggers hadn't gotten that far yet. She'd have to bring it up to the others when they stopped for the night. Katie gave Dagny the directions to the rest stop area. Her ankle hurt but what hurt more was her heart. Sam was exhausted and rested his head against his mother's shoulder. He wanted his dad back and knew that couldn't happen. He looked over at Freya. She knew what he was going through, her mother had died. When she reached out for him, he took a hold of her hand and squeezed it. He knew they'd be friends forever now.
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