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    ::Milson had quickly informed people at the palace that Angel was missing. He understood Garnet's anger well, he was angry himself that his wife could be in danger along with his friends. He was tired of people thinking that having Firsts on Nero was wrong for some reason. He had a feeling it was a good thing that Meyer did not know about Cam. They would probably need him to help rescue their loved ones. When Geoffers suggested checking out Pembrooke's old estate, he agreed it was a good place to start. Milson and his family hadn't stepped foot on the Veilerian Estate since Pembrooke had died. When Garnet mused that it belonged to Esaias now, he said.::

    Pembrooke's not an easy subject for him. Although his mother and I should talk to him about it. There has to be something better to do with this place, then letting it collect dust.

    ::Milson knew that criminals liked to hide things under floorboards and in walls. He started to knock on them, listening for a hidden compartment. Finally, in a spare room, he heard something. He pulled up the floorboard and found a journal.::
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    Deep down Selene knew Gwynn was right. Liam was loved by everyone and could be very loud when he wanted something. He was surely safe but it was also just natural for her to worry about him. She watched Angel fail at making a portal to Nero and told her.

    "It's okay, you tried."

    Obviously their normal ways of going home weren't going to happen.

    "What should we do now?"

    She mused, not sure what they should do but knowing she didn't want to stay in this place.
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    Cam knew a little about Pembrooke. He knew that he had created Garnet and that he hated the Firsts. It felt weird being in the man's former home, when he created Garnet and treated her like an object. He knew who Esaias was but he hadn't realized that Angel and Milson's adopted son was also Pembrooke's. He didn't blame the kid for not wanting much to do with his father or just his stuff. He picked up the journal Milson found and after flipping through it, he said.

    "He makes mention of an 'associate' in Eirini but not much else."
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    Barrett was sure that Gwynn was right and that Liam was fine. When he wanted something, he would make sure he wasn't ignored. Barrett had been hopeful that Angel's portal would work but clearly the place was blocking some powers.

    "We figure out how to get home."

    Barrett replied to his wife. Not that he had any idea where to start with that.

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    It was a little weird being in the former home of Pembrooke. To think that once they were allies. Geoffers had changed a lot since those days while Pembrooke's hate had cost him his life. Garnet had a good point, it was shame this place was rotting away. Something better could be done with it. At the journal, he said.

    "It helps us narrow down where he could be. Even if the guy from my reception isn't in Eirini, his home might be."
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    Gwynn and Garnet

    Gwynn frowned when Angel's portal failed to work, but she wasn't surprised. Apparently whatever was causing her siblings to be unable to teleport affected Angel's travel power as well.

    "Well," Gwynn suggested. "We got here somehow. Maybe there's a portal? We should probably start exploring, and see if we can find a way out. It's kind of a needle in a haystack, but it's probably got a better shot than just waiting here."

    Before she had a chance to suggest a direction to explore - which would have been random anyway - she suddenly caught a glimpse of movement. Furtive shapes were darting between the rocks down the slope to what Gwynn thought was the south.

    "Hey!" she said. "People! Maybe they can help."


    Garnet nodded in reponse to what Geoffers said, and added, "The entry is dated. Maybe we could check the guards' records and see who was arrested or suspected of a crime around that time. I realize it's a lot, but we can narrow it down. This isn't just some street thug; he was suave enough to trick Doriana, so his crimes were probably more of deceit than brute force. If the guards kept physical descriptions of the suspects, we can narrow it down even more."

    Of course, all that would take time. Garnet hoped her siblings weren't in too much danger in the meantime.
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    "That's true."

    Selene replied to Gwynn. Although she wasn't as confident that they would find a portal home. Whoever sent them here probably didn't want them going back home. But Selene was determined to get home, just like the other Firsts. Selene frowned seeing what could possibly be people moving.

    "Maybe...We should be careful, though."

    They didn't know if they could trust anyone they encountered in this new world.
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    "At least it's a lead."

    Camillus said when Garnet noticed that the entry was dated and that they could possibly get them some more information about the man who had helped Pembrooke abduct Doriana and had obviously done something to Garnet's siblings and Angel. He agreed that the man couldn't some common street thug. He was able to blend in enough at social gatherings that no one found him suspicious.
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    Barrett didn't think they'd just find a portal to take them home. Someone, probably that guy at the reception, had wanted to send them here. Since he had been buddies with Pembrooke, he obviously didn't want them coming home. He saw the possible people and agreed with Selene.

    "Selene's right. We don't know if they will be our friends or not."

    He hoped for the first one but since he had no idea where they were and the place didn't seem that friendly, he wasn't going to get his hopes up.
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    "Hopefully they keep good records."

    Geoffers replied when Garnet said they might be able to narrow it down. He hoped so, he wanted his wife and the other Firsts back. He hoped they were okay, where ever they had ended up. Nothing else could be found in the estate, so it was best to head back to Eirini and hope that the journal was truly a lead.
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