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    Everything will be okay.

    ::Angel told Cephas. She hoped she was telling the truth. She wanted nothing more then to go home and be reunited with her children. She was shocked when Selene and Barrett returned to the First Hell with Cam.::

    Oh, Cam...

    ::She said and immediately went over to the younger First. She placed a glowing yellow hand on his chest and held up her free one to Milson.::

    I'm sorry honey but can I borrow some energy?

    Of course, you don't even need to ask.

    ::Milson replied to Angel letting her take his hand. The hand that held Milson's glowed red. Angel was draining Milson slightly to recharge herself to heal Cam at the same time.::
    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr
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    The gatekeeper wasn't the only one who was dazed. Maverik himself had to take a moment to regain his senses. He stood, groggily, as he looked over to the gatekeeper. He lay, face down, unmoving. The sentries did nothing. Was he... knocked out? Dead? It could not be; it was too easy. A trick perhaps. Either way, Maverik was about to capitalize on it. He lurched forward, shaking himself, recovering quickly. He picked up speed, closing the distance rapidly. As he neared, he leapt high into the air, jumping nearly to the ceiling of the twelfth hell. As he began to fall, he increased his gravity, although he would not be able to get the full force of his maximum force. The increase should be enough, though. He extended a single leg, planning to land all the weight he could into a single point. If the gatekeeper moved, he could roll out of his dive if needed.
    And then... there was nothing.
    Maverik looked around. There was nothing but darkness. Absolute darkness. He did a check on his eyes; they still worked. But there was absolutely nothing. Nothing in any direction all around him.
    Maverik relaxed and did a quick analysis of the situation. He was still falling. He looked up, and he could see, very faintly, something up there. He looked below, and closer but still faint, there was ground. It was hard to say how far it was exactly, but either it was very far, or else he was not falling as fast as he should be. He checked his gravity generator, and it was still at maximum.
    A number of questions still loomed in his mind. He was completely bewildered about how he got there. He also had no idea where "here" was. His only guess was that the gatekeeper had teleported him again, although to where he could not tell. The ground below still looked like the hells, but whatever he was falling through... he had not seen anything like that in the hells. He would have to wait until he got to the ground. Which could take a while at this rate.


    Mandolos and the gatekeeper appeared in the bottomless pit. He had teleported the three of them there. The gatekeeper was next to him, floating, or falling, whichever you wish to call it, stunned still. But... where was Maverik? He looked around. There were others, prisoners that had been thrown into the bottomless pit for long ago. None of them were Maverik. He had to be there. He couldn't be anywhere else. Mandolos spun in all directions, but Maverik was nowhere to be seen. That could be a problem. He had to be here; Mandolos teleported all three of them there. But if Maverik caught him off guard.... Still, Maverik was a threat, but the gatekeeper was a target, and a slippery one. This would be the only chance Mandolos would have. If the gatekeeper recovered before Mandolos began to inflict him, it would be hard to recapture him.
    Eyes a-glow, he focused all his power toward the gatekeeper, finding his ways into the creature's "dreams." He did not know if the gatekeeper naturally dreamed, but he could inflict nightmares. He created for them both a hell gone cold, and the gatekeeper's consciousness came into the scene to find Mandolos standing there with his back to it.
    "A fine mess you've made," Mandolos said, his breath crystallizing in the still, frozen air, "The firsts escaped with all of our stock. There is no one left. The hells have failed."


    Mercy sat on the floor, silently. She was willing to let the family have their moment, but she was too weak to leave them to themselves. She tried, but her legs were too shaky. She wasn't sure why; she had danced longer and harder before. This was the first time she had danced to heal a First, however. Could that have something to do with it? Regardless, she had moved herself over to the wall out of the way, watching Gwynn. She seemed to be breathing calmly. No doubt she would recover, but a proper examination would be in order. Later; once they were both in better condition.
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    The Gatekeeper

    "You lie," the Gatekeeper said... unconvincingly.

    A part of the creature knew that the Hells could not have failed completely. Had they run out of energy entirely, the very rocks holding this place together would have collapsed in on themselves. The very breathable air would have been sucked away. Nothing that catastrophic could have happened, surely.

    ...Unless it had, and it would simply take time for them to feel the effects. The Hells had, of course, never entirely failed. If they had, would their collapse be as instant as the creature had imagined? Or agonizingly slow? A slow death for the Hells would be... oddly fitting, it thought.

    "Fear not. We will... retrieve them..."

    Something was wrong. The Gatekeeper could not summon its shadowy minions. That realization panicked it further. Without its wraiths, it was simply a powerful creature - powerful, but not all-powerful. And on top of that, it was wounded...

    "Our Hells will... go on..."

    The creature didn't require breath, but it seemed to need a moment to gather itself nonetheless.

    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Garnet made an angry noise, and punched her fist into her other hand. She hated this feeling. Helpless. People she loved being hurt, and nothing she could do.

    "We'll get them back," she said. "We will. Or they'll come back to us. They're brave. They're smart. They'll figure something out. Or we will."

    She went and filled a cup with water, and brought it to Mercy, kneeling beside her and offering it to the resting woman. "Thank you," she said. "For healing my sister. I'm grateful. We all are. We will not forget what you did for Gwynn. For all of us, by helping her."



    Cephas smiled weakly. His wounds had been tended, but he was exhausted from his brush with death.

    "I'm glad you came back," he said. "You do keep your promises."

    He wished there was something he could do for Cam, but there wasn't. Cephas had no healing skill, no medical knowledge. He would only be in the way. All he could offer was his sympathy, as he closed his eyes and hoped for the best for the youthful-looking First.
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