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    No one knows how or why, whether guided by the forces of destiny or by mere chance, Prometeo appeared at places where he seemed to be needed. *Thats why he had been granted with the title of hero, which was written down in the plate by the shrine where he was being kept prisoner, when Claundia finally set him free. *Now, it wasnt the exception.

    Like tearing time apart with a deafening thunder, Claundia and Prometeo appeared, coming to an entirely different place from the one they left behind.

    In spite of being a little stunned, Prometeo felt the hatred, the fear and the pain that dwelled in that place, as some soldiers were fighting a creature that looked like a demon. *He reacted quickly and created a strong shield of fire to protect himself and Claundia.
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    Claundia was completely dazzled. *She had never left Planet M and never wanted to do so. *In fact, she never imagined to ever leave her home planet. *Now, Prometeo had taken her with him to unknown places

    In front of her there was a magnificent marble city, built with strong columns and designs that invited royalty. *Not that she could pay attention to the beauty of the place, because, right in front of them, there was this monster fighting the local army.

    Startled, she leaned towards Prometeo as he protected her with his field.

    Where have you taken me? *This is not home, this can never be home

    Claundia couldnt help some tears to escape her eyes as she finally realized all that she had lost.
    Life is for the living and I decided to live on.
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    Mysteriously, a blue cricket hopped onto Claundia's shoulder and watched as she cried. *Feeling so moved by her emotions, Zee started to cry with her.
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    In the streets

    Goranice spoke to his Captain of the Elite Gard
    "The Demon is getting closer to the city we must stop it before it destroys the city and its people"

    Captain of the Elite Gard
    "Yes your Majesty

    Goranice sees ProM's shield
    "Those people will be hurt if they stay there send a gard to help them"

    Captain of the Elite Gard
    "Solder go and help those two"

    and a salute was all the Solder said and did before going

    Solder upon arriving at ProM's shield
    "you two should not be here its to dangerous you should leave now well you have the chance"
    the Solder waits for a response
    The bellowing manDead
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    Prometeo observed the area and the great fight in front of him, he could feel the anguish and the frustration of the soldiers when it looked like they werent going to be able to stop this demon. He looked at Claundia and he expressed displeasure when he saw the insect she had in her shoulder. Not wasting more time, he closed his eyes and, in a certain way, he absorbed the inner fire of the demon, its soul, its thoughts, its fire, to find its weaker spot. Prometeo was prepared to attack when he saw a soldier coming. He thought they were going to request his aid, so he waited, but to his surprise, the soldier asked him to go away. *That was odd, because Prometeo thought any help would have been welcomed. So, ignoring the request of the soldier, he said to in an authoritarian tone: *"command the soldiers to step back." Then, he ordered his servant within Claundia, to protect her from anything that could approach her, even from the soldiers and the insects. And he rose to get closer to that malignant being to try to stop it.
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    Claundia froze. *Prometeo was finally taking things into his hands and that would mean the demise of that so-called monster. *His master was so full of himself, that he didnt even care to find out the truth behind this fight. *Maybe the monster wasnt really the evildoer, but it was so First like to simply attack the ugly one.

    Right before Prometeos shield protected her, she noticed the blue cricket sitting over her shoulder.

    Youre such a small creature, little cricket. *Looks like we both have something in common.

    Then, the shield covered her, cutting contact with the little insect.
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    Zee felt at ease with Claundia but it wasn't to last. *Once the shield went up, Zee was tossed into a bush not so far away. *A bit dizzy from being thrown, he stayed in the bush and observed the events that was happening before him.
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    * rumour flits through the trees until she decides to venture out beyond the forrest. *what she finds is exciting and a little scary. *then suddenly big men race by on horses scaring her little forrest friends who have wandered out of the forrest with her. *they go running back to the safety of the forrest. *not rumour. *when she see claundia, she's happy to see a little girl. *maybe the little girl would like to play. **

    * *Umm, hi, little girl?

    * *I'm Rumour.

    * *Wanna play?

    * rumour flits around claundia daring her to chase her and tag her. *
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prometeo
    "command the soldiers to step back."
    the Solder just looks at Prometeo then runs to the Captain of the Elite Gard

    the solder tells the Captain of the Elite Gard what Prometeo

    "Yes your Majesty"
    the Captain of the Elite Gard tells Goranice what the solder told him

    Goranice tells the Captain of the Elite Gard to call men back

    "Solder's fall back immediately,that's an order"
    in a deep laud voice the Captain of the Elite Gard calls to his men
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    In a burst of light, Prometeo became five birds of fire rising into the sky, giant monsters like birds of prey began to move in circles over the demon, sometimes descending and some other times ascending. *They couldnt approach the fighting creature, because they were so big that they would destroy the very same place they wanted to save.

    Everything happened very fast. The ground under the demons feet shook and broke, some kind of hand made of energy emerged and tried to get hold of the demon to rise him into the sky, so the birds of fire would have room enough to attack.
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