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    * when human girl doesn't respond, rumour tries to get her attention by pulling her hair. *however, a force field surrounds her keeping rumour from touching her and hurting rumours fist*

    * * * Owie!

    * * * That Hurt!

    *when rumour decides to take off, she spots a tiny cricket in the bushes*

    * * * *Hello, little cricket

    * * * *Are you hurt like rumour?

    * * * *Mean girl hurted us!
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    The Ultimate Unknown Utopia
    Claundia could barely hear any sound coming from the other side of the shield. *But she did notice that there was some kind of fairy approaching the cricket that not long ago, tried to be friendly with her.

    She tried to reach for the small creatures, but the shield just didnt let her.

    She looked around and saw Prometeo attacking the demon *The First was so powerful that it was scary

    Looking once again at the cricket and the fairy, she tried to speak to them.

    Beware!, this fight is just to big for you to hang around so carelessly!
    Life is for the living and I decided to live on.
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    Raised through the air, the demon stood frozen, observing the birds of fire that surrounded him. *Everyone got calmed down when they saw their enemy getting defeated, but it was stronger than it looked like. *It yelled some kind of spell and all the energy that kept it bound was absorbed by its body, making it fall heavily to the floor. *It looked at the birds of prey, which attacked it without a second thought, but they got absorbed as well, completely erasing the slightest remain of Prometeo in that place.

    Loudly, the demon celebrated its victory, yelling and frightening even more the soldiers that were protecting the city. *Everything became chaos, as the demon ran against the city once again with its destruction in mind. *It was hopeless for everyone around; nothing would be able to set them free from so much fury and power.

    A strong breeze started to run, a lot of them had accepted to die in a last and desperate battle; they only awaited the command to attack, but this wouldn’t be necessary, since right in front of their fearful eyes and deafening silence, they saw the demon stop and raise its hands. *It was too late for this creature, which had been defeated without knowing it. *It saw its hands fall apart and taken away by the wind. *In a last howl that echoed through the whole city, the demon turned into a pile of ashes and dust. *Now, the silence was even stronger, no one knew what was going on, no one dared get close to the pile of ashes to make sure the demon was dead, but that wasn’t everything, the earth started to shake and, with a thundering noise, the ashes exploded, releasing a white light in the shape of a big bird, that little by little adopted a human shape, which simply said: *[color=orange][b]“I am Prometeo, Lord of the Eternal Flame.
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    The Ultimate Unknown Utopia
    When the attack against the demon grew to it’s higher pitch, Claundia ran away and hid behind a column. *She didn’t want to be in this world, even less to stay with this mad First. *She was scared to death and she had no options.

    The fight moved on and her heart skipped a beat when she thought Prometeo was dead. *But things changed all too quickly and the First was victorious. *She breathed relieved, but nothing had changed so far. *She was still away from home, stuck with a mad God.

    Unable to stay together any longer, she burst in a sad cry.
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    : Out in Space, The "Dorito 1" enters into the Unknown Utopia solar system. it passes a few planets before arriving to the Unknown Utopia. The "Dorito 1" circles the planet a few times before setteling into an orbit.:

    Engineer Sprouse006: were in orbit sir. cloaking and shields are up. Weapon systems are on stand-by. All Assault teoops and fighter squadrons are on stand-by. *no one on the planet knows we are here.

    Sprouse001: Very well. whats the status on troops and fighters?

    Pilot Sprouse005: 200,000 fighters ready to go. 200,000 for back-up. 100,000 for reinfocement.

    4 Horseman Sprouse004: 200,000 troops ready to deploy. 200,000 ready for back up. 100,000 for reinforcement.

    Engineer Sprouse006: we also have the cloners working overtime to produce more clones if nessacery.

    Sprouse001: Excellent. prepare for invasion. Some one go get Sprouse009 from Minity's Palace.

    Mortal Kombat Sprouse020: i'll go get him. (teleports out)

    News Reporter Sprouse019: what about me?

    Sprouse001: do what you always do. report the news.
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    (( sorry. too lazy to log into HB... ))

    Well, then my soldiers... This isn't for the glory.... not for self accomplishment... nor for the country we are fighting for, which I have no clue which one that is... IT'S FOR THE FUN OF IT!!!! **cheers**
    Justin Case: buisness man from planet M. now resides in Heartless' cave

    Heartless: maker of heart of lives
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    Drinking Sprouse012: YES!!! thats what i'm talking about. lets drink our way to victory.

    Sprouse001: by the way, whats on this planet?

    Engineer Sprouse006: lets see. rolling meadows. a big forest. a dark place. i think the special operations guys will like the dark area. a few cities here and there. looks like a peaceful planet. yup, the Spec-Ops guys will love this place. strictly S&D for most of them.

    Evil Sprouse002: we will crush them. then they will give us 1 million dollars.

    Laughing Sprouse015: BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
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    Me and 004 will take them head on through the city! but I'll plant this beautiful bomb on the gate first...

    ThEn We'Ll CrUsH tHeM!!!!!
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    The Ultimate Unknown Utopia
    Claundia was getting closer to Prometeo… *after all he was the only being capable of taking her back to Planet, when she saw a spaceship entering the Ultimate Utopia’s bright sky.

    [size=84]“ *Prometeo… *look at that! *It’s a warship!
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    :in a flash of orange light and the small of Dorito's, Sprouse009 and 020 were back on the "Dorito 1". the invasion of the Unknown Utopia was about to begin.:

    Sprouse001: glad to see you finally made it back, 009.

    Sprouse009: Yes, Minity had me by my heart. i just couldn't leave her. i see we have some new clone Brothers.

    Pilot Sprouse005: Flight team is ready to leave anytime.

    4 Horseman Sprouse004: Ground troops are ready to begin deployment.

    Sprouse001: very well. begin invasion.
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