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    "Perhaps I should have said...like a father..." Garrioch shrugged, lifting his palms upward as he did so. Whatever he was about to say was interrupted by a stream of language followed by the words "not my father!”

    “Oh come now, child, is that any way to speak of your uncle and last living blood relative?” The girl flushed again, ready to retaliate, but seemed a bit hurt that he'd pointed out something she'd only recently discovered for herself. She drew herself back up to height and firmly retorted, “Doesn't matter. You're a liar and a thief and I want nothing to do with you.”

    “Nothing at all? Are you sure you wouldn't want to turn me in to Commander Logan for more brownie points?”

    Rosamund sputtered and turned away to keep from killing the man the Snakecharms had rescued. This was fortunate, as she then noticed Reticyn climbing into the golem she was working on. “Hey! That is not for you! Get out of...hey easy now. C'mon!” Spike didn't appreciate her approach and was now monopolizing the young engineer's attention.

    “Now do you see what I mean about her needing taken care of? She's moony over Logan Thackeray. Not only is he a Seraph, a group I detest with all my little black heart, but he's definitely not the type to be interested in a small-town girl – among other things.” He raised his eyebrows as if to suggest the list was too long and the Ranger likely already knew everything that was on it.

    Garroch was half-turned to speak confidentially to Anakita, keeping the conversation decidedly away from the person in question. “My biggest fear is that she'll throw her life away and become a Seraph just because she has a crush. She's built for better stuff than that. I may have chosen a different path than my brother, but I know exactly what she's made of. I was hoping that you might be able to show her that there's another way to make a life. Get her out of this dump, if you can. And for pity's sake, get someone to teach her some proper language.” He barked a laugh, not that the Engineer could have heard him over her current raging.

    Rosamund was now fighting with Spike for control of her spanner, which she had unwisely wielded as a weapon against the giant lizard. Spike was clearly toying with her, which only made her angrier. Sparks were flying out of the golem. Garroch looked upon the sight and said with a smile, “Nothing like a good distraction, eh?”

    At that moment, the golem whirred to life, joints glowing red and threats spurting haltingly from its voice box. Reticyn began hollering, but his words were unintelligible over the clanging and whirring and hissing of the golem. Rosamund dropped the wrench, as did Spike, and rolled to the side of her shed for the rifle leaning against the workbench.

    Garroch was already gone.
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    Anakita Snakecharm

    Anakita sighed when the young woman made clear the true nature of the relationship between her and Garroch. The Ranger wondered why the man had even bothered to include the faint hint of truth in the lie; as soon as Anakita saw that the young woman in question wasn't a helpless child, the story would be blown anyway. Was Garroch just not creative enough to come up with anything else? Did he think a grudging familial tie of any sort would be sufficient to reassure the Ranger of his trustworthiness?

    She had to bite back yet another sigh when Garroch told her conspiratorially about Rosamund's alleged crush. For the girl's sake, Anakita hoped it wasn't true. Not because of the girl's ancestry - such matches did happen from time to time, and she herself and Stefan hadn't been from the same social class - but because Anakita knew that Logan Thackeray was utterly smitten with Queen Jennah. Pretty much the entire population of Divinity's Reach, and perhaps most of Kryta, wondered why the Seraph Captain and the monarch didn't just get on with it, when it was so clear to everyone that they were mutually besotted.

    Why did young women so often seem to pin their dreams on unattainable men? Logan's heart definitely belonged to another, and Anakita hoped that if Rosamund truly did have feelings for the man, she could deal with it in the privacy of her own head and wouldn't embarrass herself or jeopardize her future.

    The Ranger's train of thought was interrupted by the simultaneous events of a golem going haywire and Garroch running away. Anakita wondered if she should go after the bandit. Was he her responsibility? She'd sprung him from prison and unleashed him on Divinity's Reach, so she had to admit reluctantly that he probably was. On the other hand, the golem was a more immediate threat - assuming it was as out of control as it appeared to be.

    "Can you shut it down?" Anakita tersely demanded of Rosamund. She notched an arrow and aimed for the weak point at the arm joint just in case, but she waited for confirmation that the golem as indeed terminally malfunctioning before she destroyed Rosamund's work for her on top of everything else.
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    What a nightmare. First, her sanctimoniously evil uncle shows up at her shop. Then, this Asura starts messing with her stuff. And now, she looks like a complete idiot because she has to say: “I don't know.” to the woman she's certain she'd heard stories of in the alleys and palaces of Divinity's Reach. 'Hero' indeed. The only way the day could get worse would be if Logan showed up to see her failure.

    “I just found it. I was trying to fix it.” Rosamund shouted, trying to explain why there was a murderous golem she couldn't control in her work shop. She raised her rifle to take a shot at one of the golem's legs, but Spike darted into her field of view. As much as she and the giant lizard hadn't exactly hit it off, the Engineer knew well enough to leave a Ranger's companion well enough alone. She ducked as the golem let off a static charge big enough to leave her insides boiling.

    “Just start pulling wires! I thought you people were good at this!” Finally, she managed to squeeze off a shot at the head housing, hoping to disorient it without injuring the Asura inside. She had to jump for cover as the golem targeted her, and she rolled under a table to start the business of reloading her firearm. Surely this racket would attrack the Seraph as well. Rosamund groaned. This was going into a report, she just knew it.

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    Anakita Snakecharm

    At the moment, Anakita didn't care about much beyond the 'I don't know' part. That was all she needed to formulate her plan of action - the golem was out of control, and needed to be stopped. The whys and hows could wait till they weren't in fear for their lives. The Ranger could hardly blame Rosamund; Anakita couldn't even have counted how many times she had found herself in over her head herself, and she'd be a hypocrite for blaming anyone else for doing the same. Such was life in Tyria: you did the best you could, and sometimes things got away from you.

    Like this golem.

    Anakita had fought enough of them to know most golems had weak points at the joints, particularly under the arms. In this case she didn't want to harm the operator by aiming at the mechanical creature's center mass, so instead she fired a careful shot at the underarm when the golem moved to attack, then loosed more arrows at its knees, hoping to stagger it and, ideally, cause it to stumble.

    Stefan, meanwhile, went for a frontal attack, using his shield more than his sword - direct attacks on the golem's plating would just dull Stefan's blade while doing little more than denting the golem's metal. When there was an opening, Stefan aimed for the joints with his sword, but more often than not he simply bashed it with his shield, attempting to confuse its sensory input, what one might call a distraction had it been independently sentient. When it attacked in return, he lifted his shield to block before returning to his onslaught.

    If all went well, the Ranger thought, Reticyn would managed to disable the golem before they'd done much damage, and Rosamund would just have a few golem limbs to fix. If not, though, they would take the thing down.


    A door opened along the alleyway in front of Garroch and a cloaked and hooded figure poked her head out, sizing up the fleeing bandit. Although the woman's face and body shape were obscured, her height marked her as a Norn, as did her voice when she spoke.

    "You!" she called to Garroch. Her words were spoken at scarcely more than a whisper, but somehow the acoustics of the narrow, twisted street carried her voice clearly anyway. "You look like you could use a place to escape to. Come inside."

    As she held the door open for Garroch, she deliberately adjusted her cloak so it flapped open, giving the bandit a clear view of the rapier she wore on one hip and the pistol on the other. This would be no easy mark for crime, if he was getting any ideas in that department.

    Behind the door, Garroch would see a basic, nondescript storeroom, connected to a small warren of other rooms piled high with crates marked in the common tongue with the names of staple goods. Flour. Wool. Copper Ore. Salt meat. Nothing of particular value to attract the attention of thieves - and thus the attention of Seraphs.

    "I'm not going to pretend I don't know who you are, or that this is a chance meeting," the Norn woman said, still speaking softly. "I've been following you, waiting for a suitable opportunity for us to speak. I need your help, and I'll pay well for it. Oh, it's nothing difficult or dangerous, mind you. I need you to run a small errand for me, and there will be coin in it for you - and help out of your current predicament, if you wish it."
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