Elendil finished his burger and smiled, "you're welcome." he then sat back and said, "you needed something to eat after what your mom did."

he frowned, "I don't know why she's gotten like that." He sighed

The waitress came over and said, "Can I get you some dessert?"

the delegate frowned and demanded, "why don't you?"

he scowled as they arrived at the room and tried to keep from going inside. "i know all about this. just because the delegation leader is an idiot doesn't mean that I need more training!"

Jasmine sighed, "i hope you're right. we need her to get through her first level soon."

Muldar asked, "okay."

Nariel said, "I was talking to the stablemaster and he says that..." she looked at Kaira, "... you tried to save him from the thugs."

she swallowed and asked, "Is that what happened?"

Nadia frowned and said, "not necessarily everything has been done." she added, "Some of us actually know how to help those that are sick."

she said, "And we can restore health."

sammy scowled and shook his head, "i am not being a brat!!!!!"

"I'm just not wanting to move when I had the place to myself."