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Thread: Kibitzing?

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    First, I have no idea where this question belongs. Sorry if I guessed wrong. {Apologetic Smile}

    Second, how do folks here feel about kibitzing? That's making suggestions to players of a game without getting involved more directly. It's also a favorite pastime of both Mom's and Dad's sides of the family. So far, only one cousin's husband has objected, but boy, did he!

    That's why I'm asking. I'd like to I'd like to expand my involvement here, but writing in pre-established worlds is not a forte of mine. Kibitzing is, and I promise I expect folks won't use every idea I come up with. That's the nature of kibitzing roleplaying. I just hope occasionally an idea will come be useful. Still, I don't want to do that if folks would rather I didn't. I don't need any more tirades like that cousin's husband produced when Dad or I would point out a card he could move in solitaire.

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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    I'm game for it. I can't promise the stories I'm involved in will use every suggestion but there's nothing with new ideas.

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    Thanks, Jenny. I needed a little reassurance.

    No, of course you don't have to use every idea. This is brainstorming, where some ideas reveal themselves as nonsense soon after I hear them. Others - even ones I'm very attached to - may sound god, but just not work for the person who'd have to use it. That's okay too.

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    Hi Anne,

    I'm not sure if we met before or not, but I'm MC. I'm an old-timer with this board in all its incarnations. I personally am okay with Kibitzing. I've heard the term, just didn't know what it meant. However, like Jenny, I would have to warn you that I can't promise to use any or every idea presented to me. I have a certain level of attachment to my characters that prevent me from doing anything with them that I think goes against who they are. But, I often do find myself into a jam where I see no way out and would find suggestions from an outsider very helpful.
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    Thank you, MC I'm not sure we've formally met, either. Southerndave brought me in. He'd invited me years ago, but I didn't have time for another group then. I did a little over a year ago, so asked him about it, and ended up here. {Smile}

    I'm glad to hear you won't use every suggestion. Kibitzing is a type of brainstorming, and like most types of brainstorming, it works best when you don't have to use the ideas that aren't worth keeping. Because I find there's some ideas that sound wonderful inside my head, but like utter nonsense once they're out and shared. {rueful Smile, chuckle, Smile}

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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    I am also in for this, and you may kibitz all you want. My writing usually comes in waves, so anything that helps jump start or push it forward is always welcome. Yes, same disclaimer as everyone's, but definitely welcome it.
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    It's very nice to meet you Anne. Perhaps we can start a thread for kibitzing where people can post SLs that are a little stuck and ask for brainstorming? Or we can just post that here?

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    Either of those sound like a great idea, MC. I've been reading along with some stories and kibitzing as I spot things, but I suspect sometimes I spot things that don't need pointing out. It would be great to have a place for things that need particular help. Then I'd know where I'd be particularly useful.

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