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    On the Road Again

    On the Road Again

    Katie Brooks

    It was a quiet drive from the remains of the military base to the rest stop. Sam fell asleep against his mother and Katie didn't talk much, other then to give Dagny directions to the rest stop. She was still in shock. She couldn't believe Dylan was dead. She had spend almost her entire adult life with him...It was unreal to her that he was gone. That he wasn't in another car with their friends...She had no idea how she was going to carry on without him but she knew she had to. She had stay strong for Sam.

    "There it is. Turn left here."

    Katie told Dagny and the other two cars followed behind them. It was dark out and the rest stop was poorly lit. With all the craziness going on, fixing utility poles wasn't a high priority. That was if the people who fixed them were still alive in this area. Abby parked her car next to Dagny and said.

    "We should make sure it's safe first."

    Katie had sprained her ankle, Steve had some shrapnel in his shoulder, and obviously no one would want to to endanger Sam and Freya.
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    Mike Brooks

    Mike was pretty quiet on the car ride to the rest area. His mind kept going back to what happened at the base. What happened to Dylan...He wished his little brother was here, that he hadn't been able to save him. Not only was his mind thinking of his guilt but also that Dylan turned without being bitten...He needed to tell the others but he wasn't sure how to bring it up. He certainly didn't want to scare the kids but, everyone needed to know. When Abby suggested they check the building before everyone headed in, he nodded his head and grabbed a crowbar that he had packed in a bag.

    "Save the bullets."

    He told his companions and did not wait for anyone to follow him inside the rest stop area. If there were some draggers inside, stabbing a few in the head might make him feel a little better. He found one huddled over in the men's restroom and repeatedly stabbed in the head. It was surely overkill but Mike didn't care. All he could think was that draggers had overtaken the base and because of that, his little brother was dead. How many people's lives had been ruined thanks to people like Matthew and that base doctor? Thinking they could play God? How many people lost someone they loved? He heard the growl of another dragger from a stall and stabbed it in the head as well.

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    Abby Hall

    "Mike, wait-"

    Abby said but he already headed inside. She knew he was right about saving the bullets, bullets wouldn't last forever and their noise always attracted more draggers. She didn't like the idea of him just trying to clear the small building himself. She saw an ax next to the fire extinguisher and grabbed it. Katie looked at her in concern and Abby said.

    "I'll make sure he's okay."

    She was sure others would follow her as well. The building was small. It had three rooms. One was the men's restroom, the other the women's, and in the middle was a tourist center. A map of Ohio with some vending machines and brochures for popular tourist attractions. Abby followed Mike into the men's room and saw him go off on the draggers. The two were clearly dead but he was still stabbing them.

    "Mike, they're dead."

    She told him. She was sad. She hadn't known Dylan long but she had liked him and she wished he hadn't died. She was also upset for his family that he was gone. She could tell Mike was trying to be strong but he was hurting.

    "I'm sorry about Dylan."
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    Mike Brooks

    Mike had blood all over his arms and shirt for destroying the two draggers heads. He heard Abby enter and turned to attack again when he saw it was her. He stabbed the one dragger one last time with the crowbar and told her.

    "I know."

    He knew he had killed both but that hadn't stopped him for taking out his anger for Dylan's death out on them.


    He told her when she expressed her sympathy but added grimly.

    "He shouldn't be dead."
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    Abby Hall

    Abby nodded her head to Mike.

    "I agree but draggers, they...What happened to him wasn't your fault. We saw how many overtook those barracks...You were lucky to get out."

    Abby told Mike. She assumed that draggers had killed Dylan. It wasn't hard to believe. She had seen first hand too many times already what a herd could do. She just prayed that Dylan had not suffered too long.
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    Mike Brooks

    Mike realized that Abby assumed that draggers had killed Dylan. Which was a normal assumption, since the fall of Cincinnati most deaths were caused by them. That wasn't what happened him to his brother, though, and Mike told her.

    "Abby...Dylan was impaled by a pipe...He wasn't bitten but...He still turned, after he died."
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    Abby Hall

    What Mike told her, shocked Abby. Until right now, Abby assumed the only way to become a dragger was to be bitten by one.

    "What? But how..."

    That totally made her rethink what she thought was going on...Was it something in the water, the air? Thousands of questions were now entering her mind and she realized that they would definitely need to get to Richmond to see if her old friend from college could help find a cure.
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    Mike Brooks

    "I have no idea but it changes everything."

    Mike replied to Abby. He had no more answers then she did and she was a scientist. He walked over to the sink and washed the blood off of his arms.

    "We need to tell the others once we clear this place."

    He told her and she nodded her head in agreement. Everyone had the right to know that being bitten wasn't the only risk there was being a dragger now.
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    Dagny and Freya Bloom

    Dagny made sure the truck was in park and stepped out of it. Freya hopped out after her and grabbed her hand, holding it tightly. Dagny kissed the top of Freya's head.

    She nodded to Mike when he said he was going in to clear things out. She grabbed the fire axe that she had thrown into the truck when she had taken shelter in it. Her gun was still at her side, but Mike was right. They should save their bullets and not attract any draggers to the sound of gunshots.

    Freya pressed herself against Dagny's side, fidgeting slightly. She wanted to go inside. The draggers had taught her that the outdoors could seem safe and then they would suddenly find themselves surrounded by draggers in a second. She hoped Mike and Abby would hurry.
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    Tomas Bloom

    Tomas parked the pilot next to the other cars and stepped out of it. He touched the gun at his side lightly to make sure it was secure and still there.

    "Good idea, Mike. We'll keep things under control until you get back."

    He turned to Steve. "How's your shoulder? Once they clear out the rest area, I can remove the shrapnel for you. It's a fairly clean wound. I don't imagine you'll have any problems with it healing."
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