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Thread: Book Binding

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    I have a new book binding project. It's kind of stuck at the moment. (I'm waiting for Dad to finish a step, and he's waiting for... who knows what. {spread hands, fond smile})

    Anyway, I posted some in-progress photos here, in case anyone is interested. It involves a pun that wouldn't be a pun if I weren't binding a book about superheroes (or a few other select subjects). {Smile}:


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    I finished another book, this one in a different style than the earlier finished books. It's the book that involved the wordplay.

    I show it off on my blog here:


    I'm pretty proud of it.
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    I made a post about how I bound the book I mentioned in the post before last. Yes, it's done now. {Smile}

    It's a collection of short stories from the Secret World Chronicles series about superheroes, written by Mercedes Lackey, Steve Libbey, Veronica Giguere, Cody Martin, and Dennis Lee. My thanks go to all the authors who gave me permission to share this book publically. The book is legal as a copy of ebooks of the short stories which I bought, but not all authors are comfortable with seeing their books in formats they didn't think their contract included. These authors were comfortable enough with the idea, which made sharing this project feasible. For that, I'm very grateful. {Smile}

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    That's pretty cool and it was great they let you share it.

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    Yes, it is great, Jenny. Veronica's a friend I first "met" thru her blog, and she was certain they'd love it. I'm not certain "love" is the best word for the others' reactions, but they were pretty matter-of-fact about allowing it.

    Despite Veronica's insistence that anyone would love it, I've known authors to respond dubiously and even negatively to rebound books and printed-and-bound e-books. After that, matter-of-fact is a HUMONGOUS relief!

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