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    Xetal's having trouble

    Xetal's having trouble

    I just heard from Xetal. I was wondering where he was. He says he's having trouble logging in. Quarrels and Quills refuses his password. He says the "forgotten password" routine isn't delivering the email right, either.

    I do hope this works out soon. {cross fingers, }

    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

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    All sorted now - but only thanks to a jog of the memory: it's worrying the e-mail didn't come when I went through the forgotten password routine (and still hasn't, 48 hours later.)

    I'm still often getting asked if I want to leave this page on posting, and the back-arrow doesn't often work on this site either
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    Oh good. I'm glad you remembered the password.

    I've noticed the "do you want to leave this page" on posting and the back button not cooperating for a while. I've been wondering about that. {shrug, }

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