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    Cephas thought for a moment, then said, "Could I meet Geoffers and Gwynn and their children? I know that Gwynn is still recovering from... from what happened."

    It was still difficult for him to speak of what had happened in the Hells. It likely would be for a long time. He couldn't entirely put it from his mind, but he didn't want to dwell on it.

    "I won't be any trouble them. I just... want to meet my new family. If that's okay."



    Garnet was not too happy to hear about this course of action. After nearly losing her siblings, and her friend Angel, and her... whatever Cam was, she was in no hurry to see any of them at risk again. Even so, though, she had to admit that Barrett and Selene were right. Using Cam as bait probably was not merely the best but the only way to lure Brutus out.

    "Alright," Garnet said. "I'll agree on one condition. I want to help keep him safe. I don't just want to wait at home doing nothing like I had to before."

    When her people were in the Hells, there had been nothing Garnet could do for them. Now that she had a choice, she didn't intend to sit passively by while her loved ones went into danger.
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    Barrett had the feeling Garnet would not be happy to know that her brother and sister wanted to use Cam as bait. Barrett knew Garnet cared about Cam and that she cared for him more then just as her friend. Still, he was happy she was willing to agree. He nodded his head.

    "That's fine, Sis. But you have to trust me and play along. Okay?"

    For this plan to work Brutus couldn't realize he was being tricked and for that to happen then Barrett and Selene were going have to pretend that they were willing to offer Cam up to him. That they blamed him for what happened to Liam and Garnet and that they wanted Cam out of their lives. So much so, they'd give Cam to the one god that wanted him dead.
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    Luca smiled at Cephas.

    "I'm sure they would like that."

    She cradled Liam in her arm and squeezed Cephas's shoulder with her free hand. She could tell the boy was thinking of what happened to him in the Hells. She didn't ask him about it but she gave him quiet support. She was sure it would take time and love from his new family to help him deal with that part of his past.

    "Just so you know, Orion and Rionna just recently joined the family too and their lives weren't easy before Geoffers and Gwynn adopted them. No one is going to judge you here."

    Perhaps jerks outside the palace would but not the people who mattered, Luca thought. Liam looked at Cephas with great curiosity.
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    "Alright," Garnet said. "I'll do it."

    Realizing that Barrett might be skeptical of this unusual display of docility in his normally fiery younger sister, she added, "I'm not saying I'm going to like it, but I don't see any other way. Believe me, I've been trying to think of one. Brutus isn't a brave First, though, much as he may be a pain in our collective posteriors. He's not going to come out of hiding if he knows he's a target, and we won't be able to shame or flatter him into it. He'll just lay low until he thinks the danger is gone. If we don't make him believe he has the upper hand, he'll just wait us out forever."

    She sighed, and folded her arms.

    "So I guess we're doing this. The sooner it's over, the better."
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    "That's good," Cephas said.

    By the standards of the village where he'd grown up, his life hadn't been exceptionally hard. Yes, he'd been left without parents. There were times when he'd been cold, or sick, or nearly starved. He often hadn't had a roof over his head, and he'd rarely had enough to eat even in the best circumstances. There were some times - not times he was proud of, but which he could admit to himself - where his only option for survival had been to steal, and he'd done what he had to to stay alive. Same thing anyone would have done. It had never really made him question himself before.

    Now, though, he was the adopted son of the king and queen. A prince... but he wasn't ready to consider that part yet. For now, "son of the king and queen" was more than enough to process. And that made him worry a great deal about his worthiness.

    "I'm ready to meet them," he said, steeling himself and working up as much nerve as he ever would.
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    Gwynn was healing. The process was slow, but steadily she was recovering. Her physical injuries were mostly mended, to the extent the would be; she would always bear scars, and she would never grow back her severed finger. The pain had subsided, though. Now it was phantom aches, not active discomfort.

    The emotional wounds would take longer to heal. In Nero's time, Gwynn had only been gone a couple of days. The illusions created in the Hells had stretched her perceptions of time, though, leaving her with memories of torments lasting hundreds of years. Trauma that long in forming didn't go away overnight.

    Nor did the accusations they had repeated over and over. And worse, nor did the memories they had given her of herself doing horrible things to deserve her tortures.

    It was hard not to feel like an evil First, and her fear of harming others made Gwynn more withdrawn than her former gregarious self.

    The pain was bearable, though. It was bearable because she wasn't alone. She had Geoffers, her children, her siblings, her friends, and Lizard Dog - who all stayed close, comforting her and making sure she was alright.

    In time, Gwynn was confident that she would be.
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    When Garnet quickly agreed, Barrett was shocked.

    "You will?"

    He knew she cared about Cam and he didn't expect her to just willing accept him being bait. He had been prepared to have an argument with her about the young First. When she explained why she said yes, it made sense to him.

    "Let's get it over with then."

    He replied and walked to the room that Cam had been resting in. He slammed the door open and forced Cam awake.

    "Get up."

    He told him angrily. Knowing Brutus, he was no doubt watching right now.
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    Selene & Camillus

    Selene was surprised that Garnet was so willing to go along with them using Cam as bait for Brutus. She knew her little sister's feelings ran pretty deep for the First, even if she hadn't said it outloud. When she explained why she was willing to go along with it, it made sense.

    "It'll be over soon."

    Selene told Garnet, at least she hoped it would be. She followed her husband and sister to Cam's room. Since he returned from the Hells, he had been sleeping. He had went through quite an ordeal and his body needed rest to heal. When Barrett rudely shook him awake, Cam looked up at his face with very tired and weary eyes.

    "Huh...What's going...on?"

    He asked and Selene coldly told him.

    "What's going on is that you're leaving."


    He replied, very confused. Selene nodded her head.

    "We're done with you. We want you out of this palace and out of our lives."

    Cam looked over at Barrett and saw he felt the same as his wife. He then turned to Garnet.

    "What are they talking about?"
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    There was fire in Barrett's eyes as he told Cam.

    "You are trouble and we are done with you. Liam and Garnet could have lost their lives because of you!"

    Barrett yelled at Cam and grabbed him by his arm and dragged him out of the bed.

    "We're giving you to Brutus."
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    While Cam was very shocked at what Selene and Barrett were telling him, Luca nodded her head to Cephas. She knew it would take time but she was sure he would be happy here. Not because he was now a prince but because he now had a family. Luca led him to the quarters of the palace that Geoffers and Gwynn were now claiming as their family's home. Geoffers obviously was staying close to Gwynn after what she had been through and it was natural for her newly adopted children to do the same. Luca thought she would see how Gwynn was doing, once she was sure Cephas, Rionna, and Orion were all okay socializing with out her presence. She smiled to Rionna and Orion.

    "This is Cephas, he is going to be adopted by your aunt Selene and Uncle Barrett."

    She told them, not using the formal title of queen and king.
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