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    The Demention Intersecting the Living and the Dead.....

    The Demention Intersecting the Living and the Dead.....

    "OUCH!" Jacen slowly sits up.... "Wha.... Where am I and Why do I hurt So....."
    Jacen try's to search him memory's to find the answer. Not finding much other then fragments, Jacen climbs to his feet.
    "Well as long as I don't Optimus or Sojourn I think I'm golden...." Jacen meagerly walks in a random direction looking for
    some kind of indication of where he is.... Or how he got there....
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    Jacen stopped after what seemed like hours of walking and getting no where.
    Jacen sat down to contemplate what next to attempt....
    "What's the matter?
    can't figure out what to do?"
    "That is not the issue, The issue is
    that he isn't even sure where here is."
    "Hahaha, pathetic, you couldn't
    even stand against the Queen of Beasts..... so Much for being the all powerful
    firstborn of Lord Mattson and Lady Minity... You call yourself a Secundae."

    Jacen looked up to see three version of himself standing above him their auras
    showing what part of him they represent....
    "Sinister, Dexter and Cha'i aspects
    of my being...."
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    Jacen looked up once more at the three aspects of himself and smiled.
    "It's been a long time since I've heard ether of you two, It's good too
    hear you guys again...." Jacen cocked his head slightly as he turned
    to look at the Cha'i aspect.
    "I didn't loose to Oreina, let her beat me...
    The only one I've lost too in a long time was you, Oreina was the only option
    I could think of that could defeat YOU!" "So now you using
    her proper name... Out of what, Respect? LOL your pathetic, you couldn't
    defeat me so you choose death.... How Un-original..."

    "I can't believe I'm saying this... But I've missed you as well...."

    "As have I, Death is not the end, Father & many of out family have returned for the Underworld
    The Cha'i aspect had been laughing, but stopped.
    "You don't have the strength to do that,you just a coward who murdered his parents"

    "Your right I murdered my parents, I made peace with that. I even came back in time to
    get to know them & see if I can change Scion's curse." "Big deal, You haven't
    learned anything and you spend more time with your Not-sister and her family playing
    disgusting uncle and brother."
    "Hahaha, Your wrong. Father
    only had one House for help, Not two."
    "Family makes us stronger.
    Sinister Jacen is correct.... Good Bye"
    Dexter Jacen raises his hand towards the
    Cha'i Jacen, as it begins to glow yellow... Sinister Jacen does the same.

    "Www what do you two think your doing..... Yyyy You can't beat me, only if he.... er, not even
    he could do it alive...."
    "you've definite me by filing me with doubt & disbelief
    from the beginning... Not any more..." Jacen raises his hand at Cha'i Jacen as well
    "GOOD BYE!"
    The three Jacen Speak in unison as Dexter Jacen and Sinister Jacen fire at Cha'i Jacen
    destroying him for good....
    "Thank you both, I could not have done that with out you.
    Now lets get out of here." Sinister Jacen and Dexter Jacen nod as Jacen stands and
    begins walking down a path that appeared after Cha'i Jacen was defeated.
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