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    I shall try. Today is my day off and for once, I don't have stuff to do.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.

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    OK. I may be a fool for this but I will offer to oversee a play by post based on RWBY and using most of the same resources I set up for the game I run on Roll 20 including NPCs, location, new beasties not in the show, and character sheets. The last to help you set up stuff that follows the style of the setting.
    And for those who don't know RWBY, check YouTube, CruncyRoll, or Rooster Teeth's site. The four trailers before season 1 give you the fighting insanity. The series gives you the comedy and character sides.

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    LM, I was just picking on you about not replying in Sil's thread. Although, I did reply to the post you made in Jacen's too.

    I think about one post a day is what I can offer. I work full time and some days I don't feel like being online much. One a day is doable and reasonable to me. The story won't go too fast but also not get so slow that everyone loses interest. Which has happened to me. Plus I miss RPing with you both.

    I'd have to see what RWBY is, I never heard of it before.
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    Also, Corey is willing to take part. He had a long day at work and doesn't feel like getting online tonight. But he's game too.

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    I miss you, guys!
    Kulit sent me a link to this post and here I am.
    And yes, Steph's baby is a cutie!
    My life has been a roller coaster for the past two weeks, from getting fired to finally getting a novel one step closer to publishing (digitally publishing, but it still count )
    I have another RolePlay group over at FB and precisely this week, one of them asked for a revival. This is too much of a coincidence, lol.
    Anyway, in my new status, I definitely have a lot of things in my head, plus starting to write part 2 of the novel that is currently at the hands of my philologist. But I could use some light roleplaying with you, guys. We created magic back then and I know we still have it in ourselves.
    Anyway. That's it. Thanks, Kulit, for the call!

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    M! It's been forever, it is so great to see you. Sorry to hear you lost your job but congrats on getting closer to being published.

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    After 10 years working there, it had lost its charm so I won't miss it that much as for the other thing, I have my fingers crossed.
    It's great to see you, btw.

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    Hope you get published M.

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    LM : That sounds good! I was thinking we needed a totally new one, and then something for an existing SL already. Please do oversee this one! Will start my research tonight!

    Jenny : Yay, Corey! Good to hear!

    M : *tackle pounce!* You got fired?! I didn't know! Is my memory accurate, you're in advertising? I left my job of 5++ years (8 for the industry) just a few months ago. So yeah, your 10 years I can imagine... Onwards to better and bigger things!

    I didn't know about your novel either! Yer sneaky! Linky when ready!!!! And be a Goodreads author!

    I think a few more people and we should be ready to kick off. It's end of year so always a good time to evaluate if we have more of the stuff that makes us happy and get our spirits going. Like writing for fun!
    Feel free to feed the Kulit!

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    M: On to bigger and better things. I lost my job that I had worked at since Teddy was 2 months old in March (Staples closed my store) and while it was upsetting at the time, I found a much better job. I get paid a lot more and have less over all responsibilities.

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