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    BRINGING RP BACK YEAUH (to the tune of JT's SexyBack)

    Thumbs up BRINGING RP BACK YEAUH (to the tune of JT's SexyBack)

    Okay, guys. This might end up a 2:40 AM rant, but please bear with me.

    I've tried to go back to RP at least twice every year for the past what, five years or so. LOL And it's never been successful. And just today, I thought to myself, why do I keep trying still? Is it a being stuck in the past sort of thing?

    And I finally figured it out - aside from the people of course (interestingly enough a lot I've come to know more through F, I still miss storytelling. I was never the most prolific writer, but I enjoyed stories. And while I'm still an avid reader, I do miss creating and co-creating them. Coincidentally, I've never finished a NaNoWriMo novel also, while I was away from RP. Or maybe it's not a coincidence. Maybe that's how dead the ideas are in my head now.

    I don't even know where to begin. I miss my old CG characters, but with such a rich history, it's hard to just pick up where we left off. My other secondary characters are also somewhere in RP limbo. And then I see stories that are alive but last post is like a year ago. LOL

    I know things are different now. We're all grown ups (holy fart) - most of use we're in our 20s when we met, and now we're all prolly in our 30s aside from a few, so we're busier, have more roles to juggle , less time for ourselves. But I still think it can be revived. And while we can do a big membership drive, I would rather focus efforts first on the getting the regulars back. While I love that we have a few still around, definitely would rather see more back.

    How? I have no idea. I figured I'd start with this, and make a tally of people. Everyone feel free to add, and if you're still in contact with them, maybe poke them? I'll start a list and please help me also indicate their RP status

    NoCal - MIA
    Tink - MIA
    Rescue - MIA
    Night - MIA
    M - MIA
    Dave - MIA
    Sil - Around, but not RPing
    Minnie - MIA
    Minity - Around, but not RPing?
    LM - Around, but not RPing?
    Q - Around, but not RPing
    Jacen - Around, but not RPing
    Jas - MIA
    BB - MIA
    Quacky - MIA
    Tigers - MIA
    Mil - Around, but not RPing?
    MC - MIA
    Amy/Dennis - MIA
    Bard - MIA
    Negs - MIA

    Jen, Corey, HA - I'm putting you guys in as "available" already

    New recruits: Anne
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    I was just thinking how I miss the old days. I think you're right, we all had more time back then. Corey and I don't have as much now between working and Teddy. I actually have more time now since Teddy's in school then I did when he was first born. I think it's sad that the our original CG stories haven't been used in so long.

    I think it would be safe to say that Sil won't be online for a while. I think her son was supposed to be born last month and trust me, the first few months with a newborn are hectic. I used to talk to K Dogg on Myspace but that was years ago. Last I know, he was busy with school.

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    Yeah - Sil and I are in touch, and she's given birth already to a SUPER CUTE BABY!!! So I wouldn't be surprised if she's going to be away. But when things are going and she finds a story that's slow enough for her, she might come back.

    Basically I'm operating under build it and they will come model. LOL

    I've accepted that it can't be as fast as it was before, but definitely not too slow, coz I've been checking out the RPs that died, and one of the common thing is that it gets too slow it loses momentum. So once we have a good group going, maybe we can discuss what kind of story to revive first, or new ones to create first?

    I had forgotten to add Ice Motion and TJFox on the list - they both have deleted their LJs, so I have no idea how to find them now. :S

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    You tell her to get her butt online and let me see a pic of that cute baby. I'm so jealous you got to see him.

    (Seriously, though, tell her congrats from me and Corey. )

    I'd be fine with just a post a day or even every other day. I certainly can't be online like I was ten years ago. Pretty much everything has died off and it makes me sad. I got Corey but we could always just write a book if we wanted to bounce ideas off each other. It's more fun to have more players involved.

    I think Anne knows how to get in touch with Dave. He's the one that got her into this site. Tigs seems interested in coming back, she posted not too long ago in Underworld but I think she's busy in real life. A good player who wasn't part of the old CG boards is Monkey Kitty. She's a good writer, Corey and I post with her in Underworld, Hunger Games, and in Crossgen Reborn. I think she's just busy in real life right now and that's why the stories I'm in died off. Shadow (another newer member) is also a good player but he needs slow stories because of work. Revelator (another new member) is trying to get back into writing with me and Corey in our zombie story.

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    I've been busy looking back at my old threads and saw someone that was fun - SHUYA - you guys have heard from him lately?

    (And OMG so many of my stories died. and a lot is because of me! LOL too bad I don't even remember now my plots from back then. they seemed interesting. LMAO)

    I just got in touch with Dave a few minutes before I posted this, so yeah, hopefully! Working on Tink also. And ME aka Tigers.

    And I see those names around, Jenny, if you can poke them that'd be great! Daily might not be even feasible for most. I would be okay with twice a week per character, so if there's about 5 players, there could be an activity daily, which ain't bad.

    I will poke Sil and tell her you guys said hi!

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    I haven't seen Shuya in a long time but he was fun.

    This talk has made me log into AIM after years of not using it and I found LM online and chatting with him right now.

    I'm trying to keep stories going with the new players but my only way of contact with them I through this site.

    Thank you and definitely tell her that Corey and I said hi. Also LM wants to know what date her baby was born on.
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    Oh, good! Tell LM I said hi and I miss him and please come back!!!!!!!! (OMG I don't remember my AIM password - I don't even have AIM installed anymore! LOL)

    Stephie and DL's baby, Sam, was born around first week of October. I poked her and hope she at least peeks.

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    I don't AIM installed either. I just went to AOL and was able to log in through Chrome. I was lucky and remembered my password.

    I hope she pokes back too. I need to see pics of Sam.

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    I LIVE!!!!

    No seriously. I've been around. Just busy with several other things. Partly using Roll 20 to run games partly Guild Wars and Borderlands. Partly playing with RPG Maker. I dropped away mostly as things either ran too fast (5 pages of posts to read through when I get home is too much) or just kept stalling out (if getting to the idea isn't there in several months, I'd rather focus my energies elsewhere) so finding a good butter zone was proving too much.

    And I didn't reply in Sil's thread so as not to detract it.

    And posted here so no crying Kulit. Also, tell Sil to give me the exact date. If its first week, that rules out me giving away my birthday to the kid but maybe a minor irony will still make me smile. I could probably commit to a post a day or every other day. I just juggle some other commitments. The biggest being running a game based on RWBY. And if you don't know RWBY, go look it up. Its a wonderful mix of classic comedy, over the top action, good music, sci-fi, anime, and a dash of Final Fantasy.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.

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    MATTSON!!!!!! *leaps tackles pounces!!!!!!!*

    I will definitely look that up! In the meantime, I guess this serves as some sort of attendance check. And then let's work on story/stories that will still work for us. I am hopeful this time, so please keep poking back.

    And I poked Sil, so I will let her tell you exact date. THE BABY IS SO CUTE!!!! *squish*

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