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    All my message became unread! O.o

    All my message became unread! O.o

    I started PMing people today, and all of a sudden all my old messages became unread and now it's telling me I have 178 unread messages! Help! The OC part of me is dying. LOL Is there a way to mark them all as read?! I cannot find!
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    Kulit broke the forum!

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    Maybe it's not used to all this activity!

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    Could be...
    But I still think you broke it

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    There's a checkbox in the upper-right corner that you can use to select all visible messages. Then at the lower right corner there's a pulldown that you can use to mark the selected as read. You'll have to go through each page, but should be quicker than doing them individually.
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    I found the dropdown! Sneaky little bugger. Thanks, Jas!

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