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    The poor girl, Sojourn thought. A moment the place was dead and the next it was hopping with business. So many people wanted Justine's attention at once and Sojourn didn't even have time to place all the sudden arrivals. Especially since Meteoro was so distracting with his "grand" entrance. Sojourn made a face seeing the naked and overweight man. That was definitely not a sight she ever wanted to see.

    "That's much better for my eyes."

    She told the man that made sure the overweight one was dressed in a toga. And agreed with the very attractive new arrival that Meteoro needed to to lay off any feasts. She felt she should know these people but she couldn't remember them right now. Especially Optimus...Before she could think about it more, Justine asked how she could help her. Sojourn turned her attention back to the girl.

    "I was wondering where I am...I don't remember how I got here."

    Perhaps if she knew where she was, then she could start to remember everything else.
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    The Innkeeper and His Daughter

    Berchnal, much like his daughter was at first confused by the sudden arrival of Maizee and Daizee. How weird it was that he didn't know them at first but suddenly recalled the very moment the two had walked into the bar and declared their assistance. He had been polite when he told them that he appreciated their offer but that the inn wasn't exactly busy at the moment or in a particularly popular location being at the edge of the universe and all. However, the blonde twins had simply smiled and declared that they would soon be needed. Now, the inn was bustling with activity, and he was glad to have the twin's assistance. He couldn't shake this feeling he had that someone was manipulating things. With a look of suspicion, he stared straight at MC. If this was his fault, he was going to make sure that the old First paid for his manipulations.

    Justine had brought out plates of food for those had requested it and was getting into the groove of serving her tables. This was when she was happiest. Many might think she would resent being forced into the business because of her family, but Justine felt in her heart that innkeeping was her life's work. Wherever she may go or do, she would seek out the type of work that she enjoyed with keeping up an inn. She enjoyed waiting on their patient customers. There were the occasional problem customers, but her father was a big enough man to handle most troublemakers. She looked over at Maizee and Daizee. The twins were whizzing through the tables, assisting customers as if this was the thing they were made for.

    Justine saw Sojourn sitting there. She had arrived while Justine was busy with a table, and it was taking Justine a little time to get to the patient woman. She walked up to Sojourn's table and said, "Sorry for the wait. How can I help you?" What Sojourn said in reply was not what Justine had expected. What did the woman mean that she didn't know how she got here. "Ummm...." the barmaid stammered until MC arrived at the table. "I don't know, Miss. Excuse me," she said quickly and walked to the bar. She needed to talk to her father right away.


    More arrivals came through the door, MC was a little confused. While everyone that arrived were people he knew and knew each other, all were acting like strangers. Even M, a god that he had been good friends with, was acting like he didn't know MC sitting there being all mysterious as he often does. He started getting a sinking feeling that something was off here. But, then, as sudden as that though arrived, his mind seemed to resist the thought and push it out. Everything was fine. They were at an Inn. It would soon be time to start the party that surely they were all there for. He might as well get things rolling. He laughed when the once naked M was clothed once more. He nodded at Eli, then looked across the room. Some people had arrived together, and some he imagined would soon find others that they would engage in conversation. For now, he decided to get up and walk over to Sojourn's table. Justine was standing there looking confused when Sojourn asked her if she knew where she was and how she got there. Oh, dear. He thought to himself. He looked at Sojourn and asked "Do you mind if I sit here?"

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    Meteoro was still moping about the lack of death and destruction when his nakedness simply disappeared and he got covered with a commoner’s toga and sandals.

    “This is outrageous,” he said to himself, “I’m a God, I should never look like this!”

    He raised his hand as if willing to play his magic, when he laid it down and simply looked for a chair to sit down.

    “I don’t have time for this. If you want me covered, I’ll be covered, but I promise you all,” he was yelling now at everyone in the room, “I will kill you all when I find it in my heart, which is now so commonly broken.” He sighed. “And I feel extremely lazy as well. I can’t kill feeling like this. It brings me no joy at all.”

    “Miss!,” he waved his hand to one of the blonde girls that had popped out of nowhere. “I demand rock juice on the rocks. It’s not a request, it’s an order. And don’t ask or I’ll crush you like the little blonde cockroach you are. Go, go, go!” No, the pleasure of bringing crippling fear into the soul of the servants was no longer there, either. What was life without the joy of mortals perishing? Without screams of agony and tears of hopelessness?

    He looked at his chair and sighed once again.

    “What does a God need to do to get a proper throne? This is just demeaning.”
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    Angel & Eli

    ::Eli nodded his head back to MystikChronicler and pulled out a chair for Angel like a gentleman. As he got ready to take his own seat, a shocked look came on his face. He saw Sojourn talking to a girl and then MC going over to sit with her. Angel looked up at her date confused, she had not seen her mom in the inn yet.::

    Eli? Is something wrong?

    ::Eli shook his head.::

    What? Oh, no...I just thought it would be a little quieter around here.

    ::Eli said as he took his seat. Actually, he hadn't planned on coming to this inn. The last thing he had decided to do after casting the spell on Sojourn and Optimus was for he and Angel to teleport off her home world to go somewhere for a date. He supposed this place would work since they just ended up here. As long the amnesia spell continued to work on Angel's mother then everything would be fine. Angel accepted Eli's reply and replied.::

    I know what you mean. Meteoro is always loud. He gets even worse once some drinks are in him.

    ::Looking over her shoulder at Meteoro bossing the poor waitress. Eli nodded his head and was about to say that he thought the overweight god when he realized Optimus was nearby. What the...So much for getting away from his date's parents for one night. He took a hold of Angel's hand before she noticed her father to get her attention back on him.::

    Let's forget about him and focus on us instead.

    ::Angel smiled and squeezed Eli's hand.::

    That sounds prefect to me.

    :: Despite the sudden businesses of the inn, one of the new waitresses quickly came over to their table and took their order.::
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    The busboy then enters the scene from stage left.

    Cloney, the busboy, steps out from the kitchen. He wears a hairnet, a simple white shirt, extra-tight bellbottoms, an apron, and a pair of cool looking sunglasses. He carries a tray that is used collect glasses and plates once the customers are done with them. In his other hand he carries a rag, which he uses to clean whatever surface he approaches.

    Oh, and he's orange. Orange skin, dark orange hair. Glowing orange... everything. That's kind of weird. It probably should have been mentioned earlier. I doubt Cloney mentioned it during the job interview, but that's probably because it's obvious (or maybe because he's in hiding and on the run from the law for a crime he didn't commit, and must take a string of small jobs in his cross-galactic journey to find the one-armed man that has framed him).


    Cloney makes his way through the room, collecting dirtied dishes and cleaning tables. He pauses his work only when he hears words that no one else in this level of reality seems to be able to hear:

    Quote Originally Posted by MystikChronicler View Post
    (OOC: In hindsight, I should have thought about this. It might be a long time before I can respond to posts, so I'm doing a retconny thing. Feel free to use any of the barmaids as you desire. If your character needs something, please take the freedom to use whoever I've created for the inn help or come up with your own. This is a magical inn after all. :-P)
    The orange busboy stands dumbfounded. He stares up at wherever this unknown and inaudible voice came from. Specially selected words from the announcement echo in the orange man's mind:

    Quote Originally Posted by MystikChronicler View Post
    Feel free to use any of the barmaids as you desire.
    Again and again Cloney ponders these words:

    Quote Originally Posted by MystikChronicler View Post
    -use any of the barmaids as you desire.

    Quote Originally Posted by MystikChronicler View Post
    -as you desire.

    Quote Originally Posted by MystikChronicler View Post
    -you desire.
    Finally, Cloney shrugs his shoulders, places his dish-covered tray down on Eli's lap, and replies out to the empty air, "Okay, voice in my head. But I'm going to have to get greased up first, and then set up the Scrabble board."

    Cloney turns around and begins to seek out fresh grease. He halts halfway to the kitchen when he sees Optimus. The busboy stands several paces away from the other man. He scrunches his orange face as he puzzles over Optimus.

    "Have we met before?" Cloney asks Optimus. The busboy then pokes Optimus in the right cheek, as if this annoying gesture will provide answers.
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    Lord Mattson shakes his empty glass again and sighs. "Well there is another way." He stares off into space and suddenly a young lady with silver hair tied up in twin tails and looking annoyed to be wearing a waitresses outfit appears before him. Mattson takes the drink she was carrying with a small smirk.

    Ruri looks down and stats to stammer. "But but I was an admiral. I had a whole fleet. Sanity. And now..."

    "And now I've retrieved you for a more entertaining task. Honestly, I was going to call someone new but there was a sudden influx of Clonium energy. It was easier to work with it." Mattson replies taking a sip.

    Ruri stares flatly. "Words cannot express my joy."

    Mattson smiles either missing the sarcasm or ignoring it. "Fantastic. Now deliver this to the man in the toga." He pulls out a box containing a pink inflatable throne. "He should have enough hot air to fill it."

    Ruri looks at the box and her 'creator' for several moments. "Computer upgrades and that new virtual singing program." She says as she grabs the box.

    "Fine." Mattson replies back as Ruri heads off.

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    Sojourn frowned at Justine's reply to her question and how quickly she retreated.

    "Well, she wasn't much help."

    Sojourn grumbled to herself. She didn't see how asking where she was such a hard thing for the girl to answer. It bothered the goddess greatly that she didn't remember how she got here or the names of the two people she had been with before she was suddenly here. Where ever here was...She looked up when MC approached her.

    "Yeah, sure."

    She replied and looked at him carefully. She should know his name, Sojourn was certain of that, but like just about everything else right now, Sojourn didn't remember. Just like she was sure she knew the name of the very old and overweight god who was making a scene about a throne now.

    "We've met before, right?"

    She asked and realized how odd that must have sounded.

    "I don't remember very much right now. Sorry."
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    "You got the lazy part right."

    Optimus told Meteoro with a smirk. Optimus felt he should know who this loud god was but he couldn't recall his name right now. Still, it felt natural to pick on him. Optimus scanned the inn and saw the two blond goddesses across the room. He instantly he knew he needed to talk to both of them. He couldn't see either's face very well nor did he knew why he wanted to talk with them. All he knew was that his gut said he needed to. He was about to go talk to them when the orange busboy blocked his path. Optimus frowned at him. He seemed familiar but in a more annoying way then Meteoro did.

    "Don't touch me."

    Optimus replied angrily when Cloney poked his cheek. He was tempted to burn that finger off.

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    Cloney retracts his poking finger and uses it to tap his own chin, as if this will jog his memory. Unlike those who have had their memories altered through spells or bends in reality, Cloney has come by his poor recollection through natural idiocy and unnatural alcoholism.

    "Peter? Yeah, you're that cosmonaut that I met at the Arby's over by the highway. How are things, Pete?" Cloney tells Optimus.

    Cloney points at Optimus and shouts to Ruri,
    "Hey, Ruri, it's Pete Cullen... or Steve... or..."

    Cloney lets out a hardy laugh as he rings out his soiled dish towel. Unclean water trickles onto the floor by Cloney and Optimus' feet. He then lands a friendly slaps on Optimus' shoulder. The clone seems entirely overjoyed at reuniting with an old friend... despite the fact that he's confusing this old friend for someone else that may or may not exist.

    "It's good to see you again, Pete. If you or the little lady need free coleslaw, just meet me out back in a half hour. I'll put the jars out there and no one needs to know what happens to them." Cloney then gives Optimus a wink, which does not translate very well through the sunglasses.
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    There is a shimmer of golden light at the doorway to the Inn as Jas, the Dexter God of Truth and the Mind appears. As the light fades, he looks casually surveys the room, his crystal blue eyes taking in every detail. Instinctively, his hand slips up to the crystal necklace hanging around his neck. How many years has it been since he recovered the crystal and his memories? The years just seemed to blur together, yet all the memories were intact. The unique properties of the crystal also gave him the memories of every alternate reality he had touched over the years. What is real to everyone else now, he was yet to determine, because it is all real to him.

    His gaze finally stops on the Sinister God of Falling Rocks, his father. Releasing the crystal, he walked over to the table where Meteoro was sitting and sat down across from him.

    "Hello, Father. It has been a long time."
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