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    The Inn at the Edge of Everywhere - OOC

    The Inn at the Edge of Everywhere - OOC

    As mentioned in the Bring RP Back thread, I suggest we treat this SL (and thus, location) as an alternate reality, so we have more of a freedom to keep certain elements as is, or change them up.

    But of course, this is still a CG SL, so majority of the mythology we're following (should your characters be of Elysian or related descent) are still based on The First, etc.

    Feel free to discuss should there be concerns.
    Feel free to feed the Kulit!

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    I'll get a post up when I get back from work. I just had the perfect idea for who will get LM's drink. I'm sure Kulit will call it like she has before.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    Oh no.
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    Ohhhh, a mystery!

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    I think alternate reality is a good idea. None of us will be tied down to past events that way and it will let us all be more creative. As for Sojourn, she'll still be the Archer Goddess. Optimus is still her husband and Angel is still her and Optimus' daughter. That's all I got right now.

    LM: If you want, Sojourn can still be your character's daughter.
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    I'm fine with Alternate Reality. As I said in the Bringing Back thread, I'm going to try to not be too heavily based in the past for my stuff. I'm just having fun coming up with complications.
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    Alternative reality sounds good to me.
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    I got Jenny's invite PM, and so I retaliated with my usual ridiculousness.
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    Jenny, that works and gives you a solution to the amnesia spell all in one.

    Q, your timing is impeccable, sir. I was planning on waitress Ruri as it amuses me and having the Clone appear first let me coin the phrase 'Clonium energy'
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    Q!!!!!!! It's so good to see you! I have to check that IC post!

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